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17 And Restless What Should A Girl Do

What should I do as I feel restless as a girl is ignoring me?

Go watch a movie, meet your friends or try searching for your school buddies who were not on your friends lists. Give her some time and space, and meanwhile try writing a story based on your personal experiences with her. For example “how did you met her bla bla bla…”. This world is very small buddy! You'll find her soon in your space. Just be patient that's it.!

Can a polite refusal by a girl to a guy make him restless and angry?

It shouldn’t, but sadly it does.I have this friend (let’s call her Lily) who is extremely beautiful. She has green-grey eyes, tan skin, light brown curly hair, and a really sweet personality. Sadly, she’s also really timid.One day, we both were walking in the mall when a guy she knows came in front of us. On first impression, he was a really nice guy. Funny, witty, kind, and not bad looking. But as he approached, I felt my friend stiffen next to me but she offered him a sweet, not genuine smile.Lily: Hey Tyler, how are you doing?Tyler: I’m great. I just wanted to ask you a question that I know you’ve probably been expecting for a long time.As this exchange occurred, I watched as my friend’s smile dropped.Tyler: Will you go on a date with me?I don’t recall exactly what Lily said but it was somewhere along the lines of ‘I see you as more of a friend’.The guy freaked out. He was no longer kind or funny anymore. His face turned red and he started cursing at her, calling her a bitch and saying how she led him on. I gave the guy a glare, not saying much myself because I was so shocked and took my friend away while I saw her eyes well up with unshed tears,The whole exchange was horrific and I felt so awful, knowing that my friend goes through this constantly. We live in a generation where being kind is taken for flirting and it’s disgusting.

How can I stop feeling restless?

RESTLESS ???You know what Thomas Edison told? " Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure" Just like every coin has two sides there  are always a brighter side of every event in your life. Restlessness is a signal from your soul, your inner mind to make a big life  change. It's your inner power to change. Life changing idea comes only when you are discontent about your present life and situation. But again the other side of the coin? You are asking for a suggestion to overcome your 'restlessness'. So,let me assume you are not happy with it. Our mind is our best friend and sometimes worst enemy. The mind is constantly on the go whether you're awake or asleep; it never rests. But anxiety or agitation is not welcomed anytime. Feeling agitated and feeling restless are all a part of living with anxiety symptoms. So to overcome this negative energy, first realize the root cause of it.Is it your habit too? You know what  worrying does not take tomorrow's troubles. It does take today's peace only and So first and most important thing you must do - Another reason for feeling restless might be Multitasking. So try thinking sequentially instead of simultaneously. It will help you in the long run. Hence, first gather all the reasons of your antsy feelings and write it down. You will surely find - Now you know the basic causes of your restless mind. Now the main question what you can do ? First of all, no matter what, you HAVE TO MOVE ON if you don't like where you are or what you are. Don't waste looking on what you have lost. Move on.And maintain a balanced life. So finally -  Remember one thing ,behind each failure , pain and loss there is a positive and bright side. It's absolutely  true that future is brighter than you are thinking now. DON'T LET THE NEGATIVE ENERGY OVERWHELM YOU AT ANY COST.Always remember

Who is the new guy on the Young and the Restless?

Who is the new guy on the Young and the Restless....that is helping with the new Restless Style with Nick, Sharron, Jack, and Phyllis? He looks soooo familiar. He has played on something before the Y&R. Maybe a sitcom or something....I never forget a face....and it's driving me crazy! lol


Why is my female zebra finch so restless?

Your female is totally healthy!Give her clean and fresh water to drink on a regular basis, and only the small seeds which are given to eat.Take her to a vet if you want to have her checked.Her yellow runny poop and poop debris is nothing but pee and poop. And birds can't use their ‘hands'/water to clean up their bums, hence the ‘debris'.Also, the way your girl is dancing around the cage, she seems absolutely alright! She is a female; she HAS TO look in the mirror!!You have no idea how much my pair dances around. I got them a bigger cage for these reasons.

Why do Indian parents of girls become so restless to get you married once you cross 30 despite the fact they don’t have any suitable alliance? I am working.

Some Indian parents of girls especially not all, considers their daughters not as humans but a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled at an age.. in india the average age for marriage is around 25yrs. so as a girl reached 25… she becomes the centre of all topic for parents as well as relatives, neighbours. even if she is not ready for marriage, her parents always tries their best to convience her to get married. I have just reached 27 and this is what i have experienced…really frustrating…..though all parents are not the same but 70% of indian parents are like that. therefore, if you want to live life your own way, you have to fight for this with your parents in india…this what i have done and experience. others may have a difference experience and opinion.

On young and restless? who else thinks...?

I thought it was horrible that they wanted to name the baby Hope. Can't we think of something original? They're always wanting to name their kids after one another or a combination of each other or something. Let's see:

Nicholas and Victoria - Named after their parents, Nikki and Victor.
Summer - After Phyllis, her maiden name was Summer.
Reed - After Nikki, her maiden name was Reed.
Phillip Chancellor III, IV, etc - blood line re-naming.

Hey, let's not forget the sister soap, B&B, where Bridget is named after Ridge and Brooke, Rick is named after Eric and Ridge.

I'm sure I've forgotten some, but maybe they'll get a clue. At least Cordelia got an original name. Go Cane for that one!

And Ashley can't name her baby Faith, since that's what Sharon is naming her child.

Young and the Restless - Lily and Cane's Twins?

I think the names were sweet-I missed seeing the show today-I am hoping that Lily will be able to use the cord blood and get rid of her cancer-but then she and Cane will have to move to Australia thanks to the stupid immigration story line-come on writers give us a break!!

I'm 17 and I really like a girl who is 14. What should I do?

Wait. it means you have a 3–4 year waiting period. Dating is probably a bad idea unless you run it by both your folks and hers, especially hers…infact, make sure you get it in writing. You’re young.. (i’m only 24 at the time of this writing). but let me inform you of a very important piece of information that the real world just throws in your face. If you have a penis, your opinion matters 2nd, if at all. Nobody gives a rats ass about Men, its why only men go off to fight and die in wars these days. Trust me, they don’t care about us.What that means is that you have to, so start taking steps and precautions. If I were you, I wouldn’t even think about sex until she’s at least 17, and even then its still statutory rape regardless of whether or not she consents And for the love of god, if you’re too horny to ignore my earlier advice, wear a condom, you should be able to pull a little of it back once its tight against the tip, this little extra space is so that your condom isn’t at maximum stretch when your jizz shoots out at 100 miles an hour and hits the damn thing causing it to rip. if you can do that competently, you can pretty much remove MOST of the chance that a condom is gonna rip on you. If she’s on the pill, even better, wear a rubber anyways cause you don’t have the income to raise a child nor the maturity (most likely) and reality hits like a shovel gorilla taped to the front of a speeding semi-truck.However, Dating (more or less) should be fine (more or less), again, get written permission, it may seem wierd but god forbid something stupid happens. Written permission means from the father of the girl, the mother too just to be safe. Does it seem stupid and excessive? yep. Is this going to save you? Probably not, however it should at least cause someone in a position of actual power to start asking questions, and at this point thats the best the gender can hope for.Good luck my friend.