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Being friends with an Asian at school to copy off their math tests

If Asian students get good test scores in math and science while studying in their own countries, why do they come to the West to study and why don't Westerners study in Asia?

The reason why many Asian students come to Western countries is exactly because of that-- test scores.

Asian education systems revolve around high-stakes, standardized tests, and emphasize classes that have relatively comparable curricula (math and science). Tests in math and science can be easily compared between different regions of a country, or continent for that matter. Many Asian universities are lecture-test based, with little teacher-student interaction. As a result, students spend hours laboriously pouring through textbooks and practice tests.

The pedagogical methods of Western academia focuses heavily on reasoning, thought, analysis, and discussion, particularly prevalent among the Liberal Arts. Many International students at my school from Asia are surprised to hear things such as 'quiz section', 'writing section', or 'group discussion' exist. 
They're not used to being able to participate in class, being able to reason with a professor, being asked to write an essay or give a presentation in a STEM-based course.

One of my friends from Japan told me how students at her school (one of the top in Japan) rarely attend lecture, and opt for internships or work instead. Prior to semester exams, they attend cram schools and pour over textbooks for one of the few things they'll be graded on-- tests.

Even though classes in STEM fields in the West might still focus on tests and standardized curricula, the methods in which it is conveyed-- through discussions, and understanding why certain concepts are being taught to provide the foundations for higher-leveled courses-- is something largely omitted from elsewhere. This certainly doesn't take into account the drastic change in atmosphere between teacher-student relations of the East and West, or the college lifestyle, but together, Western education presents a refreshing alternative to Asia.

Do I have to give my friends to copy my tests and stuff?

im a kid, so im knowin wat ur talkin about. i really didnt care if they copied as long as it was inconspicuous...
BEFORE READING! know that you and only you can decide if you want or not. also note IM NOT A BAD INFLUENCE cause i know ho to do this stuff, jus cause i know how doesnt mean i cheat myself. also if there just your freinds for ur answers then there not ur freinds, leech, so just forget about them.

2 of my freinds passed algebra cause i sat next to em the whole year, homework and stuff is fine to copy casue u cant get in trouble unless its an excact copy. tests is harder. if you dont want to risk it dont! and dont let them pressure you for it! if they do their leeching off you! if you will let them do it then dont make it obvious justput the pencil out the way test on the edge of the desk (not to far ) and stretch or something yawn give em a few minites but pretend you have no idea tof what there doing.

another way is to just do the test and turn it in when ur done if they cant keep up with you thats their prooblem, they should have studeid in the first place

point being dont bother urself to much on it, the more they do this the more their screwin themselves so...

as a note ot everyone else that answerwed this question: u pples is funny! after letting the pples in math copy me they got the same errors and the same correct: nothin happened. and dont copy every test on an off is fine but every one is bad, technicly i didnt care if they copied me sometimes id let them smtimes i didnt, dont get me wrong im a good student! teachers CAN be very easy to fool, you just have to figure them out(ie: how they grade, what they look at, ranges from teacher to teacher), trail and error my freind. for example my his. teacher didnt read the assighnment he checked if its long enouph. so you could fake the whole thing easy. I only do this cause its busy work and totally pointless...

How do I tell my friend to stop copying my homework/tests?

I've had my share of these people. It's not worth it to stress out over them. They're not even good friends.

You just have to text her back and say, "Sorry, but letting you copy was only a one time thing. Don't mean to be rude, but I'm not comfortable letting others copy off me. No hard feelings, kay?" Don't let her know it's a personal thing, but just in general that you don't like others cheating off you.

And you know what the funny thing is? The people who copy off you always get the better grade for some reason!

Just be firm and if your friend gets mad, let her. She can't go around telling people to hate you because she was too lazy to do her homework. Why should you do the work for the two of you? Besides, if your teacher catches the two of you, BOTH of you can get into a lot of trouble. It's not worth the risk.

Good luck and hope it works out.

Being friends with an Asian at school to copy off their math tests?

Yes this is wrong because if for some reason don't do good on a test then you fail, also CHEATING IS WRONG, you'll get serious consequences you could even get expelled, sounds impossible right? WRONG. It's not fun being copied off. You are not learning anything by doing this and most of all you're lying to yourself how pathetic! Also let's say you copy off of them and they are some type of math genius and you're asked to be in a gifted class for really intelligent people you WILL FAIL. Im being harsh but its true.

How does my friend do well on math and science exams and gets top grades in my high school while rarely studying?

