Do you think you ll find your soul mate

How do you know someone is your soul mate?

Contrary to popular belief, a soul mate is one of the toughest relationships you'll ever have.
They actually rock your world and shake up all your dusty rusted bits.
Contrary to popular belief a soul mate is not necessarily meant to be a romantic relationship.
It could be a person who knows  you inside out even though you just met em. Instant recognition is one indication that you've just met your kinsman /kinswoman
Contrary to popular belief we have many many of them. Sometimes they are family. Sometimes they're across the globe. Strangers.
I would not recommend that you search for a soul mate for a spouse.
There is another purpose to your intuitive mind boggling connection. Which is: your personal growth.
A person from your soul group, is much better as a life partner. They are not as challenging, or disturbing, it's slightly easier, you get along real swell, with matching interests and all the 'stable' ingredients that a relationship requires.
The  immediate magnetic  affinity you feel for a Soul mate can easily be mistaken for romance, love or whatever BS they show in the movies and books.
We can't explain it. So we go for the most obvious labels available. Clichéd ones.
How will you know if it's a Soul mate. You will be connected to that person telepathically, intuitively and spiritually. Depending on how much of your causal layer you've worked on.  And even though you might be at loggerheads and spitting fire,  on the face of it. They will guide you and support you,  as a very real presence in your head and heart.
Some of your worst enemies could be your soul mate. Fyki. Not always but  sometimes.
One of the primary contracts between soul mates is to remind each other of who they are and keep each other  grounded and on track to what you promised yourself before you decided to plonk down into a physical body.  And that reminding could take any shape or form.
But it will always get you there. Back to yourself. Back home. You will grow exponentially. They expand your experience of life, not contract it.

If there's a face that comes to mind when you are in a deep dilemma. That is your soul mate. You just sent out a telepathic SOS. You'll see the difference in your confidence level after contact is made.
Soul mate is tough love.
Ill advised for a romantic pairing.
But yeah if you're up for a challenge sure. Why not. Just be ready for some awesome fireworks. And escalated growth.

Do you think you will find your soul mate??

I believe we are all part of each others history from one life time into another. I believe that we are here for something more then to find a soul mate. I believe that we are are part of one another. I believe there are choices in our lives and that sometimes we are in love alone. I don't believe we are to "settle with whomever makes us happy" I believe we are to BE happy and to share that with one another , not look for someone to make happiness for us. Happiness is a state of being and is to be shared, if you have not found happiness you are looking in the wrong place, it is with you, it is inside of you. Once you are happy then is the time to look for a "mate".In the meantime we are meant to love one another. Best wishes. Love & light,

Do you think or beleive that you will someday you'll find your TRUE LOVE/Soul mate?

I don't believe in soul mates, I think that there are lots of people who are potential matches for every person just depending on your and their circumstances at the time you meet it either will or won't work :) And nobody is ever perfect for anyone it takes effort and compromise.
I'm not sure that I do believe in love, certainly not that Hollywood love at first site mush. I believe in unconditional love for every human being but I don't think that whole head over heels butterflies in stomach rubbish is real.
Of course everyone deserves to be loved, but not necessarily by a partner just shown compassion and care and support by others - family friends and strangers.

First love / Soul Mate?

"Soul Mate" does NOT imply that the other person is just like you. A soul mate is someone who "completes" you...they "round you out, so to speak. For example, take those two-piece, "broken" friendship pendants that used to be so popular: One half was different than the other half (they had different words)...but put together, they made one whole pendant, with the complete sentence.

A soul mate is someone who both accepts you for who you are, and their qualities round out your qualities. Some things will be alike, but some things will also be different, by necessity: Quality relationships are founded as much on differences as they are on similarities. Think about this from a physical standpoint when you consider a relationship between a man and a woman - you can't get much different physically than that! - and it should give you a sense of perspective.

I think you first love was just that - your first love, and nothing more. It sounds as if this second person was closer to being your soulmate, even despite his shortcomings. You mentioned that he was incompatible on a "spiritual level." My question to you is, did he oppose your beliefs to the point that you were unable to live up to them...or did he merely have some disagreements with you and chose to do things differently himself? In a relationship, differences in how each person believes and operates is normal, and it's to be expected...occasionally, you each just sort of have to do your own thing. I understand that for some people, spiritual beliefs are important - you just have to decide how important it is for your partner to "clone" your behavior in a particular circumstance or on particular issues.

Personally, I think you may have been caught in that "80-20" rule I've heard people talk about - that is, the most you can expect from any partner is for them to have 80% of what you are looking for in an ideal mate, and you can't let yourself get caught up in the 20% they don't have. I believe that you need to reflect carefully on these relationships and reconsider them in light of what a soulmate actually should be for you. With a soulmate, life won't be perfect...but then, you don't worry about that because you know that your soulmate will love and appreciate you for who you are, no matter what the circumstances.

I wish you the very best of love and luck.

Do you think you will find your soul mate ??

