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Scared scared and more scared lump under my jaw line/ chin : I contacted my doctor and made an appointment, it's in 2 Thread: Scared scared and more scared .lump under my jaw line/ chin My question is has anyone else had these symptoms and if so what was your diagnosis?
Weird swollen bump under chin : Weird swollen bump under chin: I woke up last night and my chest was I have a bump, the size of a dime directly under my chin where the jaw bone the two glands under the chin are infected from something in my mouth.
lump under my chin Aphrodite's Discussion Forums : #246449 08/11/08 12:12 PM lump under my chin so ive had this lump under my chin, kind of right next to my lower jaw bone for about 4 1/2 months now. it kind of feels like a swollen gland, but i wouldnt it is hard to the touch. its weird
The Scary Lump Under My Chin (HappyGo : Well, today I received confirmation in the form of a lump under my chin that I this painful little lump finally solidified my decision to have the jaw surgery. . and 2 tbsp agave or stevia and enough water to make it taste
Cancer Board Index lump under jaw : round growth under my right jaw and two under my left jaw for about 7 years now. Its half way betwen my ear and my chin, I can feel it by pressing up under my same lump under my jaw, it was my salivary gland that seemed to be
lump under chin very painfull : I have noticed a lump about the size of a marble under my chin, centered between my lower jaw bones this lump is very painful and if I look I have had it for 2 days now, and it seems to be getting more painful. i have a lump directly
lump under chin above adam's apple : Basically I discovered strange shaped lump under my chin/jaw. I found 2 very prominent lumps in my neck just under my chin, they are a little tender. but
Painful lump on jaw (underside of chin)? : About 2 weeks ago, I was chewing ice all night, an€¦ It's on the under side of my chin, connected to my jaw. It's not in my mouth. 2 months ago
Lumps : Find out disorders that cause lumps in the ear, nose and throat. As a teenager, I discovered a large lump on the back of my neck. you might be able to feel lumps in your neck, especially under the jaw and chin these are lymph nodes.
Hard lump on lower jawbone really Cancer Chat : The lump starts directly at the right side of the center of my chin underneath I do feel a acheing though and a little discomfort in my jaw but that might be . I thought it might be about 2 weeks but I'm getting a bit worri
Lump under jaw : I have had a small lump just a bit bigger then a pea under my jaw. I had my usual freakout about it last year, or maybe two years ago, but it hasnt Stop touching it for a couple of weeks, it will get a little bit smaller, but it will
Found A Lump Under My Jaw Bone What Could It Be? : I found a lump right under my jaw bone about , it wasnt that big but side hurts and its a little swollen both lumps move around .its like a little ball I have a lump underneath the middle of my chin bone. I have two on each side and I havent felt any symptoms/havent done anything that would lead to cancer.
Lump under Chin : bump under chin? Find Answers for the possible causes for lump under jaw. Please help me identify what might be causing this lump under my chin. When one or two of these lymph nodes are enlarged, we refer to it as swollen glands.
What Can Cause a Swollen Jaw? : These injuries may occur from such things as accidental sports injuries, In some cases, this condition may result in a swollen jaw that often About four months ago, my mother had some dental work done, and had two lower molars Being that my jaw is fractured, the lump on my lower jaw/ chin area
Skin Care Treatments Jaw line Chin Sagging Wrinkles Jowls : It is not like a surgical facelift, but it does help in reducing double chin. Some people get two little indentations that occur on the jaw line directly below the
Why do I feel a small bump near the middle of my jaw? : When I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom to wash up, I raised my chin and felt a certain tightness in it. I noticed a small bump thats in line with my
Hard lump on one side under the jaw : He gave me an antibiotic for five days stays in system 10. hard lump that three inches long from my back jaw bone to almost my chin. User : in these glands . of yellowish green discharge from eyes and nose for a 2 years old baby ?
Small Lump Marble thing under jaw/chin : I recently found some small marble like thing below my chin (dont know how to explain it ) like on my side of the neck under the jaw. but I am no expert on these things. Also, this has appeared a day or two after I had my super huge canker sore that hurt like **** after biting myself when I was eating .
Teeny tiny white bumps on my chin and ja : I seem to be cursed with little tiny white bumps all over my chin, jaw, and upper neck. Im 23 years old and Ive had a least a few since I was in my early teens. . (2) Hearts. Hey I would get bumps like that too when I would wax or thread my
Lump on the right side of my neck right under the jaw : There is perssure in my ear and i feel the lump when i eat my only issue is its growing I have a rash on my neck and under my chin also a Lump I have a red rsh on my neck Answer 2 / 5 Submitted . The lumps are hard its a little weird but i can roll the lump back and forth over my jaw.