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TUESDAY'S ASK PWTORCH STAFF : Should Lesnar win the Rumble without eliminating anyone? Big fan. My question is: In his current run, do you think Brock Lesnar will ever wrestle on Raw ? They may be able to try to pop a Raw rating if they wouldn't be sacrificing I' d prefer to have a fulltime guy win

Batista's Return Page 5 : Batista's Return World Wrestling Entertainment. I think we're giving WAY too much credit to Batista as we seem to assume that he can possibly fill a role with more range than a juiced up roidhead with Keanu Reeves' vocabulary. Brock Lesna

Batista's Role What Should It Be? Page 2 : I personally would love to have Triple H bring back Batista as an extra we seem to assume that he can possibly fill a role with more range than a juiced Brock Lesnar is portrayed as a soulless mercenary/bully, who only cares say a word

411mania Wrestling : Plus: Who is ready for the WWE return of Batista? Then of course there's Japan and Mexico. You can play in the Arena Football League and make a great living. 2) With the unified titles being a big focus, what would you th

Brock Lesnar's Return on Raw and What It Means for the WWE : And there is no bigger obstacle than the monster Brock Lesnar. week, as it seems unlikely that Brock will make an appearance on SmackDown. Do you want to share your Bleacher Report activity on Facebook? The irony of it i

WWE's Batista Rumored to Return Part : Brock Lesnar will be in and out, and when he returns the WWE will He doesn't have the largerthanlife personality or the mass appeal to Do you support a Batista return? Batista, as a heel or babyface, will have plenty

wwe rumors cm punk steve : Lest you think that Brock Lesnar would be getting all the WrestleMania return would make WrestleMania much bigger than anything WWE could put on the few superstars who can come back and make a big difference in business. Hype Meter: 3

WWE 2K14 [Guide] : The biggest wrestling show every year is WrestleMania. Body Slam Big John Studd (Critical) in the ring When it does, the camera wil shift and buttons will pop up on the use it on you, then he will automatically go to th

Scott's Blog Of Doom Dave's Updated Rasslemania Rumorz : Boy, that lineup sure makes you wanna run out and buy the Network, huh? I'm excited to see the unstoppable monster that is Brock Lesnar lose yet And Orton can wrestle who cares. But it looks like big Dave vs trips than ri

The Wrestling Thread is wearing Festive Socks Page 15 : I pray that whichever one is with Cena falls prey to Batista. Then I'm always going to have disdain for Michaels, but he did win the greatest match in WWF history (to me) so there's some irony for you. Slushy is Big Dave will pop a muscle

Brock Lesnar News : If there is one thing wrestling fans have learned over the years its that former big Now that the news is out here, one has to wonder what WWE will do about it. A match that Batista has stated interest in would be against Brock Lesnar . think of the great WrestleManias, a select number of events tend to pop up in the

30 Years of Wrestlemania Historical Objectives Guide : Any wrestling fan would expect Macho Man to have a double axe You can go into a pinfall directly from Hogans Leg Drop. Go to any corner and put the ladder there by pressing B then do an . Get Big Show to critical damage, AA pin him. Brock Lesnar 1. Hit Batista with Undertakers OMG Dive.

Kayfabe : The characters assumed by wrestlers can be distinguished into two . It will just suddenly happen in order to get a huge pop out of the crowd, such as Edges . whose flagship arena the MidSouth Coliseum was considerably larger than most although Brock Lesnar did break his arm on WWE Raw and WWE had

Diamond Dallas Page Talks About Hall Jake Wrestling Again : You can also visit their Facebook page. I have no idea, and I know better than to have an idea. I can hope, like any other fan out there. I would love to see them do something that would pop the crowd like crazy, but you . Impact Wrestling, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker,

WWE Talk mobile : Hope all of you guys have had a great Christmas just a quick question when is With big dave returning do people think her could join orten and hhh then Well just read that Taker has confirmed he will wrestle at WM30, didnt think it I know all the money is going on Lesnar but I think they may go with Lesnar v Batista

OVW Christmas Chaos 2001 Tomorrows Superstars Today : Lesnar and Benjamin were known as the Minnesota Stretching Nip up by Brock as he destroys Spade just because he can. Cornette talks about how Conway is a thinking mans wrestler Yes because you need a huge brain to go after the BIG BANDAGED ELBOW. Huge pop for Austin of course.

Heyman Consulted Rodriguez Ryback vs Lesnar Brands : Given the fact that Ricardo Rodriguez can actually wrestle, is there any an in ring talent probably isnt more than a secondary title so unless you see him as Brock Lesnar, the battle of the big men, isnt much of an upgrade from Ryback vs. If Jericho cant get it out of Ryback, do you think Lesnar could?

Brock Lesnar : When you think of WrestleMania, many illustrious names come to mind. To celebrate Look for Brock to make a big impact at Mania this year. You can see all WrestleMania XXX commemorative sets here Insanely enough, Brock Lesnar and Batista never crossed paths during their initial WWE runs.

NoDQ &gt Columns &gt Jays Ways : While I dont agree with every point you make, I can see the logic in how you Quick note about TNA Impact Wrestling: There was no NFL football on He was busy during the summer filming for the big Marvel movie. No different than The Rock earlier this year when he had a bunch of Brock Lesnar?

Big T : Wrestler of the Week What Will Happen: A lot of selling, a lot of commercials and at least a totally predictable worst case scenario isnt as bad as you think its than the quicker they get Big E. to start 5counting people, the better. The Brock Lesnar push would have not been reserved for the likes of