Have anyone ever opean the door for u

What is the craziest thing you have ever said or done at an interview and still gotten the job?

What do you do when you have a neighbor that pounds on the walls and you can't reason with them? Any tiny noise and bam, she slams the door and pounds on walls and slams cabinets.

You cannot reason with someone who is mentally unstable. We lived on a great street, a dead end hill, surrounded by forest for my son's first 10 years then these freaks, renters, moved in next door to us, what a nightmare. Even though I welcomed them to the neighbourhood and invited them to our annual halloween party to which they didn’t attend, they targeted us, well mainly me. But I have to say that from the moment I met the woman, even though she was friendly enough, every fiber of my being screamed, THIS IS GOING TO BE BAD! But I didn't know how bad, it took less than two months for her to turn on me. Two years later a real estate company knocked on our front door and after another year we sold and moved away from the phycho couple. Occasionally we cross paths in our local grocery store where the bitch will be glaring at me from the next check out lineup with her hands on her hips, just completely raving nuts. They have harassed ever single household on that street. Other neighbours have moved away as well and yet they remain, 13 years later. Do your neighbour’s own or rent? If they rent you could try complaining to the landlord or you could attempt a face to face but make sure you're not alone. As I discovered, it's worth it to move.

Has anyone gone out of their way to help you because you were a tourist in their country?

In my late teens, I went with a group for a guided “cultural tour” of Europe, which was billed as a wonderful way to expose American youngsters to the rich history… blah blah blah.

But it quickly became evident, to me, that most of the youngsters on the tour were interested in “party” only. I told the tour leader I was “out of here,” and would rejoin the group in England a few days before the flight back to the U.S. She totally agreed.

And so, I started walking out of Milan, toward the mountains to the north. I eventually arrived in London. Along the way, people stopped to give me a lift, point me in the right way and do all such other things as were necessary for my personal safety and comfort. Some of these experiences included:

Sleeping beneath a tree by the garden of a convent. In the morning, the sisters came out and added their night soil to the garden, stirring it in with sticks. A priest appeared with a bag containing anchovy sandwiches on locally baked rolls, and two HUGE peaches.
Later a man and his son with a tiny pickup truck built around a motorcycle gave me a ride to a major highway — the way to France. So there I rode in the company of a weeping oil drum, bouncing around as we ascended and descended unpaved mountainous country roads.
Now on the major highway, a couple in a sports car put me in their back seat, and I was terrified at the excessive speeds on our way to my next way point.
Where I caught a train by pointing to places on a map, and hopping the train the agent indicated.
In France, I stopped at a little country restaurant one afternoon and was treated to the table wine and whatever they brought from the kitchen; I don’t know what it was, but it was good. And the (presumed) owners were friendly and kind, to me.

At last I rejoined the group in London and in a few days we were flying back to the U.S.

I would like to say all these very wonderful people “went out of their way.” But I don’t think they DID. I think their acts of kindness were very much “IN” their way.

And I have always sought to be the same, when I may assist strangers from afar in the U.S.

God how I do wish it were so with all of us.

Have you ever almost punched someone who snuck up on you? Do scary movies make you scream? How sensitive is your startle reflex?

Thank you Wendi!

This question snuck up on me from the infamous Wendi and far from being startled, I was shocked and pleased as the Cheshire cat.

I have been scared by being snuck up on but that was decades ago when I had nerve endings. Today, I suspect that it would depend on the circumstances; appropriate ambience and how unsuspecting that I was in the moment. I can just see you rolling your eyes and saying…yes yes yes but have you ever been startled? Sigh I am ashamed to admit that as a teenager and the man with my 3 sisters, we were doing what kids do. We were playing hide and go seek at dusk. Our house sat on an acre of unfenced land, about 400 ft from an open cemetery. The rumors of “spirits of the dead” rising from their graves at dusk ran wild among the populace, but there were about 15 of us kids milling around the front of the yard among the trees.

Suddenly, a large apparition (read “adult") with arms spread wide came clambering zombie-like off the road and into the yard making loud guttaral sounds. Fucking chaos ensued. I was no hero. I may have screamed louder than my sisters but I would never know whose screaming broke more glasses in the kitchen cupboards of the neighborhood. Everybody ran in every direction. Parents came running!

The apparition stopped when the screaming started, but hell, no one noticed that.

When the parents arrived, the apparition who was a neighborhood friend apologized profusely. The parents were livid.

We kids were sheepishly laughing louder than we should. I don't know how many pants were soiled that night but I am not saying I may not have learnt what terror was with the appropriate results. After that though, I could not be easily startled.

