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I assume that you have a frontwheeldrive vehicle and that the noise comes   If   so, your symptoms are indicating a possible CV Joint problem (Constant Velocity   Joint).   Basically, if any part of a tierod end needs replacing, do them all for the   axle,   If the knocking soun

What causes a knocking sound in the front of a car when turning to
I assume that you have a frontwheeldrive vehicle and that the noise comes If so, your symptoms are indicating a possible CV Joint problem (Constant Velocity Joint). Basically, if any part of a tierod end needs replacing, do them all for the axle, If the knocking soun

What is the knocking noise in front when I hit a bump?
One addition, it makes the knock in conjunction with hitting a little bump in the road. It does make a clicking noise when turning the wheel, but I've been told that's normal with traction control. The tie Sit on your front bumper Bounce it

Engine Noises
Does your car or truck have an engine noise? Excessive crankshaft end play is indicated by an intermittent rap or knock sharper . Antitheft or security system will not cause a clicking in the dash. La Sabre has developed a double thum

Knocking noise in front end Honda
Knocking noise in front end Honda Accord (1990 2002) I think there is a swaybar bushing or something like that causing the knock. . Your CV joints will click not knock the way you are describing. . flat pavement, turning, accelerating

Worn Sway Bar Bushings/End Links May Cause Noise in Front
I also thought it could be related to the struts but knowing the age of the car I have a knocking noise from my drivers side front end when going over bumps. You couldn't hear it unless i got up to 50 mph or slowed down to a mere 20 mph.

Knocking sound with every rotation of wheel
100 miles ago I began getting a knocking sound from my left front wheel, or while braking, the sound feeling almost completely disappear. Lift the front wheels off the ground (and set the front end on stands), and tu

What could be the knocking noise coming from the engine area
There is a knocking sound that started coming from my car a couple days ago. Its not a ticking or a clanking knock. It's more of the sound when&nbsp

My Front Left Tire Makes A Clicking Noise While I Drive What Could
This is a main cause as it forces the wheels to move up and down continuously thus, tiring out the joints. Yes it is wheel bearing that is causing clicking in the front wheel of your car tire. . I only hear it when I'm driving very slow i

How to Repair a Car Making a Clicking Noise
When a clicking noise is detected first locate the area of the car it is being generated from The front suspension in your car is designed to hold the front wheel steady The rack gear is connected to an inner tie rod end that is covered

miata noises
Click on one to find out more about what makes noise in that part of the car. On braking in the wet there can be a loss of braking and some noise related to I turn the steering wheel to far to the left or right, a loud knock occurs from t
How to Figure Out Front End Clunks and Knocks
I have a front end grind on my 00 expedition Ive had all tie end rods done and pitman arm and steering gear and also stabilizer bars and still&nbsp

5 Car Noises Not to Ignore
Unusual car noises are often a clue that something is wrong with your car, so here are five This noise should not be ignored because if the bearing fails, it may cause the A clicking noise from a front wheel that is only heard while turning usually braking, it probably means your brake pads are worn out and your vehicle&nbsp

Creaking/Knocking noise when turning at low speeds / accelerating
Click here I cannot reproduce the sound at a stop, the car has to be under load. There are so many threads on similar sounds, but the causes have been I took the swaybar down and lubricated the bushings, but it didnt solve my issue, . If the noise is coming from the front, then its not the rear end.

4 Common Car Noises eddiecarrara
If your car is making a clicking noise when turning, it is likely you have an . Hi Scott, If its a knock in the lower end,(crankshaft) when you first start the . A clunk noise in the front of an Accord is commonly caused by the sway bar . or the other but it really never goes away, it just fades when slowing down.

BMW Noise Troubleshooting
Use these car repair tips for troubleshooting needed repairs. Troubleshooting Noises (Is Your BMW Trying to Tell You Something?) of the front end during a turn, this sound may be traced to an outboard CV joint. A bad pin will quiet down, but a rod knock will double its cadence. BMW Parts Click Here to Save Now&nbsp

anyone else get noise from the front end [Archive]
If your stopped with the car off and push up and down on the front i can only suspect that the cause of the front end noise would be due to the Acceleration will put stress on the joints in one direction, and in the other when decelerating. I Have had a clicking sound in the frontend from the getgo every&nbsp

GMC Yukon Noises and Sounds Car Forums
Basically the noise happens if you were ghost riding your truck thru a or positive tension is applied to the drive train the knocking noise goes power is applied to speed up or breaks applied to slow down). I have read all about 4wd versions adn front end issues with Is it one pop or a loud clicking noise.

Clunking Noise Problems in popular cars
The vehicle front passenger side makes a clunking noise through the bottom metal While driving consumer heard a clunky noise coming from the front end. of my skin the really dont care, but I dont think safety should come down to the The contact stated that there was an abnormal clicking noise from the front wheel.

The Very Strange Noises FAQ
knocking sounds from bottom end, right side, slows down as I slow down, Noise 41 Noise 1 Clicking from midlower Front Forks As yet unidentified. . My missing chain tension roller caused a sort of rattling. Id describe it is like an electrical antenna going down in a car after you turn off the stereo.

Noise from your car Alpha
You worry about your vehicle breaking down and leaving you stranded, the How you respond determines how big an inconvenience the problem will end up being. Some braking noise is considered normal since the system can be affected by It usually happens when you are driving, so for safety reasons you should&nbsp