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14 Years Old. Need A Way To Make Money Fast This Fall

Ways for a 14 year old girl to make money fast. Easy 10 points best answer?

You're probably old enough to be a bagger at a grocery store. You can also make crafts to sell, offer to weed people's gardens, offer to pick up people's mail for a small fee while they are on vacation, paint mail boxes, wrap presents (near the holidays). Ask you parents if there are any jobs around the house they would be willing to pay you to do: cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, organizing a scrap book, organizing pantries/closets, getting rid of junk, cleaning the garage. Good Luck!

How can I make money fast as a 14 year old?

I need to find a way to earn money fast. About $350-$400. It is hard to get a babysitting job in my neighborhood so don't suggest that.

I need the money for the east coast trip my school is going on. I promised I would pay for part of the trip ( rather then my parents having to pay for the while thing) and I have only paid $300 of the $2,000 needed to go on the trip. I would like to pay for the last $500, but I only have about $150 saved...

Any ideas?!

First thing to do is get yourself a savings account (Wells Fargo is the cheapest, $25 to active it and that $25 will be on an ATM card that they give you that will be sent through the mail) And then do stuff like babysit, sell stuff of yours that you don't want, maybe make a post on craigslist saying i'm a 14 year old looking to make some money somehow since i'm not old enough to work. Surely someone will need your help. Look at the jobs on there, there's a lot of old people that need help with yard work and stuff like that. So just make a post and take a look at what kind of jobs are on there. A lot of grocery stores will let people your age be baggers, try that. And the smart thing to do is put most of it in the savings account because you make more money that way. Just make sure you have $5 in there every month or you'll get charged a $15 fee.

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There are two ways of planning ahead on how much money you have to make. Planning for the long term, or short term.Eventually planning for the long term is by far the best thing you can do. By doing this you have all the time to develop something that can make you some money in the end (like creating a product or starting a company like I did).The problem is however that you are planning for the short term. 2 and a half months is not long. So the only way to make 3,000 dollars is by working friggin’ hard while doing many crappy jobs.You will have to look for every opportunity to add a bit more money.Somebody asking for a pen? Ask money for it. See a dirty car? Ask the owner to clean it for money. A hot day with many thirsty people? Sell some lemonade.I have no idea why a 14 year old need 3,000 dollars within 2.5 months, but I hope this answer helped you a little further.Good luck!

Ways for a 16 year old to make money?

Depending on there area you live in it may be getting cold out. This presents the perfect opportunity to shovel driveways for people. Make up a flyer and put it in the mailboxes around your sub. Charge 10-15 dollars a driveway (or more if you think people would be willing to pay).

Ask area homeowners if they need help around their yards raking leaves, mowing lawns, or with general labor. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to pay 10 dollars an hour for some extra help.

This will help you get better at talking to people, a invaluable skill to have.

What are some ways a 14 year old can earn money?

Even though I hardly leave my house, I am pretty good at mowing lawns. I have to scan the lawn for anything I do not want to run over, then get every inch of the yard mowed. I never did a bad job mowing, I don't half a*s anything.

Snow shoveling is out of the question, I live in Florida. If it's any help, I live in a small rural town.

Ways to raise money (14 year old)?

I think you work online to make money.

There are different jobs but i think you can do online jobs with the popular companies like amazon,clickbank etc.

In this you have knowledge of computer/internet and website blog etc.

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