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I have little bumps below my belly button what is this? : I have little bumps below my belly button. They ar€¦ But after scratching, I see red spots (I believe that I scratched until it bled). I'm not allergic
Yahoo Canada Answers : I got my belly button pierced a little over 2 weeks ago, and only now am I noticing red, itchy bumps forming around inside my belly button.
red/pink spots on stomach : About 56 weeks ago, a handful of small pink/red spots (about the size of a pencil Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated . Every now and then i get a little pink spot around my belly button about the size of a
Tiny Red Bumps In The Belly Button : Insect bites or stings can cause small red bumps in the belly button because of venom or regularly occur around your belly button, you may need to see an allergy specialist. Red Bumps Around My Baby's Belly Button
Skin Forum Belly Button Rash : It is very itchy and has small spots which are weeping. I now also have a small area on he belly around belly button. do you remember the name of the cream your doctor prescribed to A few days ago I noticed that on the bottem part of my
Is it normal for the area around a new belly button piercing to be red : I've had my belly button pierced for about 5 weeks. it just started getting red around the entry and a little crusty im pretty sure it is normal, just make sure you don't touch it to much cause it gets irritated i believe Do you mean a li
itchy rash around belly button : I have a rash red firery rash inside my bellybutton then around the outside on the surronding skin I have small little red bumps all around it and it is all very itchy. I thought it was nothing and that it would go away eventually, but im sta
Weird belly button rash? Dermatology : I've tried cupping water to my belly button for like 30+ minutes and I get the same rash inside and around the belly button a. It's just red, and sometimes it's flakey and feels like a cut. If still the symptoms do not improve then pl
Normal to have a red bump on my bellybutton piercing QA : Ok so I have a red bump around my belly button ring The bump looks every couple months this small red bumps but they DO NOT HURT I Got My Lip
Red bumps on stomach/pelvis : Question: Red bumps on stomach/pelvis A few weeks ago, I noticed some small pink bumps starting near my belly button and continuing If they begin to bother you or if they get worse I would recommend you see your
What is a red itchy belly button about? : My belly button is red and itchy, what could this be? set up a yeast infection in the belly button and cause this to get red and smell bad and also Simply type your Answer in the box below and post your answer. itchy, range from some red bumps to larger (erasersize) lesions, have had for 2 to 3 weeks,
Itchy Belly Button : Looking for ways to get relief from itchy belly button? This may cause infection, irritation and itching. Skin disorders like eczema and skin hives may be other reasons behind red itchy belly button. Itchy Skin Causes &middot Itchy Scalp Remedies &middot Red Itchy Bumps All Over Body &middot Itchy Palms and Feet &middot Itchy Skin After Shower
Belly button rash · Skin Itching Rashes discussions : I just got a rash around my belly button the other night, exactly the same as you describe it red itchy bumps that do not hurt. Did your doctor ever mention the cause of the rash? Reply to this post. Useful post? /content/vote/?
Bump on my belly piercing : Theres this little bump around my belly ring and I dont know if its a keloid or not. which you do not want to do since navel piercings take a year to fully heal. True, overcleaning is bad, and will cause it to hurt and get all red
Painful lump/ball upper part of belly button : So to you all who work out intensely do so with care. In response to all the posts I too have a bump above my belly button. . and drain and the circumfrance around my belly button turned red and was extremely sore.
Red Marks Bump Above Belly Button After Tummy Tuck Doctor : This sounds very unusual and the story does not seem typical, Red bumps around the umbilicus could be due to Do you have a scar around your belly button?
Belly button discharge : Its itchy , and red lil bumps are there , and I think there is like discharge or . My belly button is red and it smells really bad it also has some yellow around the top.
Bothered by a Rash Around Your Belly Button? : Q: My belly button is itchy and crusty and sometimes oozes. These usually produce red, scaly, itchy patches. A common cause is an allergic reaction to metal, typically nickel, which can be a component of belly Whatever the bump, rash, or scar, Dr. Wu can provide professional, frank, helpful advice.
What are these little red spots on my belly? : But any anti iching cream should do the trick. im 5 weeks pregnant and have red spots on my belly and , can any tell me if this is
Theres a bump on my navel piercing : Ive had this bump on the bottom hole of my piercing for a few weeks I went to my piercer, who told me it was a keloid and what to do about it, Symptoms for infected piercings are: inflammation/red, sore, warm to means you have to hold the openend of the cup over your navel and against your body.