Animal lovers, from around the world, have shared snaps of unlikely furry friends.

In one snap, believed to have been taken in the UK, a giraffe gave raccoon a kiss.

In another, taken in South Carolina, a tiny duckling posed with a dog on a sofa.

Animal lovers from around the world have been sharing the adorable snaps of the unlikely furry friends who will melt your heart.

From an ostrich napping with a baby elephant in Kenya to a raccoon and a Chihuahua hugging, Bored Panda have collated the cutest pictures of the pairings in an online gallery.

In one snap, taken by a pet owner in South Carolina, a duckling posed alongside a pooch.

People from around the world have shared pictures of unlikely animal friendships on Bored Panda, with one pet owner, from South Carolina, sharing this heart-melting picture of his dog next to his duckling friend

Meanwhile in another, believed to be taken in the UK, a small cat cuddled up with  best friend: a dog with a conic collar.

Another person, from Ohio, snapped this picture of a happy piglet snuggling up on a blanket with his fawn friend
Cuddling up! One pet lover, from New York, managed to capture the moment their two-month-old chihuahua Lundy, made friends with one of its resident pigeons
Piggy back! One raccoon and a chihuahua hugged warmly for an adorable picture capturing their unlikely friendship
Kiss me quick! A giraffe, living in captivity in the UK, dipped her head put of her enclosure to give this raccoon a smooch

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