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I've been receiving a blank text message from the number 129 : I've been getting this annoying text message almost 20 times does anybody have an idea what it is for or how to shut it down. it is really disturbing me

My phone stopped showing texts and voicemails a : I am now recieving text messages from number 129, lots of them. has steps to resolve the issue of receiving text messages from 129. sending me blank messages there is no phone number sent just a blank text from 129.

What is a text message from 129 : If You have TMobile Service, 129 is the TMobile identifier for the voicemail You probably have text messages there you never look at. I am dj am pary

What does 129 text message from t mobile mean : Will i be charges if i get a text message from mexico and i text back but yet i but based on this answer, I am understanding Text Message to be between my . i have unlimited texting plan with rogers, when i receive a text message

What does a blank text message from 129 mean : Why do i recieve empty sms message ntifications 129 from t mobile 30% I am getting text messages and each time i have a call or voice message i am

Blank Text messages Tmobile USA ? What gives : All day today I have been recieving blank text messages. I'm getting the same thing with my 2G iPhone on 2.1 OS just now for the first time.

111130 : 129. Federal Trade Commision Complaints to FTC 2. Powered By Reverse Phone Number Report: Had 3 text messages the same morning in a row with the Phone Number Report: Have received several empty text msgs from that number. . Phone Number

iPhone to Android iMessage bug fix Apple Support Communities : You can not post a blank message. Please type 145486 Views 248 Replies Latest reply: 7:20 AM by fromsouth RSS One way to fix it is for all the people that send you message swtich to Android too . . After getti

Help me sort out why I'm getting mysterious text messages in the : About a month after I purchased the phone I started receiving a blank text from the number '129' every morning at 3 a.m. According to TMobile,

Bug #1122584 €œ[telephony] Implement T : Actual results: 129 message shows up on phone as a text message 2 times. Additional info: I am using tmobile in the USA to call the SUT which is also using Support ( new VMs generate blank text message from # 129 ).

Sprint Community err#129 administratively prohibited message : I also get err#129 Administratively Prohibited at work daily. Just annoying that I think Im getting a phone call/text, and it turns out its my phone

Sprint Community Error code 129 : You can not post a blank message. I keeping getting 129 administratively prohibited. Sprint gave me another phone but I am getting it on the new phone too . Did you happen to notice if there were any error messages during the upgrade (surfing, email, text) You mention an update, so what software

Issue 24468 android Handle Group MMS including Reply : I am now receiving 60 meaningless texts from my friends a day but the message list is still blank, though send and receiving message do

IOS7 iPhone emails disappearing are Apple Support Communities : You can not post a blank message. 57352 Views 162 Replies Latest reply: 8:13 AM by katereynolds81 RSS I can send and receive email just fine on my PC laptop. I have this question too (129) I would remove the account and then add it back in to test for issue with sending mail.

Text Messaging over WIFI : I can send and recieve texts no matter which WiFi signal I am connected to. The only thing I I send and receive SMS over WiFi all the time.

Cannot receive text messages from AMEX : 3 Replies Latest reply: 10:33 AM by trojandriver RSS There is an apparent issue with signing up for text messages from American Express. 129 Views Categories: My Service: Question or Comment Tags: none (add) / workaroundforreceivingtextsfrompaypalbanksemailandotherinternet sources.

TMobile Visual Voicemail WIP (Yes it will work ) : You might receive text messages from 121 or 129 when you receive a Im working on a Carrier Bundle for native Phone app support, but I cant do . Activate:dt=3, however, got me a quick, yet empty, reply from 122.

Go SMS Pro Double Notification (same app) : im a long term go sms user but ive never used group messaging. what is it? Its just a blank text that contains nothing. If it helps . Cause the first alert is getting the text from the individual person then the second is that message getting moved to the group. Posts: 56 Posts Global Posts: 129 Global Posts

Once I : Im currently waiting for a letter with my interview date (this procedure country) In my case I have to pay it after I receive my appointment date.

Cant open compose or send my texts messages on my q10 : Everything is working fine apart from sms. Messages come in to the I am on O2 and have spoken to the tech team. All solutions have failed,