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How to fix a stuck Windows Update? : Windows Update always gets stuck at 13%, fails to install updates or rolls back on . XP by handing a $50 carrot to people who buy a new Windows 8.1 device.

Windows 8 1 Update Hangs at 62% [Solved] Download : After going through hell to manually update my computer and many failed download attempts I finally have gotten my Windows 8.1 download to actually work.

What to do if Windows 8 1 Setup stops responding : If you're using Upgrade Assistant or a DVD to upgrade to Windows 8.1, and the Setup here are some possible causes and things you can try to fix the problem.

Windows 8 1 Update Stuck on Applying Changes : My Windows 8.1 update is stuck on APPLYING CHANGES 63%. Hasn't moved in over an hour. Anyone else have this problem?

WIndows 8 1 Update Stuck on APPLYING CHANGES : Went to do the Windows 8.1 update today and it has been stuck on APPLYING CHANGES (63%) for over an hour. Any suggestions?

Wait While Windows 8 1 Downloads Installs (Step 5 of 15) : Step 5: Wait while the Windows Store downloads and installs the Windows 8.1 update. Page 5.

The sorry state of Windows 8 1 Update 1 : If you're hoping for some relief with Windows 8.1 Update 1, you're in for Update ) builds to see that Microsoft's still stuck in the old Windows 8

My Frustrating Upgrade To Windows 8 1 : Update Thurs at 12:15 ET: Win 8.1 is finally working on my laptop, but not My desktop PC is still stuck in Windows 8.0 and I'm feeling a bit too

Windows 8 1 update stuck ? : I just got a new hp computer, not even a day old and I decided to You probably know this, but the windows 8.1 update only works with microsoft

8 1 Laptop Stuck on Checking for updates : Turned on my laptop earlier, and tried checking for updates. Saw around 250MB worth of updates, clicked install, and Windows Update locked

Fix Windows 8 1 hangs or freezes : Home &gt Windows 8.1 &gt Fix: Windows 8.1 hangs or freezes If you dont know where to get drivers, check on Windows Update. If you dont find

My Windows 8 desktop is stuck on updating : My HP Windows 8 desktop has been stuck on updates for hours and I . After an automatic update on windows 8.1 pc is doing rolling restarts.

Stuck in windows 8 1 boot loop : Here is what happened. I had Windows 8 Pro working fine and everything, one day it asked me to upgrade to windows 8.1 through the windows

Windows 8 1 problems and how to beat them : The problem is so severe that Microsoft has decided to pull the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store. Many users have been unable

After update Im stuck in Windows 8 1 blackscreen Spect : Since it came out, I have been happily using Windows 8.1 until two days ago. Using Windows Update, I updated some optional drivers and got

Microsoft Offers Free Tool for Consumers Stuck on Windows XP : Microsofts upgrade page includes a link to the Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which are free programs that users can run

Solved Windows 8 1 update : So, I started trying to update 8 to 8.1 from Windows Store. It went ok there, rebooted, installed and it got somewhat stuck around 83% during

Windows Updates stuck at 0 KB Total 0% Downloaded : After I installed Windows 8 I started having the 0 KB Total, 0% Downloaded issue while attempting to update, sometimes it does work, but. Posts : 6,971. Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center. USA us virginia

Fix Problems While Installing or Upgrading to Windows 8 1 : Windows 8.1 is an update for Windows 8 and the code base of both operating systems is PROBLEM 1: Windows 8.1 Update is Not Shown in Windows 8 Store.