There are a couple of reasons for this that are highly likely:

They know how to study. Grades are not actually an indicator of intellect or knowledge of the subject. They are just performance based given certain criteria. That being said, every system has its rules and breaks, and your friend probably figured out how to beat this system with minimal effort. They probably know exactly what to study or are able to retain information better from whence they first heard it.
They do more than they said they do. Most likely is the fact that they study a little bit every day and just don’t admit it. After all, it sounds way cooler to say that you have gotten top grades with minimal effort just like it is cooler to say you got that bruise on your eye in a fight, not because you walked into a lamp-post.
They may do more activities that increase their memorization skills. Things like playing an instrument, reading a lot of books and watching little TV may lead them to remember more, meaning they have to study less.

You do not know what they do in their free time, and just basing the grades off of what they say they do is very presumptious.

To get the full scoop I would ask them in private about their days and how much time they spend on the material a day and what tips they have for you.

We all have different lives with different point of views. There may be thousands of different reasons working together so that they can study less and still get great grades.

The things mentioned above are just the most likely to cause the biggest effect.

My friend keeps copying my math answers...?

Your friend probably only likes you for your knowledge, that's not true friendship right there!
My classmate who acts like we're friends but she thinks that and I don't and she likes to copy off my answers and now she doesn't sit next to me anymore in class and also I don't let her copy off my work :D
I cover my arms or say I don't know the answer I guessed :D (hehe I didn't really guess)
OKAY and when the teacher asked her if she answered that tell the teacher and you can tell your friend something >:D ..... you can tell her whats the answer to whatever number and how did you get it? without looking at your or her or anyone's else paper :D
If your friend keeps copying of your work, shes not going to know what to do when you are not with her like in i don't know HIGHSCHOOL?
I mean if she gets a job she will have to do math
MATH IS EVERY WHERE in restaurants, stores, and college!
Tell her this ---> You do know when you are on a test for this class (like a benchmark test for the end of the year) you aren't going to know the answers because you won't copy of my answers and that means you will fail and be stuck in this grade (the teacher is watching or most of the time during tests for the end of the year people are separated so no one cheats)

If you want you can help/tutor her and study with her BUT DON'T give her the answers, help/tutor her if YOU WANT TO

Honestly I didn't care because my classmate should of payed attention in school

I mean I'm not very "bright" in math
In my 2nd quarter I have a 54%
now i'm in the 3rd quarter and i have a 74%
but now i'm willing to study or work over and over again until i completely understand the math problem and in my schedule was changed cuz i was failing math and math is the only one ... now IM WILLING TO RISK IT AND STOP WHINING AND DO MY BEST AND PAY ATTENTION AND ASK QUESTIONS TO UNDERSTAND IT!
Good luck on u or ur friend .__.

How can I cheat on a test without getting caught?

Although I never used any cheating trick, I generally used to ask friend next to me.
But here are the tricks used by some of my college students.

1. On the wall and roof :  today I had my last exam and I saw wall and roof (yes you are reading it correctly roof)  ,studentd made notes on ceiling.
See the attached images with zooming :

I have some other images as well, I think that's enough for wall trick.

2. This trick used by one of junior : Picture explains itselfs.

What actually is :

The longest one :

How to use :

3. The last and dangerous :

This trick is used my pass out seniors who having pending exams to be clear.

What they used to do is, they enter in to the exam room and as soon as the get the question paper, click a photo using phone and ask from teacher to put phone back in to the bag ( actully at that time he used to do Whatsapp the paper to his friends) 
 Now group of 3-4 friend solving full paper and making notes as early as possible from the book and the one of them goes to photoshop and ask for the zero size photo state. Ie in a single A4 you can get 7-8 pages of full length notes.

Now they have to complete this task in 1:35 minutes and after that time candidate will come for the washroom and get handled his cheats.
Now the same  junior(mentioned in trick 2) started keeping printer in his room for the same task as you can see in one of the above pic.

Why do some people feel you should let them copy your homework?

They don't. I've been on both sides - a lazy student who coppied homeworks and applied student who worked more than he should (if that's even possible).

Anyways, when I used to copy, I used to get angry. Why? Well, let me turn the question around: why don't you just give them their homework?

Maybe they have reasons not to do theirs: they were sick, sick relative, any last-hour stuff. Talking for myself, I was usually hanging around my friend's father - we're close friends - office because I liked his job. Or maybe they are just lazy. Either way, I don't think it is up to you to decide their future.

If they are the lazy type, make them a deal: You'll let them copy as long as they don' ask to copy on tests.

If they reject, don't let them copy, which means they have to work harder.
If they accept, let them copy, but they will have to work harder anyways.

Also, make sure the answers aren't exactly the same (unless it's Math).

EDIT: I meant *your homework. For example, me and my friend are average students but who, as average students, prefer one subject over the other. Therefore we sometimes copy each other's work on the respective subject. It's just something friends do and I never got people who got mad about it.

However, if they call you names, then that's a whole new world. Take a stand and don't let them copy it. I'm with you if that's the actual case.

And finally, I talked about that last point too: check the work after it's coppied so that the basic answer is still there but hiden bellow useless information that differs for both of ya.