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15._compared To The Popes Active In The Early Middle Ages Popes In The High Middle Ages Were

15. Compared to the popes active in the early Middle Ages, popes in the High Middle Ages were:?

15) a. less concerned about the power and influence of kings in the secular sphere.
b. less willing to control existing monastic orders and create new ones.
c. more concerned with missionary activity and conversion.

d. more concerned about establishing bureaucracies that increased the visibility of papal power.
e. less concerned about priests and monks living holy lifestyles.
16. The Knights Hospitaller was initially founded for the purpose of:
a. protecting the borders of the kingdom of Jerusalem.
b. creating a banking system for European travelers.
c. caring for pilgrims in a hospital in Jerusalem.
d. praying for the continued existence of the kingdom of Jerusalem.
e. protecting the king of Jerusalem.
17. After 1187, the capital of the kingdom of Jerusalem was:
a. Acre.
b. Jerusalem.
c. Nazareth.
d. Tripoli.
e. Antioch.
18. Venice benefited from the Crusades by:
a. providing military generals who led soldiers on Crusade.
b. providing bibles to every pilgrim who traveled to the kingdom of Jerusalem.
c. creating a network of early banks that lent money at low interest rates.
d. providing ships and supplies to Crusaders.
e. continually attacking Egypt.

What reasons do people give for hating Jews?

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