How to tell my boyfriend to shave his beard

I want my boyfriend to shave his beard..?

okay, so my boyfriend has one of those 'neck beards' you know where they have it under their face but none on the face - its not reaaaally long like a proper beard or anything, but i dont reaally like it all that much.. he still looks really good looking, but he just looks SO much nicer when hes shaved.. the thing is tho is that he likes his beard and said he didnt wanna shave it, he knows i dont really like it and he said "okay, ill shave it" - this was sunday morning, he works away during the week so i see him on friday, but i doubt he'll of shaved it..

i dont want to control how he looks cos i dont think its fair or up to me, and i said that to him and he goes "yeah but i want you to be happy with the way i look" how can i hint to him in a nice way he should shave it? i just dont want it to get reaally long, but i feel bad cos its up to him how he looks and he likes it :/

i still love him lol, and still thinks he looks lush, but its much nicer without the beard and he looks a lot tidier and not so scruffy.

My boyfriend wont shave his beard?

Try a compromise - a beard is just hair that doesn't get the respect it should and will respond to treatment just like any other hair. I have worn beards off and on most of my life but keep them trimmed and, most importantly, conditioned. Conditioning is the key if your beard is coming between you and your lady - and you want to stay close to both. All beards are different, but most will soften right up once your bf starts washing it just as he does his hair and finishing with a good conditioner. That way he can get the best of both worlds - let his man flag fly and still get to kiss you as much as he likes! Good Luck! (if you think he will be resistant, figure a way to make it seem like his idea)

How to tell my boyfriend to shave his face?

I have the same problem lol well my boyfriend shaves but sometimes he doesn't everyday so there a little stubble everywhere and when i kiss him i don't like it he tells me he's just going to stop shaving, but I'll ask him "Pwease shave?" sometimes he's like no and if he says no i tell him "If you don't shave you won't get anymore kisses from me" in baby talk and when he leans to kiss me i'll ease back then he'll tell me he will and he'll shave the next day lol
So just ask nicely like please or tell him how you feel about it and you could make little jokes like i do, but sometimes it depends on the guy
or you could also ask him to shave and if he says no then don't shave your legs or something then he certainly will

But i hope this helps (:

How do I get my new boyfriend to shave his beard?

I've been seeing a really sweet guy for about a month. He has met my family and I have met his. He is very good to me. The only problem is, he has recently grown a really thick beard, and his hair is getting really long. I've tried to gently tell him, "Baby it's time to shave..." but he still hasn't. I know I'm supposed to love him for who he is and not how much hair he has, but honestly, it's starting to gross me out. I haven't been in relationship in a while, so I was hoping to be able to make this one work. How can I get him to shave and groom himself without hurting his feelings?

How do i get my boyfriend to stop shaving his beard?

My boyfriend looks much better with a beard, he likes to not have to shave but he feels like he's being lazy or looks "grizzly".
I love the way he looks with a beard even better than when he doesn't have one, but he continues to shave it off completely every couple weeks.
I'm buying him a beard trimmer for his b-day, hoping it will persuade him to trim and not shave, but i was wondering if anyone had any other ideas.

How To Talk Boyfriend Into Shaving His Beard?

well you should respect what he says, but you can suggest for him to give it a try, if he doesnt like it then dont ask him to do it again. let him feel comfortable with himself, whatever he decides, its his decision, all you can do is suggest. and just see if he can do it.

With his glasses: its fine, you shouldn't force him but you could tell him to wear it so you can see(in private), then you give your honest opinion. if he says: i dont want to go like this in public, people will make fun of me.... thats when you say: you shouldn't care what people say what matter is that you like how you look, and how you are . as do i think you look great regardless of how u look

My boyfriend shaved his beard and now I realize he's not that cute. What should I do?

This reminds me of the quote: “How can you know how serious your feelings are for your crush? Wait until they get a haircut.”

It sounds like you’re only physically attracted to him, it doesn’t sound that serious where emotions are concerned—and that’s okay, it happens to everyone at some point. I think if you were deeply emotionally attracted to him, his appearance wouldn’t matter in cases like this.

If you’re no longer attracted to him, you’re no longer attracted to him. You’re better of just dumping him. You should be dating someone who you’re completely emotionally attracted to and physically attracted to. And he should be dating someone who’s completely physically and emotionally attracted to him.

Beards usually drastically change a person’s face. They can go from looking like a viking to looking pre-pubescent after they shave. I don’t blame you if it shocked you.

But, if you’re no longer attracted to him, then it’ll be better for both you and your boyfriend to break up.

How do I convince my boyfriend to shave his beard?

Boyfriend. Mom. Dad.

These people are individuals with autonomy to take their own decisions.

Yes, they are close to us, dearest ones. We love them.

We like our loved ones to behave a certain way. We idealize them. If only they did this, it’d give me happiness.

You’re projecting your idea of happiness on your loved one.

It sucks to not see them be the way you want them to be.

It kills you from inside. You think they don’t get you or understand you. But in introspection, you don’t get that you don’t get to idealize them and make them behave they way you want them to be.

I have a short pixie cut. Mom doesn’t like it. She loves long flowing locks of hair. She thinks it adds beauty to my face. Makes me look complete. Every now and then she asks me to let the hair grow a bit. I don’t listen to her. It doesn’t mean that I don’t seem to understand her. It’s just the way I like my hair to be.

There’s something you can do though. Sit and talk it out with boyfriend. Tell him how you feel about it and ask him whether can shave his beard. Listen to him respond to your request. If he accepts, good, if not, leave it be. He likes it and that it something you have to accept. Or reach some compromise, like I did with my mom with my haircut, it’d be on and off long and short hair. Remember that any of those outcomes are acceptable.

How do I ask my boyfriend to shave his armpits?

Why would you ask him that? Arm pit hair is the only difference between you and your boyfriend. He is not a girl and he is a boy therefore he has more reasons to keep his arm pit air and all other hair on his body. You only need to shave if you are a swimmer or work as a model or in any field where your body gets exposed to the public. Since he does not need to, do not oppress his rights by telling him to shave his arm pit hair. As a man, the androgynous look should be avoided at all cost. Do not make this world weirder and confused as it already is due to archeons and luciferans demands.

If he is going to be oppressed by your maleficent intentions then you will be needed to shave your pubis hair. As well, never manipulate your boyfriend ever into doing something. [1] [2][3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]


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How do I get my husband to shave his goatee / beard?

My husband is 21 & I'm 26. We dated for 3 yrs & have been married for 1. While we were dating, he always shaved his face (at least every 3 days or so). We had a long distance relationship, so when he wanted to start growing a beard, I said fine, as long as he shaved it when we visited each other. (It hurts me when I kiss him & I just hate how it looks.)
When we were planning our wedding, he said he wanted to have a beard for the wedding (It's a short goatee, really, just on the chin.) because he wanted to look older. Even though I'm older than him, most people think I'm only 19 (by my looks), but he looks quite young too, so I said ok, but only for the wedding.
Well, as I said, we've been married for a year & I've begged him to shave it off, but he won't. Throughout our relationship, I've done things for him just because he prefers it. For example, I keep my nails short, don't wear make-up, don't dye my hair, keep my clothes semi-conservative.
How do I get him to shave it??