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Native American Homes Wigwams Longhouses Tepees Lodges : Pictures and descriptions of different types of Native American Indian homes Wigwams (or wetus) are Native American houses used by Algonquian Indians in the woodland regions. They did not have any walls. A brush shelter is made of a simple wooden frame covered with brush (branches, le

Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids : Today, Native Americans live in houses just like yours and mine. But in olden times, they lived in very different homes. Everything was made by hand. Everything

NATIVE AMERICAN HOUSING : Native American life in the MidSouth from early explorers. . Other buildings of a family compound consisted of a thatched roof openair shelter used for cooking and Although similar to the Haida house, the longhouse did not need a smoke

Indian Shelters : Grade 3 Indian Unit. INDIAN HOMES. Each culture area had their own type of home. Indians used the natural resources around them to make their homes.

Wigwam : The domed, round shelter was used by many different Native American cultures. The curved surfaces make it an ideal shelter for all kinds of conditions.

Native American History for Kids Homes and Dwellings : Kids learn about Native American Indian homes and dwellings in the United States. Wigwams used poles from trees that would be bent and tied together to

What type of shelter did the Plains Indians have : The true Plains tribes all used a large type of tent constructed of poles (most often from lodgepole pines obtained in the foothills of the Rockies or from the Black

American Indians and their Environment : The Native Americans used natural resources in every aspect of their lives. Shelter was made from the material around them (saplings, leaves, small The women were responsible for working the fields and did so using various tools made

What kinds of houses did native American live in : In the colder climates, like the northeast, the Indians built long houses, bark covered long cabin like structures. In the southwest some used the typical tee pee

Shelter : Shelter. Buffalo was the main source of the Plain Indian's food as it provides them with flesh and clothing Because buffalos never stay still (they migrate), the

Hopi Indian Shelter? : Hopi Indian shelters are also known with the name Hopi or adobe houses. Where Did the Hopi Indians Live? What Kind of Tools Did Hopi Indians Use?

Cherokee Indians Shelter? : The Cherokee Indians had homes made of plaster and cane. The homes had high, of rain and heat. wiki.answers/Q/What+kind+of+shelter+did.

Native American Shelters : The shelters built and inhabited by different cultures of Native Americans were as Several types of housing were used in the west coast and the intermountain

Native AmericansPrehistoricMississippianTechnologyShelter : Mississippian Technology Shelter, PreContact &middot PostContact Mississippians used new construction techniques for buildings. For one thing, they recessed their house floors two to Why did the buildings burn? Perhaps it was started by

Facts for Kids Choctaw Indians (Choctaws) : Information about the Choctaw Indians for students and teachers. Facts about How do Choctaw Indian children live, and what did they do in the past? They do No one uses these oldfashioned rivercane houses for shelter anymore. Today

Facts for Kids Chickasaw Indians (Chickasaws) : Information about the Chickasaw Indians for students and teachers. How do Chickasaw Indian children live, and what did they do in the past? Today, no one uses an oldfashioned Chickasaw home for shelter, any more than white

Structures of the Plains Indians : The Plains Indians typically lived in one of the most well known shelters, the tepee (also Native Americans used their structures such as tipis (also spelled teepees or tepee) for Another activity that Native Americans did with tipis is cooking.

Native Americans : Native Americans or Indians were the first people to live in the New World. The Pueblo Indians of the southwestern part of America used sundried bricks to make Indians did not have one single religion, but they did have many beliefs.

Daily Life in a Chumash village : together with plant fiber string made from Indian hemp. This boat is now on exhibit in the Indian Hall at our museum. What kind of designs did they use?