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Thread What's it like working in corrections? : Seems like an dumb question, but really, what's it like? Today is a real bad time to be trying to get into Corrections or LE because of the . Jail CO's/Detention officers have a completely different job description than I have as

So you want to be a Correctional Officer? : Coandinmate In my 25 years of corrections I have been asked by many alike, men and women, what is it like to be a correctional officer and

Detention Officer Job Questions Answers : Get answers to your Detention Officer job questions and answers. Review Detention What is being a County Detention Officer like? Just thinking about it.

Juvenile Detention Officer What They Do CFNC : Juvenile detention officers work closely with atrisk children in trouble with the law. them as you'd like to be treated, says juvenile detention officer Ross Stuart.

What Does a Detention Officer Do? (with picture) : A detention officer has to be physically fit, have good health and pass a strenuous background check. Most prison systems have their own

Detention Officer Jobs : Visit icould/videos/paulp/ for more careers info. Paul P is a Detention Officer with Northumbria Police. He applied to join the police

Why I Want to Become a Detention Officer : Find Detention Officer salaries, interviews, reviews posted by 13 professionals and job seekers. What is the best training for becoming a Detention Officer?

Tips for corrections officer interviews : Although a detention officer's job is dangerous, it can be highly rewarding There are many rewarding benefits to being a detention officer. More Like This.

Detention Officer Job Description Duties and Requirements : PS, don't wear drab colors like all black and a white shirt, wear black/grey Scenario: You observe another Juvenile Corrections officer being

Correctional Officer/Prison Guard The Real Poop : Want to be a Correctional Officer/Prison Guard? Learn the lowdown by reading Its like being on a football team but without all the buttpatting. There are other

Corrections Officer Jobs Training Salaries Career : Corrections Officers, also known as Correctional Officers and Detention who either have been arrested and are being held for trial or have been convicted of a

The Disadvantages of Being a Correctional Officer : Correctional officers oversee inmates of jails and prisons, and are responsible for enforcing the rules of their confinement. As a profession, corrections work is

Detention Officer Job Yahoo Voices : The detention officer in a reformatory, jail or prison is expected to be in an individual being held within a correctional facility, like a local city or

Metropolitan Police Careers Designated Detention Officers : I joined the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as a Designated Detention Officer about the job as I didnt know what to expect the custody suite to be like.

Metropolitan Police Careers Designated Detention Officers : Designated Detention Officers are playing an increasingly important role in the They could have been arrested for anything from being drunk and disorderly to having been suspected of robbery or murder. Whats it like in a custody suite?

Correctional Officer : Deborah Ammeson wanted to be a police officer instead, she wound up in jail as a corrections officer. She studied police science at a technical college for two

Detention Officer : Detention Officer. IMPORTANT: Please fill out an Employment Interest Card if you would like to be considered for employment.

Juvenile Detention Officer Careers Job Description Salary Info : average wage is very low. Consider the pros and cons of being a juvenile detention officer: . When would you like to start classes? Select One March 2014

What Is a Detention Officer : Detention officer jobs have an expected growth rate of 5 percent over the Qualifications for becoming a detention officer Detention Officer What Is It Like?

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