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Guys what would you do if this happened to you

Guys, what would you do if this happened to you?

Your friend is sleeping over your house like he casually does, you guys spend the night chilling out and drinking, playing video games.
You get in your boxers and climb into bed as your friend hangs out on the couch. You pass out in your bed eventually.
You wake up and realize that your friend feeling your private area, what do you do in that moment?
Allow him to continue, knowing that you guys are friends and could talk anything out? Pretend to be asleep and let it happen and never mention it.
Or would you be weirded out and disbanded the friendship?

Guys if this happened to you what would you do?

okay so i have this best friend and she is going out with one of my other best friends
now he went away for almost 2 weeks to visit his mom and while he was gone she played a game of dare and kissed another guy
then she started going out with another guy but this guy broke up with her and the hole time she was still dating my friend
when he got back to school today several people had told him and yea he took it pretty hard then they kinda sorta made up and are still going out i think it is wrong and allot Of people agree but i want to know wat you would do if your were in his position

If this happened to you what would u do? [[girls]] & guys how would u feel?

ok i was at school
& i toldmy friend that i have a crush on his friend
so l8er on he tells his friend even tho i told him not to
& then he tries to get me to sit with them during class
...the guy kept starring at me
and wouldnt say anything
and i was just there with my other friends

anyways.....after school the guys that i told came over to me and started talking about the guy i have a crush on
and then the guy comes out of nowhere and my frien calls him over
and he comes
and we all start talking about how i like him
and how my friend is guna try to hook us up
[[it was so embarassing]]
& the guy was just standing behind me
just smiling
& then his friend came over and they left to the buses
BUT i walk to the buses 2 so i walked behind them with my other friend
and the guy that i like kept looking at me
while his friend and my friend were talking

GIRLS what would you do? and what would you think?
GUYS what would you think of the situation? what do u think

Girls, what would you do if this happened to you?

Hi, Girls/Ladies, what would you do if this happened?
Girls, what would you do if this happened?
Lets just say we knew each other well and one day you came home after a long day, I decided to offer to bring you over to the couch, take your shoes and socks off, then gave you a foot massage while you talked about your day?

I just want to find a girlfriend or talk to somebody who will let me do this. I'm just curious.

Guys, would you be embarrassed if this happened to you?

I was at a restaurant waiting to be seated for lunch with 2 of my female co workers. Walking out of the restaurant was this gorgeous woman. She had a figure to die for. 36G would be my guess. She was showing a lot of cleavage. She came over to me and gave me a hug and said “It is great to see you again George. How have you been”? We just talked for a few minutes and then we were seated in the restaurant. Just before we parted, she gave me her card and said “let’s have lunch some time to catch up on old times”.

The last thing she said was “We sure had fun in the back seat of your car when we were in high school didn’t we”? My co workers immediately said who was that beautiful woman. I told them it was an old high school girlfriend from 20 years ago. They wanted to know what I was doing in the back seat of my car with her.

Can someone suggest a answer to their question that would not make me look bad to my friends? I think everyone reading this knows what I was doing in the back seat of my car but I can’t tell them that.

I thought I might tell them we were reading the bible. Do you think they would believe that?

What happens if men never ejaculate?

Semen is constantly produced, and if old useless semen stays too long the body will find a way to dispose of it. This usually happens through nightly ejaculation or it is mixed with pee.

However, the body is actually unable to do this entirely by itself, so it needs help. If for example a man doesn't have any sex, masturbates or manually ejaculates in a decade or several; his testicles will actually grow larger and larger because they're the only place where the excess semen can be contained. Sooner or later, this may result in bursting of the testicles.

There actually hasn't ever been a recorded case of this happening (because... a man's willpower can only be so strong), so it's just a theory. However, if you're interested in seeing it for yourself there is a video online showcasing a man that hasn't ejaculated in 37 years. His testicles are huge and on the video he actually masturbates to let a great deal of it out. Watch at own risk.

Other effects might be sexual frustration or bad moods, but no actual sickness. There is also a case called "blue balls" which means the testicles will be discolored. This happens when a man is sexually frustrated, often horny and somehow teased closer to climax but not actually getting relief. It is actually a quite painful condition that can only be remedied by ejaculating through masturbation or sex.

What happens to guys when they run?

If they are wearing loose underwear it will if they are large when soft. most guys are small when soft though so it doesn't really hang.

But is it often very annoying, yes.

to the other post about bikes... we have to be a little aware of were our testicles are when we get on a bike. if it is a hot day, we can, and probably have sat on our testicles on more than one occasion. Am i right guys?
Boy, that sucks...

Edit - If i'm running without tight boxer briefs it usually is annoying because i'm wearing thin enough shorts that you can see it all of it moves.

Are guys uncomfortable if a girl slaps their butt? What would you do if that happened to you?

No, bring it on!! There's plenty for everybody!

My wife's kid sister had the perfect ass. I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm talking when she was younger. She's now over 50 and a mother. Am I digging myself into a hole here?

We used to playfully joke about it. It started out the first time that I hugged her and let my hand slip down there and give it a healthy squeeze. Her initial reaction was “Hey!” and to slap me on mine. After that, it was our standard greeting.

One day I was standing in line at the bank and two people ahead of me was that familiar ass. I excused the person in front of me and then stepped in to grab a handful. It got the usual reaction. She jumped, yelled “Hey!” as she turned around and I presented my butt for the obligatory slap. She took my cue and I stepped back in line and we both acted business as usual.

We met out in the parking lot doubled over with laughter remarking about people's reactions.

GUYS! what would you do if you had an erection in front of one of your friends who happened to be a girl?

I was at my locker and my friend whos a boy was talking to me and i could tell he wasnt being his normal self. there was something different about the way he looked at me. then i looked down and there was this bulge in his pants. i think he had an erection b/c then he randomly started blushing when i looked back into his eyes and then he hurriedly went away.... any advice?

Guys if you were using a urinal and a girl began using the one next to you what would you do, ever happened?

I'd probably just try to shake my mind off of it... like think "maybe that person is a transvestite"...

but you know, women supposedly can do it with some training... wait, did I say something? don't mind me