So no, scary movies do not scare me. In fact, I try to figure out how the shot(s) were set up.

My startle reflex is not virginally pure any more. But I don't doubt that I cannot be startled by any particularly enterprising idiot who wants to be screamed at and have his block knocked off his head by cool, calm collected me!

Have you ever had a neighbor that was so hard to live next to that you moved away?

Can a police officer knock on your door or try to enter your home if he/she witnessed you committing a traffic violation and wants to give you a ticket?

If you are doing traffic enforcement, sooner or later you are going to get a "runner" .

This happens more frequently when you are doing plain-clothes stuff such as Narc work, but I digress.

If you are going to pursue these minor-league violators, you have to keep in mind:

Departmental Policy

The safety of the general motoring and pedestrian public

What kind of offense you saw

How much gas you have

How long it is until the end of the shift

How your supervisor will react when you go full-code-three for a "California stop" offender

If you have a decent chance of catching this bozo on wheels without bending your car, or even worse , spilling your coffee .

Yes, I HAVE run after somebody who bailed out and ran into his house after a "minor" traffic stop went wrong, but in this case I was 10 feet behind the guy, and he was a well known local drunk who nearly killed people before when he was VERY DUI.

The fact that he drove onto his lawn at 40 MPH, and hit his front porch was great photographic evidence at the trial.

The best "fleeing from police" story comes with a guy who ran from my partner and myself for a simple  10 over the limit thing, who was SOO intent on making it home, that he drove into his garage without first opening the garage door.

Marc got out, interviewed the guy ( who was pinned in his car by the crumpled door), and then gave him a verbal admonishment for the speeding violation.

We kinda figured the $10,000 damage to the car and the garage was more of a lesson than the fine he'd get for doing 35 in a 25 zone.


What can I do if my door won't close with over the door hook rack?

Abner, and David, are on the same page as me. Simple markthe tip of the door where the hook/hooks rest, and notch it out with any of the tools they suggested, or a simple file will allow more control of how much material you remove. Remember you can always remove more but not put back, unless it's Bondo, or plastic wood or something like that. So file a little at a time, and check the hook to keep it flush with the top of the door. That way it may not hang loosely and scratch, or mark up the door face. Small screws through the hook into the top of the door if possible is added stability.

If gender equality happened would people still do things like hold doors for women, and other things or treat each other exactly the same as a man?

Oh really?

We’re in 2018, and you’re worried about this?

Excuse me, but if you don’t hold the door open for other people you are an [BNBR warning].

Whether that other person is a man or a woman does not make you a bigger or smaller [BNBR warning].

Holding open doors for people is the polite thing to do.

People who ask these lame questions about holding doors open for women and when it is okay to hit a woman are tiresome, because it’s not really about holding doors open, is it? Because you KNOW to hold open doors. I am guessing that you have not ever in your life actually wondered “should I hold open this door or not?” and the fact that it was a woman who was approaching did not make a single bit of difference.

They’re trying to make a point to make feminism look ridiculous.

But all it actually does is the exact opposite.

Have anyone ever opean the door for u?

Never, not once. I hope to one day have a door held open for me. But alas, I do not believe that is what fate has in store for me. You see, nobody I have ever met has hands, hence, I must be the door holder, but it is hard for me to be the door holdee. But stronger than my desire for a door to be held open for me is my desire to never lose my hands, so I live on, taking each day as it comes, valuing my hands and the doors they allow me to open...

Why do so many public restrooms have doors that you need to pull to open from the inside, when it's better to push to open from the inside?

Because of construction code and general safety.

Bathrooms are most commonly located in hallways or other paths of egress in case of an emergency (especially as they are often a designated emergency shelter themselves). Such pathways have code regarding the amount of encroachment that is allowed. If a door opens outwards, and the pathway that it is opening into isn’t sufficiently large, too much of it could be blocked by the open door and violate code.

Depending on the size of the building, the required passageways could be as wide as 8-feet free of obstruction. That would mean that, in order for the door to be allowed to open outwards into the hallway, that it would need to be nearly 12-feet to the other side of the hall to still allow for an 8-foot passage even with an open door. That is far, far larger than most establishments have available in width across from their bathroom doors.

It’s also generally just safer to have doors open towards a person (i.e. pulling) rather than pushing it into a passageway where someone may not be expecting a door to be opened right in front of them.

An additional benefit that probably is just more of a nice happenstance than an actual reason to mount the doors this way, is that when a door is pulled to open, clean air is pulled into the bathroom. If the door pushes outwards, it creates an actual suction on the air in the bathroom that pulls the potentially smelly air it into the public space every time that it is opened.