Roy Hodgson was left fuming after a handball decision cost his side defeat.

Crystal Palace were beaten by Everton with Richarlison scoring from the spot.

After a VAR review, referee Kevin Friend pointed for a penalty after a handball.

Joel Ward was standing just two yards away from Lucas Digne when he handled.

Palace defender's left arm was also held in a natural position at time of impact.

The controversial new handball law caused even more anger in the Premier League on Saturday night.

Roy Hodgson accused the law makers of 'killing the game' after his Crystal Palace side became the latest team to concede a controversial spot-kick.

And West Bromwich boss Slaven Bilic was left fuming as Chelsea's last-gasp equaliser in their 3-3 draw at the Hawthorns was preceded by a Kai Havertz handball, though it was not penalised.

Roy Hodgson was left fuming after a handball decision cost Crystal Palace defeat on Saturday

Former Premier League referee and Mail on Sunday expert Chris Foy judged both decisions to be correct.

Joel Ward was controversially penalised for handball which lead to Everton's winning penalty

Palace benefited from a handball penalty at Manchester United last week, given against Victor Lindelof, before Tottenham's Matt Doherty was also penalised when the ball ricocheted against his arm.

On Saturday referee Kevin Friend awarded a penalty against Joel Ward which Richarlison converted to earn early-season league leaders Everton a 2-1 win at Selhurst Park.

The ball struck Ward on the arm in the penalty area after Lucas Digne's headed knockdown

Everton's Lucas Digne had headed the ball into the box, it hit Ward and Friend pointed to the spot after reviewing the incident on the pitch-side monitor.

Even though the contact was accidental and Ward appeared to be moving his arm away from the ball, he was punished as Friend deemed the position of his arm had made his body unnaturally bigger.

Referee Kevin Friend awarded a penalty to Everton after a lengthy pitchside VAR review

Hodgson said: 'I think the rules are nonsense. And I can't understand how we in football have allowed this rule to come into operation. It's ruining football.'

The Palace boss added: 'These days we're in a situation where we can't understand what is a handball and what isn't. It's an absolute nonsense, I don't want to profit form it or lose to it, there's no doubt it's killing the game.

'I don't want to profit from it or lose to it, but there's no doubt it's killing the game. I will predict what will happen: people will be flicking balls on to people's hands and screaming for handball.

'And if you think that's going to make the game better, then good luck to you.

'A really good game of football was killed by the decision today. I'm talking about referees too, I don't blame referees because he's got to give it because it's what he's been told to do.

'I thought we were good last week and good this week, we've really started well. We've got no points to show for it but I have no criticism for our performance at all.

'Instead we find ourselves discussing something we don't want to. Instead I have to make bold statements which I will make absolutely no apology for.'

Foy replied: 'The accusation that was constantly being levelled at referees was that they weren't consistent — well, the one thing this change of law has produced is consistency. Referees have been nothing but consistent.

'Roy Hodgson's point that clever players will now try to win penalties is an irrelevance for referees. All they do when they go on to the pitch is apply the laws and apply them consistently and that's what we now have.'

Palace defender Ward said: 'It is [confusing]. When you look at the motion and the momentum [of players], it's very hard to play with your arms behind your back.'

Bilic said of the Havertz incident: 'The handball was so clear. I do not even want to talk about it because it is not a maybe or a possibly. It is a handball.

'That is end of story, full stop. How people can say that is not a handball is beyond me.'

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