On Monday, Barrett, 48, wore a $425 fuchsia pink dress from British brand The Fold, which targets its designs at 'modern, professional women'.

She paired it with a pearl necklace and a pair of pale pink pointed-toe heels.

On Tuesday, she opted for another vibrant color, arriving at the hearing in a bold red skirt suit made from a tweed-style fabric.

Stylist Gayle Perry told it that Barrett was trying to emphasize her 'femininity' with the outfit choices - particularly the colors and shapes.

Perry explained that Garrett struck the 'perfect balance' between highlighting her feminine side and staying true to her conservative roots.

She added that Barrett chose some 'alluring' aspects, including her three-quarter length sleeves, and her hemlines.

The colors, Perry noted, also helped Barrett to stand out in a room of dark suits, but without making her look as though she was being too showy.

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett may have done a great deal of talking during the first two days of her confirmation hearing - but she also allowed her outfits to make a serious statement, particularly when it came to appealing to her fellow women.

The 48-year-old's choice of vibrant, bold colors and elegant silhouettes for both days of the hearing was an intentional move to remind the public of her femininity, and to make clear that she is a 'woman who represents women', style expert Gayle Perry told it.

While abortion rights and questions about her personal Catholic beliefs dominated the second day of the hearing, Barrett took steps to ensure that she struck the 'perfect balance' between highlighting her feminine figure while remaining true to her conservative roots, Perry said, pointing to her knee-length hemlines and three-quarter length sleeves as examples of this.

Sending a message: A style expert has revealed how Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett dressed to emphasize her femininity during her confirmation hearings

'I think the goal was for Amy to make a statement of femininity,' the fashion stylist explained of Barrett's outfit choices. 'But also the style is very classic. It's not too risky, it's very appropriate. The hem is just perfect.'

According to Perry, the choice of a three-quarter length sleeve for both days of the hearing was incredibly significant, noting that this is a tip she often gives women in a professional setting, who want to appear respectful, while also amplifying their feminine side.

Sending a message: A style expert has revealed how Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett dressed to emphasize her femininity during her confirmation hearings

'I always recommend that women roll up their sleeve because that's a very alluring part of a woman's body; it's showing some skin, but not too much,' she said, adding that Jackie Kennedy Onassis often used this styling trick.

'It's almost sexier than being booby. It's a very alluring part of the body and on all body types too. It doesn't matter what your body type is, you can show that area and it will look alluring.'

Balance: According to stylist Gayle Perry, the 48-year-old struck the 'perfect balance' between showing an 'alluring' amount of skin, while also appearing 'appropriate' and 'conservative'

But Barrett's choice of 'sexy' sleeve length was not about impressing any men in or outside of the hearing, but rather reminding everyone that she is a woman who other women can 'rely on', Perry suggested.

'I think she wanted to stand out and say, "I'm bringing femininity here but you can count of me and rely on me. You can count of me to be here and take care of women,"' the fashion expert said.

The color choices for both days were also carefully thought-out, Perry believes, telling it that, while they were bold and vibrant, they stopped short of being too excessive or bright.

In other words, the colors drew attention to Barrett, and helped her to stand out in a dark room filled mostly with people wearing dark suits, but didn't make her look as though she was desperate to being the central focus at all times.

'She wanted to stand out against the dark suits in the room but not in too flagrant a way,' the style pro observed.

'[Barrett] kept it toned back so as to pay mind to her conservative ideology. I'm still a woman I'm representing women but I'm being appropriate.'

Wearing such bright colors was also an opportunity for Barrett to send a message of 'hope' to the public amid the pandemic, with the 'toned back' shades ensuring that she also appeared duly respectful of the somber times.

'I think choosing a color like that is very optimistic and hopeful during a very challenging time, obviously,' Perry said. 'She is saying, "The future is bright, and so am I."'

Addressing Barrett's individual style choices for the two days of the hearing, Perry noted that in both cases, the Supreme Court nominee has aimed to strike a 'balance' in so far as representing both a conservative point of view and a feminine image.

The $425 pink dress she chose for day one, for example, was a more figure-hugging style than her second ensemble, however it featured a longer hemline.

'I found it to be the perfect balance,' Perry said.

The detailing on the neckline and chest of the dress was also another subtle reminder to the people in the room around her, and the general public, that Barrett is a 'stylish woman' who has the same interests and fashion interests as other women like her.

'I think that shows a bit of style, but it's still very appropriate,' the fashion expert added, pointing out that the detail serves to draw some attention, without looking out-of-place or extravagant.

Meanwhile, the red skirt suit was baggier and less form-fitting, allowing Barrett to be a bit more risque with her hemline, which rose above the knee, showing off the SCOTUS pick's bare legs and her chic, but sensible heels.

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