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Do you prefer hot tea or ice coffee

Do you prefer iced coffee or hot coffee?

Lmao i recognize iced espresso too, yet warm espresso is excellent once you awaken or you dont elect to pass to mattress because you've some thing to do, in warm summer season days Ice coffe or "ice cappucino" is the perfect (L) -Vikki

Which do you prefer: iced coffee or hot coffee?

Lmao i love iced coffee too, but hot coffee is great when you wake up or you dont want to go to bed because you have something to do, in hot summer days Ice coffe or "ice cappucino" is the best (L) -Vikki

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Tea, I drink coffee rarely, the strange thing with me is I cannot drink Tea with sugar but I have to have sugar in coffee I wonder if anyone else is like that

Poll: Do you prefer hot tea or ice coffee?

ice coffee prefer my drinks cold

Iced Tea, Iced Coffee or Lemonade?

I drink Iced Lattes every morning, but iced tea, lemonade or limeade are alot more thirst-quenching. (Dairy products are NOT as thirst quenching as a slightly acidic water drink)

What do you prefer coffee or tea?What kind?

both, just depends on the day.
Tea, I prefer Red Rose brand. Coffee, I get it from a coffee house freshly ground up. Hmmm I guess I should ask what they are giving me., but I think its a french roast. I dont like "flavored" coffee's

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Iced Cholate or Soda?

hot chocolate coffee in the morning
iced chocolate/coffee for lunch
sodas for hangovers
hot chocolate just before bed time
and tea when there's no coffee left

Do you like ice coffee or ice tea ???

I love iced tea!!
Well ice coffee depends. I don't really drink coffee but I do like a certain belgium chocolate ice blended coffee thingamajig I get from my local coffee place. :)

Poll: Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Iced Tea or Iced Coffee?

Either Tea, Iced Tea, Coffee, or Tea. Tea or Coffee for hot drinks and lemonade or Iced tea for cool drinks... DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!

How can I make good Iced Tea?

If you are going to drink or serve Hot tea immediately you will find what you are doing is good, but you need to go another step for iced tea.

I put about 10 tea bags in the Mr. Coffee carafe with 10-12 cups of water in the machine , turn it on till it is all in the carafe, then let it stay in the pot for about ten minutes: or bring them to a boil on the stove and then let them simmer for about five minutes.

Prepare in the mean time about a cup of sugar, if you like it sweat, more or less, and about a quart of water in a gallon container.

Poor the hot tea, slowly stirring, into the gallon container. Additional cold water should be stirred,either rinsing the tea bags or straight, into the new solution until it is almost full.

After Stirring, pour the solution over a whole glass of ice to release the taste.

You will find this method takes the bitter taste out and makes the tea last longer , not clouding up, if the tea is stored in the refrigerator after cooling on the counter.

Obviously I am from the South, as we drink sweet tea, but you can , of course, just leave the sugar out for the same results.