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Relations : Relations. Click on the buttons until you find the correct answer.

What Relation Is My Grandfather's Brother to Me? : A granduncle is also called a great uncle. The brotherinlaw of your grandfather ask. QA Related to What Relation Is My Grandfather's Brother to What relation is What relation to you is your grandfather's brothe

My Relative Definitions Terms : Abrieviations for Second Great, or GreatGreatGrandfather (2GGrandfather), Father: One who has begotten a child, whether son or daughter a generator a male parent. In the latter case, she is more definitely called a half sister.

What Are the Various Levels of Cousins? (with pictures) : There is one special cousin relationship called double cousins, which His grandmother is the niece of my grandfather. Milena's sister, Eless had a child named Christy whilst Milena (my grandmother) had Miriam (my mum). M

Family Vocabulary : Your family members are also called your relatives. You have

What relationship is my great grandfather's sister's granddaughter to : What relationship is your sister to your great granddaughter? Your sister is her great grandaunt. What relationship is a great great great grandfather's

Is my great grandfather's sister my great grand aunt : Yes, your great grandfather's sister is your great grand aunt. Some would call her, with Was my great great great grandfather Hitler? You could have had a

How am i related related to my sisters great granddaughter : Grandchildren of siblings are second cousins to each other. How are you related to your grandfather's sister's great granddaughter? Your grandfather's sister is

And Bob's Your Uncle : Margo, you are my mother's second cousin's second wife so you would be well I am cowardly avoiding the complicated relationships that stem from assisted The son and daughter, respectively, of your grandson or your grand

What relation am i to my grandfathers sisters grand : She is your second cousin.(Your grandfathers sister is called Great aunt) on April 10th, 2012. JeffM3094. my grandfathes son sister is my

Kinship chart : Siblings (Brother or Sister) anyone more distantly related than an actual first cousin may be referred to as a second The chart shown above makes distinguishing relationships quite simple providing Second Cousins two individuals who have the same greatgrandparents my greatgrandmothers uncles grandson.

What do I call my grandfathers brothers sons wife? : My grandfathers brothers son is my first cousin once removed. cousin once removed his wife does not have a relationship title as she is not related to you. We called my dads first cousins and their spouses Aunt and Uncle, since First Cousin An aunt is your parents sister or parents brothers wife.

What Relation Is My Sisters Daughters Child To Me? : You can say that in order to express the relationship. However, there is no specific rule for it and you can call her my sisters granddaughter if you like. Report.

Chinese Family relationship titles : Gapou &middot Chinese names &middot Imperial Exams &middot Kinship terms &middot Chinese language Many of the relationship titles have a formal version used for writings and an paternal greatgreatgrandfather, fathers fathers fathers father, «˜¥–ˆ¶, gou1 jou2 fu6 . fathers sisters son who is older than you, 表“¥, biu2 go1, biao3 ge1, same.

Family names : Different names for your sistersinlaw depending on if they are

Family Relationships : If you have two brothers and one sister, you have three siblings. Now that is a distant cousin (her greatgrandfather and my great grandfather were If your son John Henry Doe, Jr. names his son (your grandson) the same, his son then

When Grandparents Pick Favorites Everybody Loses : Meanwhile, my sister calls to chat she tells me shes chilling out at . should my son only have a relationship with one set of grandparents?

Explain to me the relation of cousins 1st 2nd removed : Okay, my mothers sisters children are my first cousins. First cousins because only your mother (and her sister) are between you and your grandparents. . from the other, for example, two individuals are not called cousins if they are My first cousins grandchild and I are first cousins twice removed (two

CODING OF RELATIONSHIPS : Grandfather or Grandmother, and, Grandson or Granddaughter To incorporate this into the code, my suggestion is to use a positive For single relationships S is omitted (clashes with sister and son). Second or subsequent marriages or partnerships bring in another set of nonblood relatives known as step relatives.