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I have a 13 year old only child and mostly I feel €¦   I worry he will feel sad as an   adult (he loves being an only as a kid) when friends move on
Will my only child be ok ? : I have a 13 year old only child and mostly I feel €¦ I worry he will feel sad as an adult (he loves being an only as a kid) when friends move on
How do you feel being the only child was it OK or wished a sibling : How do you feel being the only child, was it OK or wished a sibling &middot Development We are trying to see if it's Ok for our son to be the only child. We love him so
Why It's Ok to Have Just One Child : I always intended to have two children, but when my son turned out to be with our decision, I've lost sleep worrying my son will grow up spoiled or lonely. After being asked the onlychild question too many times now, I've come up with
Will My Son Be OK If He's an Only Child? : No one will understand his mom's strange love of pasta with ketchup and butter or his dad's And I am considering him being my only child.
Only Child Adult : A brief and totally unscientific survey of only children in our neighbourhood reveals If you're genuinely OK about being an only child when you're young, the
Perspective On Growing Up As An Only Child? : I'm just wondering about the pros and cons of being an only child it would be It's one of the big reasons our daughter will continue to be an only child. I think men in general may be more okay with not having a sibling tha
Dr Phil Advice : Understand that an only child can have more problems with peer relationships and have a difficult time working with children his/her own age. You may want to
'Being an only child I felt like a foreigner' : But when Sabine Durrant was growing up, only children like her were seen as weird. At my Catholic primary school, the only other only was German, but I It will be interesting to see how many of these 3.7 millio
I feel guilty about having only one child What can I do? : Is it unfair to my son to raise him as an only child? I love being a mom, but I have some health issues and had a hard time with postpartum depression. . Its ok to have just one 3) Good Parenting is the bottomline 4) Having an
Are you an only child? Did you turn out OK? « Weddingbee Boards : He thinks being the only child is the way to be. 2 years ago. 9. 10,016 posts. Sugar Beekeeper. KatyElle. My husband was an only child and our daughter will be
21 Truths About Being An Only Child : 21 Truths About Being An Only Child. Sep. 27, 2012. By Ted Pillow info. Ted Pillows entirety can be revealed in a single sentence, but he accidentally sent us
My Only Child : My little girl just had her first birthday, and I cant imagine a happier occasion celebrating a As I am describing how great I feel about being my daughters mommy, inevitably I am My husband and I actually WANT to have an only child.
childdevelopment/onechildokayonlychildsyndrome : Yes, being an only child was all I knew, but still. I can safely say, based on my 41year longitudinal study of one subject, we do okay. We are
Dear Only Child Sharing your concerns : Only Child explores issues about raising, being and knowing an only child, and provides a forum OK, I should be used to it by now but Im not. My kid tries harder, which is more than I can say for a lot of kids with siblings.
Having an Only Child Does It Make Us Look Selfish? : Where do you draw the line between being selfish and having a life that allows you to be a content, Im an only child and I turned out okay€¦ I am an only child, and my husband and I only had one child, who is now 18.
Why being an only child is great : I grew up an only child, raised by my grandmother, who was also an only child. single parenting increases, as do economic woes €” not to mention an out saying, quite simply, that only children are OK, Sandler said.
Mo Children Mo Problems : Maybe, but Lauren Sandlers new book says thats okay. When I was around six years old, I begged my parents for a younger sister. One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One, when Contrary to the conventional wisdom, only children are not little emperors who
Kayley Kravitz In Favor of Being an Only Child : Being an only child taught me the most valuable skill of all: the ability to be alone. Sure, I had friends growing up, but I was just as content to sit in my bedroom I believe that I have the best of both worlds but I cant pretend to
Wendy Widom Why Having an Only Child Rocks : Yes, when my hubby and I grow old and get sick, she will have more . Speaking from experience, I will say this being an only child s.
Parents With Only One Kid Are Pretty Darn Selfish : Parents who choose to have only one child are just being selfish. Two is OK, but not, heaven forbid popping out 7 or 8. nor am i trying to tell you that everyone with multiple children will have this same problem. all my story