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Fishing Line : Shop for fishing line, monofilaments, fishing accessories, ice drill, fly fishing line, plier sets and Seasense (1) &middot Shakespeare (2) &middot Shoreline Marine (1) &middot South Bend (5) &middot Spiderwire (20) . $15.79. €. Free shipping available on orders over $50. €. Free store

Fishing Rod and Reel Combos : Shop for fishing rod and reel combos, fishing kits, spinning combos, Choice of Character's Include: Barbie, Spiderman, Star Wars, Cars, Princess, Mickey Mouse . 50 graphite ballbearing spinning reel Reel is spooled with Cajun fishi

Fishing Line Fishing Gear Accessories : Items 1 32 of 369 Buy products such as Zebco Omniflex Line at Walmart and save. Berkley (51) &middot PowerPro (55) &middot Spiderwire (20) &middot Zebco (15) &middot PLine (16) Best Sellers . Available Finishes. 50 lb. 15 lb.

Would a 20 lb test line cause problems for a 6 : I was thinking about putting 20 lb test line on it? For general fresh water fishing stick with mono, and you wont have any problems with it being they are tough as nails, for only $20.00 Walmart, $10.00 less than my next choice of rod.

Monofilament Fishing Line Fishing Line : Shop Monofilament Fishing Line : Fishing Line at Walmart and save. Buy South Bend Monofilament Fishing Line at a great price.

How do you fish for catfish? : A good allaround catfishing line is 15LB test monofilament. You can buy 1/2oz (or halfounce) egg sinkers at WalMart or any other place that sells fishing stuff. I like to fish for the big ones so I go big on line braided spider wir

What is the best braided fishing line? : It casts the best, and is just an all around great line. Posted Wed 5:15 am I wouldn't know about others,but for me spiderwire works just fine. . I really like walmarts price on the fireline and it seems to

Thread Fall carp : Well i amanaged to buy this new fishing line below: the name spiderwire is very catchy in my opinion, and it is 20 lb test line with a see it last time I was at Wal Mart (but they currently have it now). . sounds like you took the high ro

Vicious Fluorocarbon : Best of all, Vicious Fluorocarbon is built to withstand the toughest hook sets. Line Diameter, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb. Inches .010 .011 .012 .013 .015

Best Fishing Line? [Archive] : I have purchased more than 10 different kinds of fishing line (all 6 lb. test) in the I use their 15 and 20# test and have some on one or more of my seven rigs I Luved the Spiderwire Fusion, for just about every application.

Bowfin Anglers Group Fishing Tips : This is a great site but what I really wanted was to find out how, where, and when to catch I usually spool up with Cabelas Ripcord SI Braid (1525lb) or Fireline 1420lb. I caught many more, but no 20lb fish that I was hoping for. I bought a lure at WalMart a while back that is a large inline spinner with a white skirt.

Fishing line for 1/2A CL lines : However, I got to thinking that the SpiderWire brand of fishing line (nonmetallic, But I gotta try that Palomar with 20 lb SpiderWire.

Survival Fishing pole/reel? : Sewing bobbin with some spiderwire ( about 25 50 yrds aprox. ). Fish line (my preference is Spyderwire or similar line) is great for clothing Therefore, we started our kit with 50 of PowerPro 20 lb. braided line, which can be . i amay have got it at WalMart or KMart but looks something like this one:

Trolling : The slowtrolling method known as spider rigging has been used for years. my lines are less than a 15 degree angle I watch my lines carefully checking them at any hint of movement. Good luck if you try this technique and be patient. You can purchase your license at most sporting good stores including WalMart or at

Thread Braided line keeps breaking what am I doing wrong : I bought some 30# braided spider wire for my okuma conventional reel Is there anything decent I can find at Academy or Walmart? Got tired of it happening so I spooled it with 20lb mono. Spider wire not the best but 30lb should hold 2oz casting. . If you have 10 to 15 lb max drag put 15 lb line on.

Catfish Line Catfishing : i use power pro on my muskie set up it is really good line and worth the money. We fish 20lb30lb stren superbraid or power pro for channel catfish. or any other walmart catfish pole. and get say 3035 pound test line, take out the 15 pound or so line out of the reel you just bought and string the 3035

Amazon Customer Reviews Berkley Lightning Rod Shock : Its never failed and has pulled in numerous fish big and small. after i ordered this i found it at walmart for 10$ cheaper but looking at them there 30% of which surprised me since I was throwing 20lb spider wire stealth (braided line). If you like a stiffer and more strike sensitive feeling rod, this is the best rod out there in

Best Braided Line Vs Personal Preference : Page 1 of 2 Best Braided Line Vs Personal Preference posted in Fishing Rods, Reels It has never let me down, and Walmart sells it cheap.

This Weeks Steinhatchee Fishing Report provided by the Sea Hag : I highly recommend this get together it is great fun an orange Stretch 30 Loud and after 15 more minutes decided to bottom fish. . Before they came out with the new braided lines, I strictly trolled my lures with 20 lb. test mono. . Steinhatchee Reef looks like a WalMart parking lot with boats, especially on the weekend.

Power pro no more : Id drop Loomis like a hot potato and buy 8 good rods in place of the one you have. With super lines, most rods are servicable and most of the fishing is visibility of your line . As some of you know, I have been using Spiderline Fusion, which is Go to Kmart or Walmart and buy a tip top repair kit it come with the special