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Troubleshooting the Fiero headlight system : The picture on the left shows the 8486 system with the old knob, the right The older headlight motor system is a complicated assortment of relays, motors and switches. If the motor does not run at all, the most common cause is a defective limit This system too can be disabled: each m

Headlight motors : All 19841986 model Fieros use a similar headlight system to the 19821986 in both directions) and to run each motor from its resting state, after it has shut off.

Rebuilding Fiero and Firebird Headlamp Actuators (motors) 1982 : Did this with my '84 once and have now gone through both in the '86. I assume you have have already disconnected the battery to stop the motor from spinning. . This is why the motor runs continuously when clogged either up or down

Pontiac Fiero Questions including Is it normal for an exhaust to turn : What could cause the speedometer and tachometer to fail on an 1984 Fiero SE and how would you fix it? i have had fiero gts over heat all the time its like watching the sun rise too me normally its How do you remove the engine from a 1986 f

Pontiac Fiero Repair Questions and Answers : 1988 Pontiac Fiero Engine Problem with 130000 miles: Just had new lower and upper intakes replaced, car tuned, new cold start switch car runs rich. 1987 Pontiac Fiero Drivetrain Problem with 114000 miles: My 1989 Pontiac fiero idles Asked

How to Repair a Fiero Headlight : With the flick of a switch the automatic motor would open the headlight covers. the motors on the sides of the headlights, if the motors are continuously running, How do I Remove Fiero Headlight Gear? Debuting for 1984, the mid engined

rebuilt headlight motor and a big headache it turned out to be : So i rebuilt my pass. side headlight motor using Rodney mans suggest that you replace any hard bump stop material with the bump stops provided. It takes more energy to start a motor running than it takes to keep a motor running. Ro

Pontiac Fiero Questions fiero wont start : fiero wont start i just picked up a se from a field, it had been there for 6 im getting is accessories to power on headlights power windows etc might have to do with my fan coming on when the key is in the run

Tech Tips : This is a page devoted to some of my favorite tech tips, features, and misc. subjects The symptom: your dash lights (and gear displays on automatic cars) blink and . Although the 1984 Fiero won many awards for its design and innovative use

Curbside Classic 1984 Pontiac Fiero €“ GM's Deadly Sin #19 €“ Give : It was built on a cutdown 1964 ABody frame and running gear, with a (despite the 14th floor pressing the red Stop light a few times along the way), the Now the usual thing to do when installing an engine from a staid seda

NEFA Holiday Party and Annual Meeting : stop to view the vast countryside. My wife, Janet meant I couldnt take my Fiero as she cant maneuver getting in out. seen a member whose car started running poorly and now you have all the time in the world to talk generation (8788) headlight motors they stop Deck lid (84 87) $50.

Flip lights then bar headlights now [Archive] : My suggestion: if you want that smooth sleek look, get headlight Although, the designers, who had worked previously on Fiero, just but there not the headlights all the time, you have the sidemarkers, . I did know someone who had the same problem mine had the motors would run on and not stop.

GM CODE READER 1 6 : If your instrument panel indicator lights do not come light will stay on when the engine is running. . 6000, 6000 STE, Bonneville, Fiero, Firebird, . If Service Engine Soon light turns on, turn off ignition 84. 32 Control solenoid open or short circuit problems. Skip shift solenoid open or short circuit continuously.

Fiero Crash Results by Phil Stevens : Sometimes I think my 5 foot 6 inch, 120 lb., 20 year old daughter is Fieros official crash tester. When she was 16 she tipped her first one (white 84SE Automatic The car remained running and she used the switches to lower the electric windows The tail lights and stop lights worked perfectly despite the deep dent in the

Ford Will Be €œAggressive€ In Rolling Out Start : Currently, the only Ford car that you can buy with a startstop feature to of factors the engine control unit can stop the engine from running and then As an example, look at the Prius €” it starts and stops its engine all the time, and has Oh good, I was thinking I wouldnt want my car stop/starting while I

Questions and Answers Related to Current FAQs : Any way by joem (8/14/2006) my airbag light is on all the time and my horn doesnt work The engine temperature guage stopped working altogether by Valerie I HAVE A 1984 FORD TARAUS WHEN DRIVING AND AFTER 10 TO 15 . How do I disable Daytime Running Lights on my 1999 Windstar? by lnd714

I am your local auto parts guy Ask me anything IAmA : If you screw it up, your car doesnt stop. This is terrible for the engine, its constantly fighting itself and lets you know it is by making a

When you think of Volkswagon you think of sunshine butterflies : I was thinking that I actually had with my future wife in the front seat of a Every time I think of VW, I think of check engine lights, air bag lights, $600 constantly replacing headlight bulbs, electric window motors that I had to stop 3X on the QEW to field strip it, blow the rust out of the 84superchamp.

Archisms V : Archism #4: Fiero Clutch Symptoms and Cures. Archism #5: FIERO ENGINE REMOVAL. Archism #6: Archism #7: What is the cost to have you do the swap?

need some help with my 84 2m4 Fiero : Car Forums need some help with my 84 2m4 Fiero. first things first: when i got it it wasnt running too great. i changed out the spark plugs, also, when i shut off the engine theres a whining noise coming from the front end. im On your headlights, if they are up all the time the previous owner may have