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10 Surveys In Local Area About Business Entities

How do I start a small business in India?

For those would be businessman who donot have any business background need to change the way they think. I will tell why and how.In India most of the businesses are seasonal in nature. Businesses directly or indirectly related to clothes, footwear, cosmetics, travel,toys , vehicles, transportation etc record good sales from Feb- May and Aug- Oct. Rest of months record dull sales. Businesses related to infrastructure like cement, steel, bricks, paints etc record good sales after monsoon.Likewise, other businesses in India face seasonality in one way or other.Hence, if a erstwhile salaried person starts a business in dull season , lack of good sales has a discouraging effect on them. They tend to wind up. Moreover, being a salaried person, one links every thing in his life on monthly basis. Groceries monthly basis, monthly mobile recharge, monthly school fees, monthly installments, i mean to say every thing is monthly as our salary comes on monthly basis. Then one day we go to start to a business and expect monthly income that too a decent one. So at our end we have to change that mindset and link it to seasonality. Start a business even in dull season and wait for season to come …till then survive. That’s why it is said that any business needs 4–5 years to succeed as you have got 5–6 oppurtune times to record good sales.Once that is set in your mind you may start your business.Registration of your business :Form a firm or company. Get trade license, get business specific clearances if required, get VAT, get service tax registration and you are ready to go.Start with trading. Either offline or online. As you desire. Though trading has low margins but liquidity is high. Raw materials and finished goods have high liquidity. You can always sell them at any point of time and recover your investment or major part of investment.But investing in machine to manufacture has its own cons. Your technology may be obsolete by the time you are expecting good sales i mean after 3–4 years of starting off. You have to give your time to running of your factory, managing employees. What matters is selling and selling. Once your firms has started getting good sales you may start manufacturing.I THINK MY ANSWER IS ADEQUATE GIVEN THE KIND OF QUESTION ASKED. IF YOU ASK ME TO ANSWER FOR SOME SPECIFIC INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT I WILL DEFINITELY ANSWER IN MORE SPECIFIC WAY.

If you wanted to start a commercial cleaning business, what method is most appealing?

You've kind of answered your own question.Each of the options you've listed are just different business models. The one you pick should correspond to your business acumen and cash you have to get started.Less cash + more business skill = start from scratch. You can bootstrap the company, do all the work yourself until you're successful enough to hire helpers.Some cash + some skill = franchise. It costs a bit more to get started, but they provide you a proven model and some knowledge about how to get off to a good start.More cash + less skill = buy an existing company. You're paying for a fully functional, profit generating model. The PO will likely provide some early training to get you off to a good start. You just need to “keep doing what they did” and you should be fine.Obviously, the more cash and skill you have will help ensure any of the above models will be more successful .I also usually add another business model for no skills + no cash = MLM. Most people are not fans of MLM, but it's really just another business model with low barrier to entry and a detailed path to success.Good luck, and have fun with it!

What is the best ways to make money by a 10th pass out?

Every entrepreneur is eager to generate wealth out of his/her business entity then why not a kid! Today, kids are smarter enough to think about various ways to earn money quickly while studying.If you are a kid with enough talent, strength & entrepreneurial spirit then you can easily start earning money through various ways that can pay you for your handsome efforts. Here are 10 simple ways for any child to make real cash offline:(1) Get Paid For Pet Sitting Services(2) Get Paid For Baby Sitting Services(3) Get Paid For House Sitting Services(4) Start Growing Vegetables For Money(5) Teach Others To Use Electronics(6) Start Your Own Handicraft Business(7) Get Paid For Your Outdoor Cleaning Services(8) Get Paid For Assisting Elderly Persons(9) Recycle Cans To Earn Money(10) Ask Your Parents For A Bigger AllowanceYou may find more details at following link: 10 Simple Ways For Any Child To Make Real Cash Offline | GetUpWiseHowever, I would like to recommend you the entire section at on money making making strategies that can be performed either online or offline. You can select the most suitable one for you. Here is the link: Money Archives | GetUpWise

Why is Ticket scalping a criminal offense when other commodities are sold on demand the same way?

Why is ticket scalping a criminal offense Verse a civil offense? when no crime exist because supply and demand is part of business practice for centuries. The Civil entity exist because you are not license to resell "their" product under different conditions therefore it should be civil and not criminal. Every Christmas when Sony or Microsoft puts out another console game, supply and demand flood the market increasing the value of those items x10 on occasions. Sporting and Entertainment events are no different. Its does not hurt the fans because they are buying it, it does not hurt the vendor because they have already made their money on the initial ticket purchase, it does hurt the local tax base but so does all supply and demand transactions that any given sunday you can find in the want ad sections of your local newspaper so again why is ticket scalping a criminal and not civil offense?

What is the difference between an inter-company and a subsidiary? Or how do they relate?

It sounds like you are involved in consolidation month end close. If an organization is made up of several legal entities, and let's assume for simplicity we are talking about wholly owned companies (i.e. the stock issued is wholly owned by the parent company), and since each legal entity should have its own financials, at month end, there may be intercompany accounts between the parent company and the subsidiaries and intercompany accounts between the subsidiaries. You are preparing financials for consolidated group on a GAAP basis (assumes US accounting rules) either on an accrual or cash basis.

Intercompany means transactions that occur between related parties (parent/subsidiary or subsidiary to subsidiary). A subsidiary generally describes ownership structure for a legal entity (company). There's a parent (company that is traded publicly) and the subsidiary (company that is owned by the parent).

Is a cow considered a natural resource? 10 pts best answer! =)?

i would have to agree....never really thought about it before. cows are a renewable natural resource. along with other animals..chickens, farm raised fish, pigs etc

I have an interview with USH advisors and i cant seem to find any info on them, anybody know something?

They appear to be an insurance company. I got this from linkedin:
"..... goal is to help secure the health and financial security of individuals, families and the self employed. We do this by helping people custom design personal insurance plans (Health, Life, Disability, Supplement) to fit their situation and budget. By working with a number of different options and leaders in their fields we can help find the solution our customer desires. We can also show them how to take advantage of tax plans like HSA and HRA plans to help them cover their medical related expenses. The small buiness owner gets access to discounts for services that assist them in the areas of human resources, merchant services, shipping, marketing and much more."