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'The Walking Dead' Recap Hershel Dies €” Season 4 Midseason : In this week's midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the Governor lays ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR As the hour begins, Lilly overhears Then, just when finally it appears that the Governor is going to choke Rick to death, Comment by Tara €“ Decem 08:28 PM PST

The Walking Dead Too Far Gone mid : The Walking Dead midseason finale review, Too Far Gone that happened over the course of the past twoandahalf episodes. And the ones who aren't ( Lily and obnoxious Tara) are worthless. So maybe we haven't s

'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers Did Baby Judith Die? What We : The midseason finale of €œThe Walking Dead€ had many jaw Season 4 Spoilers: Who Is Going To Die In The MidSeason Finale, Episode 8 After the fight ended , Rick returned to search for Carl and Judith. Tara and Lily's fate i

The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Recap With Spoilers Too Far : It's the midseason finale of AMC's The Walking Dead and, as many have pointed Everyone agrees to join up€“except Lily, who comes to The Governor after the speech, He tells Hershel that nobody is going to hurt them Hershel doe

'Walking Dead' Season 4 Predictions Mid : Did the midSeason 4 finale of Walking Dead surprise you as much as it did us? after watching the most intense episode of The Walking Dead we've seen thus far. The midseason finale is the biggest thing we've attempted,

Ten craziest moments on 'The Walking Dead' mid : Grade the midseason finale of The Walking Dead Who is going to die on ' The Walking Dead fall finale Sunday? After we took in his old friends, they've become leaders in what we What happens to Lill

The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid : Spoilers if you haven't seen tonight's episode (€œToo Far Gone€) from tonight's midseason finale of The Walking Dead, they certainly got And he had an opportunity to do that with Meghan and Lily, but in fate for anyone,

The Walking Dead : blogs.amctv/thewalkingdead/talk/2013/11/season4episode6open thread Live Bait type:title title:livebait shows type:posttype posttype:shows

Poll Who Will Die? : This is a Walking Dead midseason finale so YOU KNOW that no one is Don't think the Governor is going to dye, he kinda grew on me, but if it's to happen, to put Daryl on the tracks after Carol and they finally become a couple

'Walking Dead' Recap Who and How Many : The season four midseason finale was brutal for both the Governor and Rick's ' Walking Dead' Dissection: Can the Governor Really Start Over? After all of season three and the first half of season four served as a all live

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 Recap The Governor : This week, The Gov. made four new friends €” Tara, Lilly, their dad, and young Do you think this camp will gear up and take the prison on the We see the dead Woodbury people, from the Season 3 finale, then So thats what happened to Woodbury. They dont even know that, after all this time?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Will The Governors True Identity be : The Walking Dead viewers watching the show from the safety of their The Walking Dead Season 4: Will The Governors True Identity be Revealed to Lilly, Tara, and as we get closer and closer to the midseason finale on December 1. Do you think Ricks confrontation with Team Prison will be peaceful

The Walking Dead Season 4 10 Things to Look Forward to After Mid : After tonights Episode 8 midseason finale, the AMC show will return for. Episode 9 is going to have to pick up with at least a few of them, €œgood€ people from The Governors camp (like Tara, maybe Lilly), and the new trio.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid : On the rare occasion when The Walking Dead does bother to develop a character, episodes, and for 20 minutes last night, the midseason finale of The Walking Dead was great. . though it is possible that she hooks up with Lilly and Tara, who are also still alive. . I have a feeling that is going to happen.

Walking Dead Spoilers Scott Gimple on the Governor Midseason : After a brief attempt to break off on their own, Brian and his new family 1 midseason finale: Will the Governor, in search of a more stable home to The Governor was really trying not to engage with Lily, Tara and Megan at all in episode six. . What do you think will happen when and if Rick and the

Rick The Governor Face Off For The Midseason Finale The : The Walking Dead has reached the midway point of season four and from within and outside the prison walls, the midseason finale did hold a lot of promise . Tara takes a little convincing, but soon shes in, leaving Lily as the only Hershel tries to reason with Heriot, but as you would expect it is of no

The Walking Dead MidSeason Finale : The Walking Dead midseason finale was full of bloodshed last night, killing off one blade hit his throat, but it happened right after he nursed everybody back to health following an epidemic in the prison. Will we see Lilly or Tara again? How many episodes do you think itll take until they all reunite?

The Walking Dead season 4 episode 8 Major spoilers for Too Far : On the promo for The Walking Dead midseason finale, the Governor tells Photographs for Too Far Gone show that Tara and Lilly dont seem to be totally on Do you have any theories on what will happen on The Walking Dead season 4, episode 8? Do you think that Hershel and Michonne will die?

Doux Reviews The Walking Dead Too Far Gone : We got the midseason cliffhanger that a quality show deserves. After being cranky last week about poor plot devices and sloppy writing Can you come back from the horrible things that you have done and that they would have showed her death if it actually happened. How will Lily and Tara make it?