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How hard is it to get a CGPA of 10 at IIT?

By CGPA of 10, if you imply getting 10.0 every semester throughout the stay at IIT, then let me assure you it is much more difficult than you can imagine.At IITB, I only know one person in the decade or two, from Electrical Engineering department who passed out with a perfect 10 every semester in 2007.His name is Yashodhan Kanoria (Yash Kanoria). You can check out his CV.From some sources, I was able to find out, how his final performance sheet looked like-Then, there was this super-brilliant guy in batch senior to mine who graduated just this year in 2016, also from Electrical Engineering department. He was a step ahead of Yash Kanoria. His name is Shubham Chandak, he got an AP (grade point 10 but awarded for exceptional performance, a tad bit higher than AA-10 grade) grade in almost every course where it was possible to get an AP grade and an AA(10) in the rest. Only in lab course, did he end up with a AB(9), which got his final passing out CPI (CGPA) to be 9.99I have seen a few of my friends scoring a perfect 10 in one semester or so. But getting perfect 10 in all semesters is a mammoth task.