For years I thought I would...but I'm beginning to feel that the soul mate is not pure bliss. Your soul mate is one who challenges you to grow as an entity. May push buttons. But helps you define who you are as a person ... who you are spiritually. I've stopped looking for the "perfect person" as I don't believe that exists. The soul mate is as flawed as you, and is hoping to grow as well.

"I am just a new soul in this very strange world..."

What is a soul mate and how do you know when you've found yours?

A soul mate is someone who has a deep inner connection with you from deep within your core, you know that you are connected to them by the tug you feel - you may both have the same thought even thousands of miles away and suddenly call each other at the same time even though it was not planned. When together, you know what the other is thinking without needing to talk. You feel as if life is worth a great deal more simply because they are around. If they hurt you know, if they feel joy you know that too. It is a bond that goes much deeper than physical, and indeed does not necessarily mean that you are sexually connected (although a lot of people use the term to mean the one they are in love with). In fact, your soul mate could be the same or the opposite gender, a family member, a lover, a cherished friend, someone with whom you are totally platonic with, anyone! You also can have more than one that you are a soul mate with. I have more than one. My daughter is one of my soul mates - we have been connected telepathically (spiritually to some people) since she was born, I think since before actually. We have never had the time period where mother and daughter do not get along and we spontaneously have a feeling to call the other one, and one is calling on the cell while the other is ringing the land line or hitting the 2-way. She is now almost 27, and the feelings have grown stronger each year. We have the same ideas, thoughts - simultaneously, it is awesome to have someone who understands you that totally (we do differ with some things but they don't matter at all, it makes us unique).. I also have two friends to whom I am connected almost as strongly as my daughter, and if there is a problem, we know the other one is in need. My daughter and I have that as well - if there is any problem we are calling before the other even gets a chance to say "I need help". If you have a soul mate, you will know that you have found him or her, as your entire being will feel totally different when you are together or talking with them or even thinking about them. It is not a sexual thing - don't get that confused with being "in love". It is much more powerful than that, and they also will know as it is not a one way relationship but mutually connected, and it is the most awesome kind of relationship there is..

########Do you think that there is a soul mate for everybody???????

While I don't really believe in the concept of soul mates, I do think that you can find the right person and make it work. You are very young yet, probably not sure what you want in life and not ready to settle down yet. My oldest brother didn't marry til he was 28 years old, currently I have a 21 and 23 year old younger brothers that are single as well, they're just enjoying life waiting for Miss Right to come along.
Just continue socializing and meeting people, have fun, enjoy yourself. Be confident, smile and relax. Make sure you're treating the ladies right, ie: opening doors, being courteous, not being cheap, etc. Make sure you have fresh breath, clean clothes and don't dress sloppy. Dress to impress. None of that pants hanging down low, past your underpants, not stylish at all.
Do all the things you can do as a single now, while you're unattached. There are somethings that a girl might not want to do or might not want you doing. So explore, make the most of your time. You are young, this should be the time of your life, figure out what you want to do with your life and live. The rest of the details will fall into place when it is time!! Best of luck to you!!

Any one, do you think you could find your soul mate on Yahoo's Q&A?

I don't actually believe that when i first started to use this site i was talking to so many guys that sounded ideal, perfect, charming, and when they couldn't get what they wanted they completely switched on me something terrible began stalking all sorts....i started to wonder about the amount of psycho's out there pretending to be charming and normal, i take my hat off to those who have found there mate here, but i have now found mine in the real life not here on the net, it is far too risky.

Do you think you'll find your soul-mate?

Already have.
I also believe there is someone for everyone.
This person may be the last person you think it would be. You may not even be looking, but when the right one is there everything will fall into place.

Can you find your soul mate on Yahoo Answers?

I seriously doubt it.

I may be a hopeless romantic, but I'm not a *complete* fool (but a fool for love I am, nevertheless!).

With that movie, as ridiculous as it was, had personal weight behind it. Meaning, conversations had some degree of being personal. Emails let you speak directly with people, to connect with them, even if only through wires and screens.

The Y!A environment in and of itself is anonymous. There is no real connections with people on a personal level. Everyone is hidden behind anonymity and the system encourages that by making this a question-and-answer-only format, leaving little room for discussion or conversation, personal or otherwise.

Maybe, if you pursued a person you met on Y!A outside of this service's confines you could plant the seeds of love, but I have my reservations about whether those seeds would grow and blossom.

Internet relationships aren't exactly healthy. How you are in real life is often very different from how you are online. And relationships, by virtue of our corporeal existence, require a physical closeness. Many things such as honesty or consequence are often dismissed in relationships that inherently allow for their absence.

Realistically, I doubt you could. But life is unpredictable, so who knows? The statistics demand finding love through Y!A as being utter foolishness. But I believe in the miraculous and unyielding power of love.

Perhaps, if fate deals you the right cards, you could stumble upon the love of your life on Y!A. But arrange meetings in person--in real life. ~_^