I been righting a book but i need help with the names

I'm writing a book and I need help with character names .....?

ok so this book is about vampires ...a girl who's best friend gets killed by a vampire and she's trying to find out what killed him ... well the vampires tell her and then give her a choice of dying or losing her soul ...
she decides to turn into a vampire ...and i'm still writing it ...

so i'm not sure what i should name her ... i like the name elizabeth cuz her nickname could be liz or lizzy or eliza ...but i'm not sure about her last name ...
so i reeeeally like Leslie but i'm not sure about any nicknames for it and the only last name i could come up with is "Ford" and the name Leslie Ford is already taken (anne's house o dreams)
i like leslie better than elizabeth but i need a last name ...

and i have a name for the vampire who killed her best friend .. his name is David i just want a really good last name... it has to be an old name cuz he's old ...

i have names for the kid who died ..Matthew Fletcher(if that's your name then i'm really sorry i didn't know the name existed lol)
his mom is Victoria .... the girl's sister is Rachel or Rach ...
and i have a few other names that i'm trying to decide for the minor characters....

thanks :)
there will also be werewolves (much later) and i need good names for them too ... if you just wanna throw a ton of names at me that would be great ... thanks !!

I need a name for my story I have been writing.?

Finish writing the story first.
A title may just come to you. While writing, there may be something someone says that fits perfectly for the title. Or maybe there will be something that's constantly repeated through the story and that will end up being the title.
You could also consider using one of their screen names (if it's not simply their names) as the title.

I need help with names first and last since I'm writing a book about supernatural beings.?

Naming a character should feel like a parent naming their children. You wouldn't give that task to anyone else (least of all strangers). I'm guessing you don't feel that strongly about your story.

Need help with/plot & names for my story plz!?

Why don't you make your book a historical romance novel? It will be recognized as something beautiful and unique instead of the run-up-the-mill usual. It could be set in 1903 or something along the lines of that.

Christianna Baroughs (the girl main character) is celebrating her birthday with her family at her seaside summer house and feels terribly lonely since no one besides her family remembered it was her sixteenth birthday, even being a ridiculously wealthy young lady. Only her two friends, Rosalinde Harris (the girl main character's friend) and Lawrence Verrington (the best guy friend) are a little sweet to her on her birthday. She walks along the seaside peacefully after her celebration, she meets Daniel Halridge, a middle class young man about three months older than her. They both secretly meet on the beach and start to fall in love. And although his class is different than hers some may try to tear them apart, their love still stands strong. (The little brother can be named Henry).

If you don't want it to be a historical romance novel, stick to your own plot but here are some names quite similar to the historical names:

Kristy (the main girl)
Rosa (the main girl's friend)
Lance (the main girl's best guy friend)
The main boy can still be named Daniel
and the little brother can still be Henry
It was common now and it was common then

Fictitious University names for story?

Is the book a comedy? Try Falling Leaves University or Turkey Hill University (Turkey Hill being Martha Stewart's former estate) .

What about University of the Pilgrim or Constitution University (CT is the Constitution state) or Nutmeg University or Algonquin U? CT is believed to be an Algonquin name.

You could even have the school paper to be the Nutmeg or the Algonquin.

Good luck.

Wolf pack and pack members names?

I'm going to start writing a book about several wolf packs. I've sort of been writing this book in my head for about a year, I just need to put it on paper and I need names. I want this book to be great, I've written several short stories and books but I have been too afraid to try to get to get them edited and published. In my story there are several wolf packs mentioned.. The main character is a girl named Lorelai who has lived in a small village and is a part of the few very rich families in town. The village is guarded by the mysterious "Guardians" who are young men trained at age 17 to guard the town from the dangerous "Cold One's (vampires). In the village unknowningly to Lorelai, two packs have settled there. Her own father and three older brothers are apart (her father is the alpha male) of the two packs merged to protect Lorelai. The other protaganist is a guardian named Chase. He's to be the alpha of the second pack merged with Lorelai's father's to protect Lorelai for almost 16 years.
Lorelai's father, Morgan ___ (no last name yet) is the alpha of the two largest packs in the pack system. Chase's father is alpha of the other. There is only one other pack mentioned in the book, the pack is full of wolves gifted with different talents besides the obvious werewolf charectoristics. I'd appreciate names for both packs and pack members. I'd also like to say there are NO female werewolves in Lorelai or Chase's fathers but there is some in the third pack.


I sincerily hope I don´t offend you, but your characters are cliché,

1.- big blue eyes and pale, quiet and negative, change the eye color and the dancing (which should not be there because she is awkward, awkward people can´t dance... cause they´re awkward, unless you meant awkward in another way?) and you have yourself Miss Isabella Marie Swan,
You don´t need to take heed to me, im simply giving my opinion,

2.- the eye color would be hazel (:D) unless your character has some kind of personality disorder (which should be explained too) you should just have im be care-free and stupid (hope this doesn´t offend anyone)
Although drunk people can change from happy and fun to moody in one shot of tequila, there´s often a reason behind it, because if their past or curent relations (not necesarily romantic)

3.- I find this a little offensive to blondes (lol, yeah, blonde can be spelled with an "e" at the end, like colours with a "u"), cause it follows the "blonde bimbo" stereotype that is spoiled with amazing clothes and dislike for her parents, however the tan thing sounds fantastic, most characters are pale, rarely any tan.

4.-This character I love, he sounds intresting and psychiatrist like, really good!

as for names(If I had more info on them, I would be able to provide more accurate names -info like personality and where they descend from-):

1.- Tallulah (Tal, Tally, Lulu, Lula), Riley (Riles), Agatha (Aggie), Luciana/Lucile (Lucy), Jamie
2.- Logan, Tyler (Ty), Connor, Hunter, Zachary
3.- Sophia (Soph, Sophy), Sarah, Emma Rose(Em, Emma, Rose), Caroline, Victoria (Vi, Vico, Tori)
4.- Michael (Mike), Anthony (Tony), Cristopher (Cris), Luke, Elijah

I do hope you choose a nice name for your characters, and I hope you don´t take my critisism the wrong way, I love reading, and I also find myself writing a book, I mearly wrote to my minds opinions.
If you ever need any help, feel free to contact me, im always willing to help another writer!

Best of Luck and Best Regards,

Need help with names for a book I'm writing!!!?

Names!!! Okay, for the first one...

Akeem/Askeem. Rune (yes, it IS a name and it means secret).

For second one

Enola sounds cool. And she is outgoing. Reverse Enola:Alone! So she is the opposite of alone. Also there is Mari or Erica. Erica itself doesn't sound that good for this girl but click on this link to get variants of it.
Or Aisha and all of its variants.

For the third one:

Coye (means quiet or quiet place). Saturnin (means moody) Quanah (means sweet)

Im writing a three book series, and i need help with names?

'Emily and the Beast' or 'splendor and Duhram' or (you assert she's a healer, so according to risk some thing like:) 'Love general practitioner' (little cheesy lol) btw, i admire the tale! properly executed on the 20000 words. you do not have an afternoon interest ;)

I been righting a book but i need help with the names.?

Only lazy writers try to fit the name to the person based on a laundry list of physical characteristics and behavior. You don't make the name fit the person.