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Do any of your family members use Yahoo Answers

What would you do if a family member was using you?

My dear,you have the right to stop them from getting something in your house.Let`s say,you don`t have a mouth to speak out because you don`t want them to hurt their feelings,right? Do this way,i know it`s hard also to you but if you really felt stupid that obviously they are using you,get free from your house like grocery store or supermarket or let`s say,they think that you are rich enough,a banker then...don`t buy anything to put it into your house or don`t store anything so that they don`t have something to get it.Just store some for your needs and put a lock that they can`t open it!And if they ask you money,say that you don`t have enough for yourself because you`ve been using to buy everything and took it away! There`s a quotation saying,"There are only two characters of a is a fool(they let her/him idiot and stupid) and other two is make a fool (cheater,user,thick face & no mind) think about this,it`s so hard to tell frankly to your own blood or relatives silly words but you must to do it because you are not working on earth to support them the whole of your life.You have your own destiny for the near strong and take courage to speak out a word in a gentle way but surely that they should understand what you mean...

Does any of ur family members use yahoo answers ??

No , i guess i am the only one . .. when i started Y!A , i was bit alone and was in a dilemma , to continue or not ... but then now , i am happy, i found so many friends like you ..thanks for being in my friends list . i am just 3 months old in Y!A .... and you all are like my family members. ... so logically yes my family members uses yahoo answers.
:) cheers

Do you have any of your family who use Yahoo answers?

enormously lots the comparable element. I remember starting to be to be a member of on the factor of my birthday cuz I had this stupid question haha. I used to ask the lamest Q's. yet then i stumbled on the TH fam like.. 2-3 months in the past? And it somewhat is been enormously outstanding. :D that's as quickly as I have been given addicted. poll: Erhhmm.. haa this seems kinda complicated to me. ok I continuously placed on wristbands on my left wrist. on no account ever take them off. :D i think prettyy bare w/o them. And my mattress sheets are purple even in spite of the indisputable fact that I thoroughly loath purple.

Do any of your family members use Yahoo Answers?

Not that I know.
I'd start blocking if I found any of them here.
They'd be the only ones on my list.

Poll: do any of your brothers/sisters/family use yahoo answers?

nah, i've told my brother about it but he wasn't really listening to me ehh lol forget trying to tell him something XD so nope just meee and my friendss <3 that ive made on here.

Do any of your friends, family or lovers know about your dirty little yahoo P&S secret?

what does p&s stand for? polls and surveys? well my mum knows i go on a answers website but she doesnt understand what its all about lol. i dont think she would care lol

Do Yahoo! Staff Members use this site?

Here is the full list matey

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Poll:do you have family members that answer ur questions?

If you have a cousin here on YA.
That is considered cheating.
Since you and her, can give best answers.
Now your question:
On Ya No!
In regular life? Of course, that is what families are for.

Do any of your real life friends use yahoo?

Are ya kidding me? If any of my friends knew I posted on Yahoo Answer I would be history. ;-)

Hey! Thanks for the BA. ;-)

Do you have any best friends in your family?

yes, my older sister, im 19 and she is 23 nearly. weve always been close since kids and have always helped eachother out and been there for eachother! we have a great bond and even if we dont see eachother that often we do try and make time every week or so or phone each other every couple of days, we always have something to talk about, its great!