People from all over the world have shared terrible pictures of animals in the wild.

Snaps were gathered in Facebook group dedicated to bad wildlife photography.

One snap shows a raccoon stuck in a hole with half of his body sticking out.

People from all over the world have been gleefully sharing the terrible wildlife pictures of animals they have taken.

From a raccoon stuck in a hole to a frog in a sink in Michigan, amateur photographers have delighted with their mishaps.

The pictures were shared on Facebook group C*** Wildlife Photography, which celebrates bad snaps taken from the wild, and resurfaced on Bored Panda.

Fending off the fans! A woman from Florida snapped this funny picture of an exasperated-looking owl

Snaps include a close up of a common fly stuck in a fence and a parrot can be seen spreading its legs on a fence.

The photographer behind this hilarious snap explained the elk began to sniff the deer just as she took the picture
In Idaho, a mother explained she photographed this poor fly after it got caught in her kids' trampoline. She then helped it free itself
In Belgium, a seagull was spotted walking around the seafront with a piece of toast stuck around her beak

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