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4 Names You Really Like

I really like the name Jezabel for my puppies name but my husband absolutely hates it!....?

If he doesn't like it think of a different name. Don't fight because of the name. Cause it might lead to a fight. Anything can happen.
If you are thinking of a different name here are a whole bunch.

1. Belle (Bellz)
2. Emma Lou ( Emma, Em, Lou, Lucy)
3. Kyler (Kie)
4. Sammie (Sam)
4. Molly
5. Sidney
6. Angel
7. Cassie (Cass)
8. Macey (May)
9. Stella (Stell)
10. Bella-May (Belle, Bella, May, Macey)
11. Bizket
12. Jazabelle (Belle, Jazzie, Jazz)
13. Quince (Quin)
14. Quinzel (Quin)
15. Sparkie (Spark, Sparks)
16. Hazel (Haz)
17. Holly (Holl)
18. Aleu (Lou)
19. Jacey (Jay)
20. Katey (Kate)
21. Maggie (Mag, Mags)
22. Tracey (Trace)
23. Kacie (Kase)
25. Isabelle (Izy, Belle)
26. Teara (T t)
27. Saiya (Say)
28. Nella (Nell)
29. Keara (Key)
30. Sandy (San)
31. Ginger (Gin)
32. Allie (Al)
33. Lilly (Lil)
34. Jenna (Jen)
35. Kalressa (Kal, Ressa)
36. Darcy (Darc)
37. Amy (Aim)
38. Roxie (Rox)
39. Bella Lou (Belle, Bella, Lou)
40. Emma (Em)
41. TinkerBell (Tink, Belle)

What is a name you really like?

Boy. There's heaps.

TJ (Tom Junior)
Zac or Zack, there are others too but that's to name several.

Oh and i love Shirley too.

Rate these names! Really Fun! Thanks!?

Not enough good names for a top three. Rylan would be #1 and Noah #2.

1. Raelee Ann 6/10 Raelee is pretty but Ann is too simple to be paired with it
2. Adalyn Alizabeth 3/10 Adalyn is just ugly and Elizabeth would look better
3. Brinley Kay 1/10 What? Why?
4. Evanne Claire 7/10 Your best girl pairing Claire is beautiful and normal Evanne not the best but ok
5. Ava Laine 5/10 Ava is so overused its pathetic, Laine is pretty enough

1. Rylan James 9/10 Your only good name set, both names are strong
2. Carter Alexander 5/10 Carter sucks but Alexander is my favorite boys name
3. Parker Allen 4/10 Just no to Parker. No. Allen is an ok name but not a good middle name
4. Aiden Anthony 0/10 worst name you have Aiden is overused. Anthony is old & ugly
5. Noah Mason 8/10 Noah is great. Mason is cool. Not so well together but you get an E for Effort

My first name is Gerasimos. I’m one of only 500 - 1000 Gerasimoi (I believe that is the correct plural with my rudimentary understanding of Greek) in the United States.I cannot comment on what occupation my name is associated with, besides perhaps Diner owner, but I can say with certainty that my name has had a profound effect on my life, specifically in one area: memorability. Gerasimos is a name so rare that the vast majority of people don’t even know a Gerasimos; I’d go as far as to say that most people have never even heard the name before. A combination of its rarity and distinctness as a long ethnic name makes me very easy to remember.Quite honestly, I’m not sure I’d be nearly as memorable as I am without my first name, or if I’d be as well-known among my peers. That’s not meant as self-deprecation, but as a statement of reality: my name has given me a (perhaps unfair) advantage in life.Most people only have to ask me for my name once. The teacher’s that I’ve had in the past usually pick my name as one of the first they consistently remember in any given class. Many more people know my name than I know theirs (coincidentally, I’m rather terrible with remembering names). There’s no mistaking that it’s had a massive influence on both my life and myself as a human being.If nothing else, I’m very grateful for it.

What is a popular name you really don't like?


