Jessica recently had surgery to remove nine litres of silicone oil removed from her legs and feet which travelled from her bottom.

She is still having issues with swelling which is made worse when she eats.

The TV star, 37, told MailOnline she has been self-medicating with steroid injections to ease the pain of the swelling.

But on Thursday, she could no longer feel her arm and has a possible infection.

Jessica Alves was pictured being helped into an ambulance before being rushed to hospital in Milan on Thursday after suffering paralysis in her arm.

Talking to MailOnline while waiting to see a doctor, Jessica admitted her arm was possibly now infected as a result of self-medicating with steroid injections.

Jessica, 37, said: 'My feet and legs are swollen. I injected myself in the arm over the weekend and I've had an allergic reaction.

'My arm is paralysed': Jessica Alves was rushed to hospital in Milan on Thursday after injecting herself with steroids which she uses to stop her limbs from hurting when they swell up

'Every time I eat since my recent surgery, my limbs swell up and it hurts - the steroid injections help. I was due to fly to London today but now I can't go.'

Jessica has been swollen since the nine litres of silicone oil she had put into her bottom travelled down her legs and feet.

SOS! The TV star was helped into an ambulance after admitting she was in agony after suffering a bad reaction and a possible infection

She had some of the solution removed in a painful operation, but she has been suffering from swelling since which is exacerbated when she eats things like pork.

Jessica has also been feeling under the weather since undergoing her twelfth nose job in recent weeks.

Suffering: Following her recent surgery, Jessica's body is swollen, made worse when she eats - and she has been self-medicating with steroids to ease the pain

She was also left with a hole in her chin after having filler on top of her chin implant which got infected.

Jessica was feeling in better spirits the night before, when she  enjoyed a solo dinner at Savini's restaurant in Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star, turned heads as she slipped into a form-fitting black jumpsuit, which drew attention to her cleavage.

Highlighting her curvaceous figure, the social media sensation styled her one-piece with a thick waist belt by Gucci.

Jessica, formerly known as The Human Ken Doll, boosted her frame in pointed heels, while carrying her essentials in a quilted handbag.

Earlier this month, the blonde was seen packing on the PDA as she shared a kiss with her plastic surgeon and ex-beau Giacomo Urtis.

She has often been snapped with Giacomo and has visited his clinic in Milan several times. However the star told MailOnline they're just pals and not dating.

Speaking with MailOnline, the TV star said explained how she has been close friends with Giacomo for years.

The media personality shared: 'We are great close friends. Three years ago we had a relationship that led to a strong friendship and last year we recorded a song together, Plastic World, that became a hit in Italy and Spain and we are always supporting each other.

'It has been one year now that I started my transition and Giacomo has always been very supportive.

'We had left a hair salon together and walked to a restaurant for lunch with friends. He was adjusting my top and looked at my face and said that I was beautiful and gave me a kiss.

'We tried a relationship before and it didn’t work now we are just close friends.'

Looking to the future, Jessica said: 'I am looking for a man who totally the opposite of me who isn’t into plastic surgery and likes different things who can add on something new to my life.'

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