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2001 Tracker Radio Just Stopped On And Off Works Channel Change Etc

Factory CD Player Just Stopped Working?

time for a new cd player its now worth the money to invest in it just hit best buy and u will be set for 250 bucks to look at that cd player at a dealer ship would be 100 buy it self and to fix u pay labor + the part so u better of with a new 1

Why would my car radio change stations by itself?

Probably someone with something sticky (like soda or something) on their fingers pressed one of the buttons and it got inside one of the buttons and it is making it stick. Try taking some windex and make one quick spray accros the face of the radio then press each of the buttons on the radio one time - usually this works. It will dilute the soda (or whatever it is) enough so it will quit sticking and it isn't enough to hurt your radio.

My car radio keeps turning off?

Sounds like a bad connection-wire in the back of the radio. It wouldn't hurt to change the fuse, though.

I had a problem with one from Best Buy-but they did fix it.
Did you have the radio installed yourself or is it the one that came with the car?

My radio resets everytime i turn the car off, why?

If your Battery were dead then yes the battery also keeps the presets on your sound system along with the clock...if the battery still has a charge and it resets each time you turn off the key you have the accessory power wire run with the key switched power line. The accessory power wire needs to be wired to a continuous 12 volt power supply that does not end when the key is turned off, this seperates the main power that is connected through the key from the accessory power wire that runs the presets and clock, when wired right the clock and presets will have power all the time and the system will turn off and on with the keyswitch. I hope this helps.