12 Ferrari Cx-10 Boys

Which is better in general?Lambo or ferrari?

Lamborghini has 2 cars out right now. the Huracan and the Aventador. each may have some variants like the Veneno but ultimately it's 2 base models.

Ferrari on the other hand has the California, 458, F12, FF, and LaFerrari. they cover a much wider high end sports car range and have better technology than Lamborghini.

Personally I love Lamborghini for their looks but right now, Ferrari has more and better cars.

Car Insurance for Teenage Boy?

TBH that's the best you going to get for a new young driver, he has no experience, and it's cheaper for girls, cause boys are more likely to speed and show off, hence the term "boy racers". It does suck that there are geniune decent young drivers out there.

Question: “Have you ever rented a Ferrari?”Yes. But I should qualify that. My son rented one for me as a present. That was understandable. Growing up with me as a parent had to turn him into a car guy.It was one of these.It was a Ferrari F430.It had, I have to admit, a lovely exhaust note. But now I am going to upset a lot of Ferrari fan boys. I was not impressed…at least not enough to ever consider buying one. When driven anywhere near legal speeds the Ferrari was not noticeably better than my own car.Its was less exciting to drive than my friend’s new Corvette. I did not like its handling as much as I did the Porsche I drove the last time I enrolled in a high performance driving course. The fit and finish, and especially the interior, I thought to be below standard for the price point. And the car was much less visceral than my son’s V10 Viper. As I said, it was a nice car, but I was not impressed.Now I have reason to believe that if I had had a hundred hours of experience with this car and then took it to track day, my evaluation would have been very different. My son frequently rents Ferraris and Lamborghinis and plays with them on closed airport runways and drives them at high triple digit speeds on desert highways in the Middle East. He asserts that at those speeds, closing in on 200 mph, those Ferraris feel a lot more stable than your Honda does at 60. And having had to put the brakes on hard at a speed more than 3-times the US legal limit, he really respects the engineering that goes into Ferraris.But it is only at those speeds or at a track day event that a Ferrari exceeds in an way cars that you can buy new for around $70K. If you are not going to frequently take it to track day events or you don’t have a daddy who is a shiek and don’t have access to a desert highway, a Corvette or a Porsche would be a much better choice.Now if you had asked me about real Ferraris, the ones with sensual coachwork and long hoods and V-12 engines…I would sell my soul for one of those!

Sexiest car for a guy to drive?

Girls driving a stick is cute and kinda hot: She's in total control of a powerful two-ton metal machine and part of that is manipulating a stick. Yeah, serious metaphor there. I, a guy, like to drive stick. In practical terms, I have more control over the car and I'm more aware of my the road because if you're not you can stall. For some reason an ex of mine went nuts for me when I drove it. Seriously, it got her really turned on. She said that I was so in control, relaxed and confident. I don't know, as far as I was concerned I was just driving but I went along with it. Needless to say, I found many excuses for us to go on a drive.

Car for 17 year old driver? UK?

you ca'nt drive at 16 and you cant get geico, both because you're in the wrong country. instead, for a car, you want something with a relatively small engine that in not associated with boy racers; this is why corsas, saxos, 106s and clios can turn out expensive. also the colour can play a part, i.e yellow cars are stolen less and involved in less accidents, therefore seen to be safer.

£3k is too much. get your pass plus under your belt, it can save you up to 40% off your premium (this is exactly what it saved me on my first car) when looking for insurance, consider the following:

add a parent as a named driver,
get a quote for fully comp as well (can often be cheaper than tpft)
be specific about your job, rather than vague (and choose your job title carefully)
think about installing an immobilser if there isnt one factory fitted.
limit your mileage
park on a private driveway or securely locked garage
increase your voluntary excess
don't modify
don't lie. they do check, especially if you have a bump, and it WILL invalidate your insurance. you can then get prosecuted for driving without insurance.
dont go for the cheapest quote on the comparison website, ring the individual companies as well

as for insurance companies, give co-op and adrian flux a ring.

... good luck!

The answer is, eventually! As much as I took a look at the Motor Sport NZ Rules and regulations. Since  the NZ rules allow a 12 year old to compete in certain classes, that means that at 14 you need to run in as many races as you can to pave the way early, and there is nothing like experience to move your career forward.Family can help and can hinder, I started at 14 in Rally and my father who initially was the driver passed the wheel to me and had an an international race driver become my coach. I appreciated that my father had made the arrangements to remove one of the issues that can kill a career early and that is a family member that means well but is to close and may not be a good or patient coach. The availability of finances and personnel to help you in the learning process, is a need and it sounds like you are on the right track. You need a plan on making your way, to Eventually come to the United States if you want to race in NASCAR. Before that staying close to home and running in the NASCAR like classes in NZ and Australia touring car series. Running in your Honda series is a good training ground and if you can start racing now not only on road courses but also ovals, you can never start too young.As mostly a road and rally racer I was honored with friends to make it into NASCAR and it will always be a great experience. Hope you do as well as I did and even more !All racing is expensive

My son's Driving practice, is it a little too early?

What an interesting question! I've instructed drivers at track events for years and I've never found someone with a car with paddle shifters that DIDN'T know how to use them. And as for life in general, it's pretty rare that you run into someone that car afford the cars mentioned here and such a long driveway, but have such problems with basic English.

Why, if I didn't know better, I'd almost think this question was written by a 13 year old that might be hoping to elicit repsonses on what a good idea it would be to let him practice driving! After all, said 13 year old probably knows how to paddle shift (wow, you know how to pull a paddle? How ever did you learn that?) and understands "how to drive an all aspects of the car." I have no idea what that last part means, but hey, it does sound kinda impressive!

Putting any inexperienced driver behind the wheel of a high performance car is not exactly smart. This is something any adult or experience driver can most likely see pretty clearly... but something a 13 year old would probably miss (and might lead them to writing something just like this in Yahoo Answers).

The idea of a 13 year old having a chance to practice driving in a controlled environement though could have it's merits, as could something like go-karting; allowing development for performance oriented driving aspects and car control.

Clinicians who work with trans youth are finding 12 is the age at which the 20% of gender variant youth who are trans can be identified. This 20% will not desist from their affirmation that have had the incorrect gender assignment at birth.It is the age (10 to 12 in trans boys and 12 to 14 for trans girls) at which puberty blockers should be considered.To the question, Should the person come out as trans. This is very personal. My personal answer is no. I believe, speaking only for myself, in a closed narrative. Others believe in an open narrative. At 12 it is possible to have a closed narrative in that puberty is shut down and thus the person has not been significantly altered by hormones or entered the wrong puberty. There is little to no physical baggage. There is no need to actually come out. Their status is not open to discussion. We will not discuss it, even if we don’t pass.There are those who have open narratives. They are okay with their gender assignment being discussed and will bring it up even if we pass.I would say that 12 is about as late as it gets to head off the ravages of the wrong puberty which is irreversible and disfiguring.