If feminist want equality why dont they plan a mission to moon girls only

I hate feminism to the core and will fight the evil feminist forces until my last breath. What should my action plan be?

If you are not from India this is obviously a troll question. Apparently you are analyzing the answers and making a poll of the reactions. Favorable, unfavorable, indifferent etc.

However, if you are from India…that's a different thing. You need to be very careful. Indian law does not accept the universal principles of justice like “innocent till proven guilty” or “equality before law irrespective of gender”. Thus irrespective of your innocence any woman can put you in jail as per her wish under ipc354.

Thus first of all keep an on call good emergency lawyer whom you can contact in an emergency anytime. Develop political connections (most likely it won't prevent arrest, but save you from police beating in custody). Try to keep an audio video recording device with you in dicey situation. Though again it won't save you from arrest, it may help later. Though in India using a video device itself may equal to cruelty against women and mean jail time. An audio only device may be of some use.

What are the top ten reasons why someone should not date you?

I expect people to be as generous with effort as I am; and I’m rather too generous for my own good.

Pro tip: Writing me a warm, heartfelt, ten-page long letter counts as effort; clicking a few buttons online and ordering something nice for me doesn’t.
I am not a party person. A bunch of strangers, loud music, small talk, mindless dancing and drinking make me miserable. If you take me some place that includes one or more of the above, I’d probably sulk in a corner and not talk to anyone for hours after that.
I would never call you by your name. It would either be darling, or baby, or cute, or…(the list keeps getting tackier as I keep falling more and more in love with you. Ask my boyfriend; I call him “Babbit”.)
I suffer from non-PMS related mood swings (PMS-relared ones too, but I’ll refrain from mentioning how severe they tend to be, for fear that you might run off mid-way.). I’ve been told by reliable sources that handling them can get on a guy’s nerves.
If I enjoyed reading a book or watching a particular TV series, I’ll keep pestering you until you do so too. I’d then want to dissect, analyze and discuss the motives behind each even marginally loveable character with you. And no, this isn’t an hour-long thing; it usually goes on for weeks.
Like I can match your apetitte, I could easily match your libido. If you’re a sex-just-twice-a-day kind of person, you’d find me overwhelming.
Even though I’m perfectly capable of keeping myself occupied otherwise, I suffer from ocassional bouts of “neediness”. During these spells, I’d keep calling you every two hours and expect lots and lots of consolation and love.
I am not much of a culinary expert. If you come to live with me for a day, you’d be treated to a nice cheese omelette for breakfast, fried rice and poached eggs for lunch and for dinner…. umm, let’s eat out, shall we? I seem to have run out of recipes.
I am a cuddler. You can say goodbye to all those nights of sleeping spread-eagled on a king size bed all alone. I’d sidle up to you, plant my head on your chest, wrap my arm around as much of your body as I can hold and peacefully fall asleep.
Last and most important reason of all: I am in a relationship with this awesome person for the last two years.

And I didn’t say “awesome” for no reason; you’d have to work extremely hard to even try and match up to the standards I’m used to.

There are more, but the question asked for only ten, so…

Why are some Indians so furious about the BBC documentary 'India's Daughter'? Why did the government of India ban this documentary film?

How will the anti-Trump liberals react if President Trump turns the nation around for the better, and they can't say, "I told you so"?

Why are you a feminist? Which aspects of the feminist doctrine do you consider most important? How would you define your own feminism?

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed today and I stumbled upon a photo so vulgar, cheap, insensitive and pathetic that I felt a burning anger in my veins.

This is the cheap Facebook page that I have reported for their horrible actions.

The comment threads revealed to me why really incidents like the Bengaluru mass molestation take place. Look at men attacking women through their comments. None of them would ever think of consent before forcing himself on a woman. None of them can understand what it is like to be molested and attacked as a woman.


Well, I see all the men here acting destructively.

What have you got to say?

I am a feminist because my parents still worry when I don’t go home by 8 pm.

I am a feminist because our Ministers think Chowmein or Western Culture is responsible for rapes.

Some degraded creatures have the guts to blame the victim herself for the rape.

I am a feminist because “Asking for it” has become an excuse for men to do whatever the hell they want.

I am a feminist because consuming alcohol excuses everything that men do and everything that is done to women.

I am a feminist because my body is mine and you have no right over so much as making a statement about it.

I am a feminist because eve-teasing and cat-calling are not compliments.

I am a feminist because you petty men do not understand the meaning of consent.

I am a feminist because I AM NOT SAFE.

What is one piece of advice an Indian boy or man would want to give to an Indian girl/woman?

There are good guys, there are bad guys.
Learn self defense (both emotionally and physically) for bad guys.
Learn to respect and trust good guys.

