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911 Was It Inside Job

Was 911 an inside job?

Yes, like many other false-flag operations, 9-11 was an inside job planned and executed by elements of the "Anglo-American" (Zionist) shadow government. Essentially, the purpose of the attack was to prop up the unstable currencies of private central banks, such as the Federal Reserve and Bank of England and European Central Bank, which issue money backed by their ability to bribe and blackmail governments to maintain a big and scary military-industrial complex that steals oil and natural gas for private profit.

What proof is there that 911 was an inside job?

There’s much more evidence that 9/11 was an inside job than a crime committed by 19 Muslim terrorists.The smoking gun is the fall of WTC-7 (not hit by a plane) which is completely consistent with a classic controlled demolition (aka an implosion) and not at all consistent with a fall by fire. No high rise steel frame building has ever fallen by fire except, supposedly, on 9/11.There were many witness reports of explosions and explosives before the twin towers fell. In addition, the dynamics of the falls, the finding of nanothermite in the dust, the complete dustification of the buildings with very little rubble, the super-high temperatures after the fall that continued for weeks at the base of the towers all indicate controlled demolition of the twin towers, too.There is also evidence linking the anthrax attacks (perpetrated from within the US) that took place just after 9/11 with 9/11. The Perpetrators of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks Are Still At LargeThere is no evidence or no good evidence:showing that terrorists boarded the planes on 9/11explaining how the terrorists overcame the pilots (I mean boxcutters doesn’t do it and in any case there is evidence that the phone call in which this term was used didn’t happen Point PC-2: The Reported Phone Calls from Barbara Olson)explaining how someone with the virtually zero flying skills of Hani Hanjour was able to fly a plane in a 330 degree arc and skim the ground to hit Wedge One of the Pentagonexplaining why terrorists would target Wedge One instead of simply crashing into the roof which would be much more catastrophic (although there’s a good reason why certain elements of the government would want it targeted - you can look it up)explaining why no interceptor jets left the groundOne of the 9/11 Commissioners said the 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail” and the Commission report failed to provide any answer at all to many questions made by relatives of the victims.Recommended websites:911hardfactsThe 911 Best Evidence PanelAE911Truth - Architects & Engineers Investigating the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11 - HomeJournal of 9/11 StudiesAn Independent Investigation of the 9-11-2001 Attack

If 9/11 was indeed an inside job, what was the goal?

I am happy, old friend, that this interests you. I don’t mind answering, but the most important warning is that motivation is MUCH more speculative than science. The issue should be decided whether the OfficialConspiracyTheory is true or not should depend on hard science. If you don’t feel comfortable with hard science, it’s just high school level.Newton’s third law implies the descending floors might have been able to crush SOME floors below, but not ALL many dozens of floors all the way to the ground. The descending floors would also have dissipated as they were jolted from below as they hit the top floors below them.PNAC wanted to reorganize the middle east.Larry Silverstein wanted his financial windfall though the insurance.The national security state got an excuse to eviscerate civil liberties.DHS secretary Michael Chertoff got a windfall when he sold the X ray machines to the TSA.Whomever was largely responsible for the $2.3 trillion missing from pentagon coffers never had the pentagon accountants to do a proper audit because those PENTAGON accountants died in the Pentagon that day.Poppy Bush and his colleagues never had to put their names out when they processed $240 billion in bonds taken out EXACTLY ten years earlier. They had borrowed the funds to make strategic investments in Russia, post glasnost. There is even reference to a Russian investment from a central villain in the third Bourne film. Because the SEC had an office destroyed in WTC7, they imposed special procedures which let Poppy of the hook.9/11, WTC7 and the Black Eagle Trust: How Bank of New York may have laundered $240 billionPlus the foreign parties need be included.

What if Obama admits 911 was an inside job?

Now I'm not saying 9/11 was an inside job but what if (this isn't going to happen either) Obama admits the U.S government had involvement on 9/11, there was bombs planted in the towers by the government, 9/11 happened cause US wanted to go to Iraq for oil, etc on Live TV

Riots would be inevitable, chaos will be in America, but what would the words reaction be? Will some countries declare war on America because of this? (Middle east countries and all of that)

What are some reasons why you think 911 was an inside job?

The analysis of the destruction of the Twin Towers is a physics problem. The term “Inside Job” relates to who did it and implies that people/organizations internal to the United States were responsible for the events of 9/11.I DO NOT CARE!!!The Laws of Physics are incapable of caring about the United States.The Laws of Physics are incapable of caring about the Islam.The Laws of Physics are incapable of caring about the Christianity.The Laws of Physics are incapable of caring about Our Freedoms.The Laws of Physics are incapable of caring about Any Damn Thing.Eighteen Years after 9/11 and Half-a-Century after the Moon landing engineering schools all over the United States should be able to analyze the physics of the collapses of a couple of nearly identical 1360 foot buildings and explaining in good detail how airliner impacts and fire could cause them come down in less than 30 seconds. We should have physical and virtual models to account for the events. If airliner impacts and fire could not cause what we see in the videos then that should be explained instead.In my not so humble opinion this should have been done by January of 2004.Since this was not done and the US military rushed off to insane wars in the Middle East we are in an extremely unenviable position. If the airliners could not have done what we see in the videos then how do the educators running those engineering schools explain not having told us long before now? Of course if they can prove airliner impacts and fire could be the cause then it is even more absurd that they did not do it long ago. At this point I can only conclude that they know the official claim cannot be true but have painted themselves into a corner with nothing to do but keep silent.So I do not care if it was an “Inside Job”. It is a failure of professional engineers and scientists to solve the problem.https://psikeyhackr.livejournal....

As many believe that 911 was an inside job, is there a relationship between the Enron scandal and 911?

People believing something does not make it real.Bad Thing A cannot be judged to be related to Bad Thing B simply because they are both Bad Things, or because one of the Bad Things has had an unfounded idea attached to it.