Emma! - I used to like it but now its just annoying how much you hear it
Katie - At least 50 people with the name in my school!
Ashley - Same as Katie
Ava - Overused
Ann/Anne - I just don't like this one its weird...
Alexis/Lexie - Overused!!!!
Shelby/Shelbie - This is a dogs name!


Ryan - 20 guys with same name in the same grade!!!
Jacob - Twilight ruined this one for me
Edward - Twilight or not I have never liked this one
Max - This my dogs name and I love it on a Dog! Not a person! haha

What names do you like for no. 4?

WOW - Your children have such darling names!!! I love your naming style - soo classy! I also LOVE so many from your list, especially,

Charlotte (LOVE Charlotte but don't love the nickname Charlie but it is okay - prefer Lottie but I don't think Charlotte has great nicknames),

Isabella (Isabella is really pretty and Bella is super cute - getting popular though because of the Twilight obsession but still gorgeous - Izzie/Izzy is another nickname option),

Abigail (Abigail is Very classy and Abbie is soo cute),

Annelise (Annelise is also very classy (like all of the names you have chosen) and Annie is really cute - other options are Ann/Anne, Anna and Lise (pronounced Lee-See),

Caroline (Caroline is another gorgeous classic name and Cara is really pretty for a nickname - also Carrie and Caro are nickname options)

Oliver (very cute and not that common and Ollie is adorable),

Alexander (classic and just love the sound of it and Alex is great)

William (have always loved this name and Liam is very cute and not as common for a nickname - I do also love the nickname Will!)

Sorry, for this being so long, but your names are just so gorgeous and very fun to comment/write about!

Other suggestions for names that I think would fit your list perfectly are Meredith for a girl and Andrew for a boy. Nicknames could be Meredith (Mer/Mere, Mery/Meri, MereBear) and Andrew (Andy, Drew) - prefer Andy! Good Luck and I am excited to eventually find out what the name will be - I'm sure it will be beautiful!!

I really like these four girls names, what do you think?

Be brutally honest, I want to know what you think. If you hate it say so, if it's your name and someone says something bad, don't take it to heart, get over it, it's one person.

But here they are:
Ariella "Ari" Faith
Marcelia 'Celia" Adaleine
Stephanie "Effie" Abigail
Ava 'Evie/Avie" Sierra Mackenzie

*Feel free to add different middle names or switch the order of names as you wish*

-Please no virtue names as first names and NO -ayden names. Thanks!

I really like the name Rayna..what do you guys think?

I don't really care for it, it kind of seems meaningless- like sounds smushed together...I mean I know it means queen- so I guess Reina is the best, you know, cause that spelling means queen. I don;t know. If you love it, then thats all that matters :) :) :)


Reina Annalise
Reina Emily
Reina Alexis
Reina Catherine
Reina Olive
Reina Genevieve
Reina Caroline
Reina Audrey
Reina Autumn
Reina Summer
Reina Winter
Reina Evelyn
Reina Nerine
Reina Carolyn
Reina Madeleine
Reina Nicole
Reina Josephine
Reina Danielle
Reina Therese
Reina Zoey
Reina Chloe
Reina Emmeline
Reina Ruby
Reina Cathleen
Reina Carys
Reina Cerise
Reina Odette
Reina Lisette
Reina MArilyn
Reina Helen
Reina Xanthe
Reina Victoire
Reina Gabrielle
Reina Penelope
Reina Alessa
Reina Circe
Reina Ember
Reina Florence
Reina Tamsen
Reina Giselle
Reina Michelle
Reina Elise
Reina Elizabeth
Reina Alice
Reina Coraline
Reina Estelle
Reina Lorelei
Reina Maureen
Reina Joy
Reina Faith
Reina Rose
Reina Hope
Reina Marie
Reina Ellen
Reina Maeve
Reina Niamh
Reina Rachel
Reina Beth
Reina Isobel
Reina Annabel
Reina Orpa

I hopw this helps :P) :)