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The 5 Best Reasons For Buying The Xbox One Instead Of A PS4 : If you want to do P90x with your Xbox, you can do that. The Xbox One controller doesn't fix what isn't broken, but it builds on the now classic design Quantitywise, that's a little more to play with than on the PS4. chose to focus on TV and entertainment options in it

The 5 Best Reasons For Buying The PS4 Instead Of An Xbox One : The game runs at 1080p native on the Ps4, and 720 on the Xbox One €” some are saying that it's definitive evidence that Sony's . Xbox One will and has 1080P 60FPS games. . The Xbox controllers design is based on the original S

Xbox One release date and everything you need to know Pocket : Microsoft has also previously confirmed the Xbox One will support 4K so you will still have to control your TV box through your regular remote. You can run an application on the right or lefthand side of the It is exclu

Xbox One You Can Run a PS4 Through It If You Like : If you were so inclined, you could get your Xbox One together with a PS4, and on the right hand side you would have the ps4 running on the same tv . All new TV's normally have many hdmi ports so you really don't need to

Sony answers 160 questions about the PS4 : How do PS4's parental controls work? Can I Accessing entertainment, film, and TV services (Users must subscribe Will PS4 be able to automatically download system software updates? . MS confirm, Xbox One DLNA, CD playback

Call of Duty Ghosts to run at 720p future looks bleak for Xbox One : X1 does more and i am happy i won't have to switch sources for tv and crap, but at typical distances they look pretty decent, The same goes for anything else. Yep, BF4 on the PS4 runs at 900p but as the Xbox One has

Xbox One Beats PlayStation 4 : The average consumer does not know the difference between Windows RT and regular Windows 8. Both the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One run on x86 chips . The Xbox One has a solution for television navigation.

A sometimes true sometimes false history of the Xbox One and : Next week begins what many will consider the official roll out of The following week sees the debut of Microsoft's Xbox One. touted at E3 2013 that the PS4 could play secondhand and borrowed games, and deep TV programming

Xbox One vs PS4 : The Xbox One will have a bigger footprint under your TV Neither system will let you play your old (Xbox 360 or PS3) games Online Passes, which can restrict online or multiplayer portions of a game to the original owner.

Feature The Xbox One 33 things you need to know : EA: We have the best games of any publisher on Xbox One and PS4 Xbox Gold users will get free Xbox One games too details coming later in 2014 You can then leave it hunting and switch to something else, like TV or the web, w

Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4 in depth : fond of the PS2 and, to a lesser extent, the original PlayStation. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will pack eightcore AMD x86 CPUs which, which uses the Kinect and a projector to extend your TV display across an entire room. Ghosts will run natively at 1080p on the PS4 while the Xbox One will run it

Hands on Sony PS4 review : Hands on: Sony PS4 review The PlayStation 4 is finally here and ever to sit before a television, Sonys new console is two sleek slabs of Do note that since every Xbox One is packaged with the new Kinect, . The important thing is we have been able to play with it ourselves and can give you some

FaceOff Preview Battlefield 4 next : Digital Foundry compares Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Day one patches will no doubt be in the pipeline, but clearly this is a build in which where we determine that the Xbox One code is indeed running at 1280x720. . Multiplayer on PS4 sees a noticeable drop to the average

Can PS4 and Xbox One save console gaming? : Over the next two weeks, both the PS4 and Xbox One will finally launch, but I think theyll be impressive, cool consoles and Im excited to play them as a to purchase a new console that much harder for the average person. went to see high quality television just like you used to go to your Xbox, PS3,

PS4 vs XBOX One Which Console is Right For You? Digital Landing : The PS4 vs Xbox One battle will continue into the next year, but as of now, With game sharing, other users on your system may also play any games the normal Internet browser) without PlayStation Plus, while the new Xbox an HDMI feed from other devices, letting you watch TV, connect to your PC,

3 Reasons the PlayStation 4 Will Outsell the Xbox One (MSFT : The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches are right around the corner. The PlayStation 4 version will run at a resolution of 1080p, the same as almost all Even if it did it will introduce input lag and normal lag. . Next to that without having a 4K $3000 TV set you arent going to notice that much of a

Xbox One price release date DRM controller specs Kinect news : The Xbox One will ship in the UK on the 22nd of November, exactly eight It will go headtohead with the PS4 over the holiday season, which . One of the problems with the original Kinect was the amount of room it required to work, with TV (as long as you have your settop box fed through your Xbox).

Editorial The Xbox One : Sonys PlayStation 2 was well behind the original Xbox and Nintendos If i had a game on the Xbox One, and the PS4 version ran at 1080p while i had . Cable TV Service Integration sounds nice but does not add value and

Xbox One : It will directly compete with Sonys PlayStation 4 and Nintendos Wii U as part of . The Xbox One will support HDMI 1.4 for both input and output, and does not . that the Xbox One would work in tandem with existing TV providers, but that