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Deep Soap 'The Young and the Restless' Stars Tease Twists in : Is there going to be an explanation for Sharon's behavior and her visions of Cassie? I believe that will all come out, there is a reason for all of these things. . When I told people they were like, 'Oh my God.' Some people love the twist of Sharon switching the paterni

YR's Joshua Morrow talks Nicholas Newman fatherhood and more : How long will it be until Nick discovers that Sharon faked the DNA test results? It allows me to take care of my family and live the kind of life that I always wanted I think the most interesting change they made is the pace at which we tel

The Sharon Case Interview Michael Fairman OnAir On : As for Sharon Newman, changing the paternity test results is just another shocker from So it just keeps going, and that is what keeps the show going. and one day it can be addressed and come out, and we could retest the pa

Did Sharon tamper with Faith's Paternity Test too? : Now we see how easily Sharon can change a paternity test to suit her own agenda, is Faith really Nick's child? the test because she wanted Cassie's prophecy to come true. . I know Sharon slept around, but WHY go there with this ? LATER i

Sharon Newman : Of her casting, Case stated: Not only is this my third soap, but I'm also the third actress to She said, Sharon goes through many emotions in a week. Nick soon finds out, but the

YR Critic Fan Blog about The Young and the Restless : Balance the overall €œmood€ of the show so the dominant theme isn't depressing. Pacing. P A C I N G. Stop dragging out some storylines beyond the viewers' Second, knowing who the driver was is not going to change A THING. €œNi

Dead Cassie to Sharon on YR Soon Everyone Will Know What : Even the ghost of her own dead daughter is admonishing Sharon Newman ( Sharon to destroy the character of Sharon by having her switched the DNA tests. Does anyone else think that JFP is slowly going to write Sharon (Case) o

What Has Sharon Begging For Mercy on The Young and the Restless? : I bet you that sharon switched summers paternity test this go round Rumor is Phyllis finds out that Sharon switched the paternity tests that show Nick is indeed Summer's father. . I giggle doing the SORAS math in my head.

The Young And The Restless Chat Spot : just read that Kyle will be leaving the show first of the year . and now, even Victor and Nicki are having issues death, mix up of paternity, fights, Sharon decides she is going to tell Nick the truth about changing Summer's paternity r

Prepare for a storm of change : I hope Y R doesn't repeat an already used storyline the Billy and Mac Nick will get the paternity test results in the mail shortly, but We did see Sharon hanging around the lab when Nick dropped off his sampl

Did Sharon really switch the paternity test? : The Young and the Restless: Did Sharon really switch the paternity test? Comment. Share and the Restless. What lengths will Sharon go to to prevent Phyllis from ratting her out? NCIS: Ziva (Cote de Pablo) officially coming back for more &middot Natasha Obama . Subscribe to Blog. Remember my Info.

The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps : Kelly pointed out that shed want to know if someone were doing it for her . hadn t turned up any lesions, but she had to repeat her blood test in a month. . All My Children I think is time for Sharon case to leave the show she will not be When is Sharon going to fess up to changing the DNA re Summer.

What are they going to do with Phyllis in YR now? : Do you think Nick will end up with Sharon again before finding out that shes the one who switched the paternity test and led to Yes, shes going into a coma and Daniel will be coming back to whisk her off to a find that Sharon still has kept the secret .this is just my opinion of what I think will happen tho.

Sharon Newman : Sharon Marie Newman (nà e Collins, formerly Abbott) is portrayed by Sharon out of the Abbott Mansion with Noah because of Jacks recent lies coming to light. A DNA test was done that showed Faiths true identity and Ashley tearfully

YR Main Discussion Thread : The first Christmas is the HARDEST, but my wonderful stepchildren HE would be the FIRST ONE to PUNCH SOMEBODY OUT if they said . If Michelle isnt coming back as Phyllis, they need to change the However, we ALL KNOW how much FAITH we can put in to Y R/GC DNA tests emoticon

YR Hunter King (Summer Newman) : I was sitting in my dressing room in disbelief, like, How could she do that to me? reveal when the truth comes out that Sharon switched the DNA tests? Im very curious as to how theyre going to play it out with Summer.

Young and the Restless Joshua Morrow Talks About Nicks : Fans of CBSs The Young and the Restless just found out that good guy Nick Morrow: It really worried me when I heard they were taking my character But you just strap it on like a football helmet and go. paternity test using hair from Summers hairbrush, and that comes back 99.9 percent conclusive.

The Young and the Restless Monster Plot Twist : As you know, most of the show over the last couple of months has revolved That sneaky deed might seem out of character for Sharon, who on the surface is sweet Sharons confession to Cassie about switching paternity tests. A character most people found useless under Maria Bell and wanted gone.

Blog : Sharon revealed that she switched the paternity tests, reinstated Nick as Michelle Stafford, leaving the show, it has lead fans to wonder about the fate Carmine goes to Paul and has Michael arrested for aggravated assault

Michelle Stafford Leaving The Young and the Restless : Staffords exit comes not long after YR vet Jeanne Coopers death in early May €œBut I knew in my mind that that wasnt going to happen. . What is the age all about u look out Sharon get nick bsck I be happy get Victor out of So, she somehow managed to switch the DNA test at the lab to make it look