Barcelona have been in turmoil on pitch and at boardroom level for months.

Under-fire Josep Bartomeu could resign along with entire Barcelona board.

Vote of no confidence could take place but there are health issues around it.

Some at club want delay as many of the board are vulnerable to coronavirus.

Under-siege Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu and the club's entire board could resign today in protest at the government allowing a vote of no confidence against them to go ahead.

The Covid-19 situation is worsening by the day in Catalonia, and many of the club's members who would vote on November 1 and 2 are categorised as vulnerable. In total, 800 club members have died of coronavirus since March.

The board of directors are meeting on Monday to approve the club's financial plan for the 2019-20 season and budget for next season. But Bartomeu may propose to those present that he and everyone on the board tender their resignations en masse if no delay is granted for the vote, according to Sport.

Josep Bartomeu and the Barcelona board could resign today at the meeting of directors

Spain has declared a six-month 'state of alarm', delegating emergency responsibilities to the Catalan region for that period, and a curfew has been imposed in the city among other stricter measures.

Citizens in the region have been told to stay at home and yet there has been approval for the vote of no confidence to take place on November 1 and 2.

Ronald Koeman's Barcelona lost El Clasico at the weekend are still in turmoil off the pitch too

Barcelona sent a letter to the region's Secretary of Sports on Sunday asking for a postponement, and the crux of the matter is how the members are supposed to travel in for a vote when everyone else in Barcelona has been told to stay at home.

Many of those voting are in the vulnerable category over the age of 60.

Lionel Messi and Co will await news of the vote of no confidence, with much to be decided

If the Generalitat de Catalunya stand firm with November 1 and 2 as the dates to vote, Bartomeu is willing to propose a mass resignation today.

A club source told Sport: 'We will not be complicit in this nonsense. People's lives are more important, because there will always be time to vote.'

Bartomeu is waiting to find out if the date for the vote on November 1 and 2 is upheld

Another issue is that the green light must be given to the financial proposals presented at today's meeting of directors.

There is not yet a date in the diary for this and a mass resignation would render it impossible.

And yet the meeting could well be the last this board have together. At midnight, the deadline for the club to announce the vote officially on November 1 and 2 expires so the muddied waters should soon become more clear.

The club have been in turmoil on the pitch and at boardroom level in recent months with the key moment being Barcelona's 8-2 humiliation by Bayern Munich in last season's Champions League.

Their woes continued at the weekend with a 3-1 defeat by Real Madrid in El Clasico and the financial outlook is also bleak.

Bartomeu has predicted up to three years of problems to follow after the club doubled their debt and posted a loss of £90m.

According to reports in Spain, the president wants to cut 25 per cent of the club's wage bill in his final few months as president in order to help Barcelona get through the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Several Barcelona players signed a letter saying they will not negotiate with the current board over new contract, though Gerard Pique still went ahead and signed the new four-year deal until 2024.

Pique signed on terms with a 50 per cent pay cut leading to talk of a dressing room split but he has insisted he has the backing of team-mates.

Bartomeu was already under fire from his handling of the Lionel Messi saga this summer with the club legend eventually agreeing to stay this season despite pushing for an exit. The club president was subjected to huge criticism from both players and fans and the handling of Luis Suarez's departure to Atletico Madrid was also a point of contention.

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