1. When a guy smiles at you, that doesn't mean he is checking on you. And if you smile back he won't think "hansi to fansi".
2. You may look good after all makeup and grooming. But you definitely look good when you smile.
3. If your friend or any boy asks whats wrong, just tell clearly whats wrong, he can't just read minds.
4. When a boy sees you crying, he is really concerned why you are crying.
5. Recently if you had a break-up and a guy approaches to make u feel good, that doesn't mean he is trying to take chance. He is just trying yo make u smile.
6. It doesn't matter if you are chubby or slim, short or tall, dark or fair. What matters is how good you are inside.
7. If a guy is looking at you, that doesn't mean he is pervert. May be he noticed something different about you. Be proud of that :). No need to get uncomfortable.
8. You can get a good or bad person as your life partner, but u can't get an exact replica of your father.
9. It doesn't matter for a guy how many relations you had previously, what matters is how much respect you can give to your current relation with him.
10. You will never get a replacement for your ex boy-friend. Don't expect your new boyfriend to behave same as you ex.
11. Never judge a guy from his first impression. Most guys are rude from outside, but very soft from inside.
12. A real man is not the one who joined you in parties or dates. A real man is the one who was sitting besides you when you were sick.
13. If a guy has tears in his eyes for you, he loves you more than anything in this world. He is the best you can have.

And obviously the list goes on :)

What are the top ten reasons why someone should date you?

I am a good listener and a good entertainer too. You will never feel bored because I am full of lame and stupid jokes and I will always be there to listen to you and comfort you when you have a bad day. We can go out and have ice cream later. It helps :)
We will always split the bill. ALWAYS! You don't have to pay the bills just because you are the guy. I don’t believe in all that stuff. We went together, had fun together, ate together so we pay together.
I am not much into makeup and stuff. Just an eyeliner and lip balm. So basically it takes me 15 minutes max to get ready for anything.
I am not a small talk person. I hate it. I wanna talk about everything you like and dislike, your fears and insecurities, your strengths and weaknesses, your childhood, what keeps you up at night. Everything. So we can always have a real conversation. I will be sharing everything with you so I expect the same from you. No secrets and lies please.
I am a caring person and when I call you I wanna make sure if you have eaten or not, how was your day, what did you do all day, did you talk to your parents today or not, how are they doing. So you will have to bear that with me :)
I prefer staying at home over partying, street food over fancy restaurant food and video games, football over girly stuff. We can have video games match and watch football together.
For me the basic rule is Family over everything. You would never end up in a position where you would have to choose me over them. I expect the same from you too!
You would never have to complain about not getting enough space for yourself. You wanna hangout with your friends I don’t have any problem with that, just let me know.
I hate gifts. I am more of a good morning texts and cute compliments kind of person. I don’t want you to waste your money on me, rather buy something for yourself or your family, I will be more happy.
I will be keeping our relationship private but not a secret. I expect the same from you. If we have any issues let’s keep it between us and talk it out and solve it. I believe in talking to the person rather than talking about him.

What is the importance of women's empowerment in India?

You ask what the importance of women empowerment in India is?

Imagine a country that has one of the greatest number of people below the poverty line, where every single usable brain is valuable like gold to get out of the misere, but you do not allow about 70% of women to actively participate in your society ?


They are good enough to give birth to your children,


Good enough to bring a full plate of filled dishes to the table at 18:00,


And good enough to spend thousands of sleepless nights for you and your kids..


but not to become a doctor, to become a pilot, to be an entrepeneur, or to lead the country ?


We call the world, Mother Earth.

We call our country, Mother Nation.

But when it comes to opening the way for them, we've been so stingy for over thousands of years and still do not want them to give a little space in public.

Women are the backbone of a nation. The main pillar of our house. We crush our own world without knowledge by locking them under four walls.

Despite immense difficulties for generations in India, Indian women have not given up to serve this beautiful nation wonderfully. This status has not just fallen from heaven for them. They had to do the double work of one man and as if the pressure at home was not enough, they had to suffer the machoism also at work, on the street every day.

We call them our mother or sister, say that they are holy to us, but do not let them participate in this land?

If you do not let the women out, this country will never develop.

No country in the world can grow into a modern civilization with only men working.

And all by side, we owe it to them.

Without you, we would not exist.

I'm proud to all of you.


What was your experience finding a partner on Indian matrimonial sites?

Why all the gods and prophets had incarnated about hundreds and thousands of years ago? Why there is no prophet in recent times? Don't they want to fight evils and injustice anymore?

There have been thousands of people who think they are a prophet or prophetess of God today, and go around blurting out great things. Most are delusional. But I know of only two people in my direct experience that seem to truly have a gift, whether real or not I don’t know, but out of all the many people who imagine they are a “prophet”, two really seemed to be the real deal. I was in a church service years ago, going through my personal issues, way in the back of the church out of sight. This guy came around, down the isle, down my row of seats at the very end, and announced to the church what my problem was that I had to deal with. I was in shock. I’ve never seen this person before in my life. About 4 years later, the exact same thing happened with a totally different person. Different town. Different church. I could almost feel my hair standing on end. And the problem with God’s prophets is that they are often disliked and denounced, degraded, discounted, and sometimes destroyed. If a person really is a prophet and speaking the words of God to sinners, their life expectancy is often short, as in the old days, or at least they can be hauled off to a mental treatment center or just disregarded as insane, even if (especially if) what they are saying is true. People don’t want to be told that God doesn’t like what they are doing and will judge them if they don’t repent. Prophets in the past have been killed in very horrible ways.