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Undestanding resistances LR and HV : In what follows, and throughout the vaping community, we refer to cartomizer resistance and battery voltage as a set The €œnominal€ voltage is more of an average or midpoint. A dual coil carto consists of two coils of the same resistance.

How much life do you get out of your Protank coils : I'm a bit disappointed with the longevity of my coils (especially after When I vape it rapidly, it does get a bit of a burnt taste, so I'll pull on it cold

What's benefit of dual coils? : wattages? Or does it produce more vapor? Or does it more evenly burn through the cart? Want a cooler vape, use bottom coils. Warmer

What Is Naked Vaping : Vegetable Glycerin produces much more vapor, but tends to be less sweet. We have found that for the ultimate vaping expeience, both types should be mixed The coil of the Phoenix is recessed inside it's housing, so you can drip 2 to 4

How long does your vape gear last : How long does your vape gear last posted in Polls and Questionnaires: clearomizers, tanks, replacement parts like coils and wicks, etc. last?

Taste Your Juice : If you go too high, you will get a burnt flavor and potentially damage your coil. I can't tell you As many things with vaping this is very subjective. If I'm using a

Vaping at perfect voltage : Vaping at perfect voltage. The vapor is just too hot with the multicoils for my vaping style. I vape like Yes, it does depend on the atomizer.

What Vape pen should I buy? (Vaporizer) (Ecig)? : Aight, so im pretty new to the vape world, but my friend has a really nice one. My friend has a nice one, but it burns my throat too much, which I dont like. Protanks or Kanger Evods, both great bottom coil clearomizers.

Power Vaping Ohms E : i've always wondered when you vape with variable wattage does it matter how many ohms your coil is? i like to vape anywhere from 811 watts

Vaping Glossary Electronic Cigarettes Glossary : Understand the ecig and vaping terms and products. Automatic €“ A style of electronic cigarette battery that does not have a button to activate the heating element. DualCoil Cartomizers €“ A newer type of cartomizer that employs two coi

Vaping with micro coils is unpleasant Page 2 E : It is also possible that you are blocking airflow in some way, which would make the vape much harsher. Too much wick material can cause this

The Vapor Hut : Vaping: A person using a personal vaporizer AKA E cig. A common tank style would be a cartotank that uses a cartomizer with a hole(s) wicks that are attached to the atomizer (coil) and hang down into the tank of juice. (depending on how much you use it during the day and how high you have your voltage set).

Wick and Coils Basics for Beginners Wiki : There are many, many, many opinions surrounding proper wick / coil setups for When properly setup and broken in, you should experience

Vaping Power Chart for Variable Voltage E : Dual coil tanks are perfect for all day use What many people do not realize is that just because the voltage can be turned up doesnt mean that So, I discovered the vaping power chart (below), and it helped me to find the proper amount of

Fixing that Cartomizer Vaporizer BURNT TASTE : I wanted to do a quick video explaining how Im temporally getting rid of that horrible BURNT TASTE that so many people are experiencing. whenever I use a 1.8 ohm coil 2.2 is fine, and I dont get that burnt, but the 1.8,

Vaping Guide An Intro to Electronic Cigarettes Vaping by : In this Vaping Guide, youll find everything you need to know to determine if vaping is If that does not describe you (or that person for whom you are investigating this), . The steel cloth acts as a wick as well, ensuring that the coil and pot are

Cell choice charging resistance coils for simple complex : Cell choice, charging, resistance coils, for simple complex vaping It does work people typically can and usually do, immediately stop

Care and Feeding of Clearomizers : Before you start vaping away, after you fill your clearomizer, take a few pulls on it before hitting the fire (This does not apply to bottom coil clearos, of course). 5.

Beginners Guide to SubOhm Vaping : If youre using a dual coil with an atomizer resistance of say .4 Ohms, youre talking One thing about airflow is it applies pretty much across the board. I WOULD have covered it in terms of VV but I only know of one device it

Multiple coil setups [Archive] Rebuildable E : Ive only ever done dual coils in my IgoL. A cool flavorful vape at 1.5 There is a guy out of Malaysia that does just that for the AGAT (new