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3 Incidences Of Prejudice In History

How severe is racism in India?

The scale of racism in India is crossing every limits, let me give you an anecdote of it.The photo above is of my visit to ‘JAHANGIR MAHAL’ located in ORCHA, MADHYA PRADESH. At the ticket counter I asked for two tickets and I asked how much the price would be ?? He said ‘ 250 rs’, hearing this I baulked and asked how can it be that much when it is written on the board as 20 rs Only for Indian. What he said next made me sad and alienated. He said ‘ A sum of Rupees 250 has been fixed for the foreigners’.Being sad, I replied “uncle I spoke to and asked you a ticket in pure Hindi but still you mistook me for an foreigner….” To this he rudely replied - “anyone can learn Hindi in this age of technology”. This made me even more sad and in a final attempt to prove my NATIONALITY of being an Indian I had to show him my ‘ AADHAR CARD’ after which he finally apologized and gave me the ticket at the price of a commoner. I didn't feel sad about how much he was asking me for the ticket but what made me sad was the level of IGNORANCE or unawareness he had.Another one is from an instance occurred with me at the Nation's Capital NEW DELHI where I was on an educational tour. I got engaged in a heated argument with a cab driver after he made and passed some racial comments. I had just visited the QUTUB MINAR and was on the way out where a cab driver called ‘ oii chinky sir, do you need a ride ???’… I had totally lost my temper and began heated argument with the cab driver and after hearing and seeing what was going on some good Samaritans and like minded people came to my aid and delivered a warning to the cab driver to never repeat such act of RACISM again.India is a multi-diverse country containing of people from different RACES AND ETHNICITIES. So instead of being jeered and being a RACIST we should acknowledge, accept and admire the diversity.Please note that I am not calling that the whole of country a racist but I am Requesting and pleading the people who do this kind of act to stop.

What is the most racist state in the United States?

This question requires answers that are a matter of opinion with that being said in my opinion I'll give 3 in no particular order.West Virginia - This is coming from literally everyone i knew from there the cities where there are a significant amount of blacks are “ Okay “ but outside of that it's a very discriminative and racist state , the ignorance level there is off the charts and most Caucasian Americans that moved from there and went there for college in my state has told me the same , it's very much open and the older people there are highly uneducated. ( most people there are older )Alabama - Alabama is a 3rd black nearly Despite this , it's a pretty racist state , I've actually been here , now just like most states it's not all people nor is it even the majority but I'd say it's for sure a large chunk possibly even as much as 20% or even more the state is largely segregated and the older whites in Alabama carry a lot of prejudiced views it may not even be open at first glance but it definitely can become open depending on the situation , a lot of people from Alabama ( well over hundreds of thousands of them ) grew up during the segregation period so they were raised with racist views and they even recycle them by teaching the current generation them which are just their grand children and children due to the fact that segregation wasn't even that long ago. ( not even a life time )Arkansas - outside of the Delta area Arkansas is very racist ( in the delta area too. ) Northern rural Arkansas has a lot of hate groups particularly noteable white supremacist groups , younger people from there seem to not be as bad but the older one's are definitely some people you might wanna keep an eye on especially if you're in a rural area.Runner ups includeMississippiMissouriKansasWestern VirginiaKentuckyIdahoSouth Carolina( If i was to make a top 10 this would definitely be the in the next 7 )Racism indeed happens anywhere and everywhere but these states seem to carry a higher level of it , I should also note the majority of Americans aren't racist although a lot still not most might be very prejudiced just not overt.The Least Racist states( Judging by people i know , some online research and personal experience )Washington.Minnesota.Hawaii.Maryland.( there are racist in these 5 states too but they're more welcoming and open to people )