Roy Jones Jr is set to step back into the ring to fight Mike Tyson next month.

The 51-year-old says 'anything can happen to you' when you get hit by Tyson.

Jones Jr says he's even prepared to die and would 'go a happy man' if it happened.

Jones Jr has been praised by many for his incredible training regime in build-up.

Roy Jones Jr has claimed he is prepared to die in his mouthwatering comeback fight with boxing legend Mike Tyson next month.

The 51-year-old has not stepped in the ring for over two years, but that is dwarfed by 54-year-old Tyson, who has not climbed through the ropes since he retired in 2005.

Despite that, Jones Jr is well aware of the threat Tyson poses and it appears he is not taking things lightly.

Roy Jones Jr said he is prepared to die in his fight with Mike Tyson while speaking this week

'You get hit by Mike Tyson, anything can happen to you,' he told Joe Rogan on his podcast. 'Mike Tyson is not just an ordinary puncher.

They will clash in an exhibition bout on November 28 after the original date was pushed back

'I love boxing, so if I've gotta die boxing I'm gonna die a happy man. There's other ways I'd rather go, but if I went that way I'm not mad at that.'

Jones has been working hard in training, recruiting Brit Chris Eubank Jr to help him prepare for the fight on November 28.

Jones Jr has been praised for his incredible hard work during the preparations for the fight

In a promotional clip released earlier this week, Eubank praised Jones Jr's incredible mentality: 'It's a crazy atmosphere, but crazy is what breeds excellence in this sport.

'And that's what Roy is, he's no ordinary trainer, and he is the best trainer I've ever had.'

British boxer Chris Euabnk Jr has been training with Jones Jr in America to help him prepare

Former IBF super-lightweight champion Zab Judah also features and credits Jones Jr then helping him become a 'champion'.

Tyson then adds his praise for Jones: 'All great fighters can't be great trainers, it takes a very special person to be a great trainer.'

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