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23 Years Old Unemployed

I am 26-year-old unemployed Indian male. What should I do?

Firstly, stop thinking about your age. We are living in a society where everything is time bound. Everything follows a timeline. According to people, you should have gained at least 3 years of work experience. Don't give a damn to any shit. And if you keep on thinking that I'm 26 and unemployed, then very soon you will going to post that I'm 28, single and unemployed. Obviously, you don't want this to happen. Let me tell you my story. I'm also 26 years old girl and soon going to turn 27. My condition was same as yours an year back. Even I used to think about all these things but gained nothing. Failed in many competitive exams. Then one fine day, I deactivated everything, facebook, instagram WhatsApp, everything which was distracting me and then worked hard to achieve my goal and finally I proved myself. Since then, no one asked me about my age, years I remained unemployed, nothing. Marriage proposals started flooding. I forgot to tell about my qualifications and how long I remained unemployed. Well, I'm an engineering graduate from an average college. Sitting at home since 2014 to 2017, unemployed. Hope you can understand my condition. But one thing which kept me going was hope and my instincts. I do not listen to anyone. I just follow my instincts. And then finally proved myself. If I would have taken a private job or any other job to remain busy and free from societal pressure, might be I will end up being depressed. It doesn't matter how long you remain unemployed. What matter is, steps you take to come out of that situation. Trust me, the one who are not following their heart and just doing job to earn their daily bread, their condition is worse that yours. I believe being unemployed is better than doing the job which doesn't interests you. This unemployment condition taught me so many lessons. Once you become employed, then you will realise that you were growing mentally and emotionally. So, just don't think about past. Free yourself from all the regrets and think about the reasons. Then dedicatedly, work towards it and after some months, you will be on track. And most importantly, keep yourself away from negativity and negative people. All the best and hope you will post some good news soon. Be optimistic.

My 23 year old son has been unemployed for over 3 years and I don't know how to get him motivated.?

He had some issues several years ago with drugs and he was a cutter. Has a lot of healed wounds on his arms. He also has several tattoos; one being on his neck which some employers don't appreciate. He's changed a lot over the last couple years, but has a lot of anxiety issues (mainly social anxiety) and he's very immature and wants help with everything. I love him to death and my husband and I are not ready to do anything drastic like kick him out. He does want to get a job, but we are not sure what to put on the application because he doesn't have anything "real" to say for the last several years. I also don't think he'd interview very well. Family does not want to help much because they don't want to recommend him because they are sure he'd quit right away. Any suggestions? I'm tempted to put an ad in the newspaper asking someone to give him a chance!

I'm 23 and unemployed, what do I do?

First, ask yourself why you are unemployed. Because some people just don’t even try. Or some people are unemployed because they are building up their skills or learning stuffs to improve their skills in field they are planning to dive in.You have two option. First, do you want to be self-employed? Do you want to create your own job? If that’s the case start looking for required informations and knowledges you might need to be a successful entrepreneur. You can find a lot of sources from internet. However, those just information, in the end it will be you who will implement and use those informations.Second if you have applied for several jobs but get rejected, don;t be discouraged. Many people have applied to more than 20 jobs and still got rejected. In this case you need to be a big-hearted guy. Don’t let those rejections discouraged you. Instead, find out why you are rejected? There might be reasons right? Then find out those reasons and eliminate/diminish them. Improve something that within your control, because there are some things that’s beyond your controls in which you can’t change. Focus on ones that you could change. For example, they require to be fluent English speaker, or any other languages. If you are really into that job you would not find excuse. You will take actions, and learn those languages.Hope this would help. I was unemployed too when I was 23. Cheers.

Would you kick out a lazy, pothead, unemployed 24 year old childhood?

Who doesn't pay any rent, or contribute towards bills of any kind. Who gets food and washed clothing handed to him, but who is too lazy to even look for a job, then claim he's depressed to get sympathy and just smoke pot all day.

What to do about lazy, unemployed, pothead, 23 year old son?

He doesn't help around the house, doesn't look for work, dropped out of college. He just sits around the house on YouTube, or watching films or reruns of old shows. At least he used to go to the gym, but since he started using pot so much he only leaves the house if he wants food, and his beard is getting big.

Anytime i question him he starts ranting about politics and goldman sachs and the elites for his situation. He worked for 6 months then got fired and says corporate jobs are slavery. Now he says hes trying to pursue a career as a online poker player. Yeah right......
Hes going to be 24 this month and its getting me worried. I dont know what to do with this one, i think hes had everything spoonfed to him his entire life and i cant help but think this "work is oppression" attitude is just him taking my hard earned money and allowances for granted. He needs to learn the hard way i think

Can a 23-year-old unemployed, procrastinator who is very much obsessed with "No one is ever too late to start fresh," get rid of this?

I was 23 when I started fresh.It wasn’t too late, but I wish I started my career earlier.Time is our most valuable resource. It’s non-renewable, and you can’t buy any more of it.Don’t waste it procrastinating on the dream that you’ll be able to fix your mistake later in life.

I am 23 years old. Unemployed. Not enough talent. Got nothing figured out. Scared. What should I do?

Well, first things first-believe in yourself and never lose hope. I understand that you don't have anything figured out but don't worry you still have plenty of time. I have a friend who got his first job at at the age of 35. Now he is 45 years and probably earning a lot more than me.I am pretty sure you must have done this but I would still like to mention it-apply for a job in all the companies that you can. In this crazy world, you definitely need a job to feed yourself-even if it is a part time job. It is high time you stop depending upon your parents or family members. I am sure there are a lot of vacancies in call centers or any other such companies.Don't give up your search just keep looking for a job. For now any decent job would do. After that, things are pretty simple - you can figure out what you want to do in life. This is one of the testing times of your life - just believe in yourself no matter what situation you have to face.

Is it okay to stay unemployed at 23?

I would like to answer this question in three perspectivesIt's absolutely fine if you are pursuing your dreams.You can pursue your dreams by any way like higher studies , Gate preparation , Govt exams preparation , CAT preparation , IAS/IPS preparation, singing, dancing, acting, modelling or anything which takes you towards your dream will be the part of this.You are earning nothing today and someone at your age is earning handsome salary doesn't mean you are behind from them.See you are a kind of person which won't settle with less. You are working for something big, so be patient , continuously work towards your dream your day will come and on that day you will prove everyone worng.2. Second scenario is you have been graduated not aware from your calling or passion and don’t have job right .Hey it's fine if you are doing your best to improve yourself to get the job you want.Work on your weaknesses , find where you went wrong in interviews , try new things to find your calling. Do things that will improve you both mentally and physically.Give your best until you achieve what you want or even after that as well.3. The third scenario is you are a lazy person and don't like work.It's mean you are from rich family and don't have family financial responsibilities.But by this way you are making your life hell for you. After sometime people start making space from you even your family as well.You will lose your self respect in front of your family and friends. After sometime you start hating yourself.After few year you will regret all the time you wasted.Life is what we make of it.Please pardon me for my bad writing.