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It been about 2 monthes since I sprained my ankle Its still swollen a : I am a dancer and I started dancing after a week of spraining it. It been about 2 monthes since I sprained my ankle, Its still swollen and im in a lot of pain, what is going on? Kaitlyn101: 9 months ago Last edited at 3:23PM on 11/2/2012.
How long for swelling to subside after a sprain? (MRI fractures : Four weeks ago I sprained my ankle. I've had major swelling after an ankle sprain up to 7 weeks after the initail injury. Just ice it, and take it
Sprained my ankle almost 5 weeks ago and it's still swollen : Hi everyone, about 5 weeks ago I sprained my ankle€¦ Anyway, my ankle is still very swollen even after 5 weeks. I sprained my ankle 9 weeks ago I was offered crutches but dident take them the doc said it was fine to walk
I sprained my ankle 5 weeks ago it came up quickly But even now : Similar Questions: sprained ankle weeks ago quickly swollen ray showed my ankle after 9 weeks, should my foot and ankle still be swollen?
Why is my ankle still swollen after 12 weeks? : I severely sprained my ankle 12 weeks ago playing volleyball. I can walk just fine but still feel pain with several movements and my ankle is still swollen . my ankle after 9 weeks, should my foot and ankle still be swollen?
I sprained my ankle 4 months ago i still get pain and swelling : Similar Questions: sprained ankle months ago pain swelling normal knee If it persists for more than another week after trying a few of these
After a strained ankle how long can it be swollen? : I strained my ankle 4 weeks ago. It is still a little bit swollen but not really painful . The treatment of a sprain or strain is antiinflammatory medicines, rest,
Managing Ankle Sprains : Acute sprains will often result in pain and swelling around the outside of the ankle, . kick a football just 2 weeks after an ankle sprain while others have still been on crutches at 6 weeks. . I started running only a year
A case of the non : As I stepped on a rock my toes pointed downward, my ankle was rolled in and I This was follow by a lot of swelling and bruising both on the inside and outside of my ankle. After 6 weeks, I was still having pain in the posterior tibial ten
I sprained my ankle months ago and it still hurts? : A sprained ankle is the most common sports injury. within 6 weeks (This may vary depending on the degree of sprain and other can occur long after the pain felt from a sprained ankle has resided. reacts by producing pai
Sprained Ankle 7 weeks ago : I sprained my right ankle 7 weeks ago when I fell while walking Weeks go by swelling is down but there is pain and limited mobility in my right ankle. . Mine made me wait 3 months after my ankle injury before he would
The Sprained Ankle That Wont Heal : Problems with old sprains tend to fall into three categories: swelling, pain, and Its normal for a sprained ankle to swell, sometimes for four to six weeks, or longer . A tarsal coalition Residual pain in the sinus tarsi after the original sprain
How long to heal a sprained ankle? : GermanMickey 9 months ago How long does it take for a sprained and bruised ankle to heal? My brother, who actually hurt himself, took about a week. After chiropractic adjustments, wearing supportive braces (semirigid laced brace for I also still have some swelling present just underneath the fibular malleolus.
Sprained Ankle/Fracture : 9 weeks ago I fell from a 10 foot ladder landing all my weight (6 foot 260lbs) on Well my ankle still looks horrible, very swollen, some discoloration, so I went until I had an MRI probably 810 weeks after my fall happened.
The LongTerm Effects of Ankle Sprains : Ankle sprains are among the most common of diagnoses seen by physical A second clinical problem seen long after the initial ankle sprain is
how to fix a sprained ankle : this is my take on ankles. specifically sprained ankles. In a few days: walking, a week: walking properly and being able to . I like your advice and Ive been doing like that but the swollen hadnt gone away for more than 9 months ago. . sprain my ankle (have to look closely to see bruising after swelling
Grade 2 Ankle Sprain Pain After 12 Weeks : I sprained my ankle (grade 2) 12 weeks ago and I still get a dull aching pain (after When I first injured the ankle there was a large amount of swelling on both
sprained ankle still hurts after a year Topic Forums : hey, i sprained my ankle about a year ago, really badly during a bball but it started hurting about after a week in the middle of my foot. i tried to But the thing is that my foot is still very swollen, and I dont know what to do.
Anyone ever sprained/fractured foot or ankle need reassurance : My dad took me to ae where after a four hour wait and an ankle not bending foot or ankle as this was impossible due to swelling and . I fell off a ladder 9 weeks ago and fractured my 3rd and 5th metatrsals, dislocated my
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