Is it common to see confederdate flags in the state of virginia

How did the battle flag of the army of Northern Virginia become so popular that it’s often confused as being the official flag of the Confederate States of America?

I am glad someone actually knows the difference here. The Confederacy had three flags, the first, second, and third nationals.

After the war, during reconstruction, lawlessness was very common in the South. It was the responsibility of the Union army to maintain law and order. Later, civilian authorities. But these people did not really care about law and order. So they did not do much.

The citizens were pretty much on there own to survive.

Along comes General Nathan Bedford Forrest and he started the KKK. They kept law and order for both black and whites. It worked pretty well.

They used the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia as a symbol.

Then here comes the racist. Forrest tried to abolish Klan, but couldn’t.

The Klan used the battle flag. So as time went on, the national flags were forgotten and the un-informed sees the battle flag as THE symbol of the Confederacy.

To me, the battle flag used as a racist symbol is an insult. My ancestors fought for their homes under the Battle Flag in some of the toughest battles of the war.

They should not be remembered this way. There were just Americans trying to protect their homes.

Is West Virginia racist?

Why are people offended by the Confederate battle flag?

Why does the State of Mississippi keep the Confederate flag as a part of its own flag?

It doesn’t. The image below is the flag of the State of Mississippi:

The section that you are referring to, designated by the following picture, is not the Confederate flag, it is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, under General Robert E. Lee’s command.

The final image that you see below, is the actual Confederate flag, i.e. the flag of the Confederate States of America, nicknamed the “Stars and Bars.”

If you flew the Stars and Bars this day and age, I suspect that a large percentage of the US population would have no clue that you were flying the actual Confederate flag.


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What were the Confederate States?

The Confederate States of America were the states that attempted to secede from the United States in 1860-1861 after the election of Abraham Lincoln as President.

The American Civil War was fought to preserve the integrity of the Union and keep those states in the U.S.

In order of their dates of secession the Confederate states were:

South Carolina
North Carolina

Why is the Confederate flag offensive to some?

The "Confederate"  never represented the Confederacy.  It was the Tennessee battle flag.  After the Civil War, it was adopted by the KKK as their flag.

Even then, the flag was supported only by a fringe group.  It truly became popular during the Civl Rights movement.  It started flying over the capital buildings and used as a personal symbol to protest desegregation.

It does not represent Southern Heritage to me.  Southern heritage to me is hospitality, great food, beautiful dialects, gracious living.

This flag represents traitors, losers, oppression, ignorance, and racism to me.

If you want to fly the *Confederate* flag, at least fly a real Confederate flag, not this fake one.

Note:...the second Confederate flag is on a field of white that doesn't show well in this picture.

UPDATE:  Written explanation of image posted for accessibility purposes.:
his image is titled "History Lesson" and shows four flags, described as follows:

(1)  The first national flag of the Confederate States of America  (1861-1863) is rectangular, shown with two wide red stripes and an  equally wide single white stripe in the middle. The upper left quarter  of the flag has a blue background with a circle of stars.

(2)  The second national flag of the Confederate States of America  (1863-1865) is rectangular, all white, except for the upper left  quarter, which shows a red background behind a white-bordered X. Within  the white-bordered X are thirteen stars surrounded by a blue background.

(3)  The battle flag of the army of North Virginia (1861-1862) was square.  It contains only a red background behind a white-bordered X. Within the  white-bordered X are thirteen stars surrounded by a blue background.

(4)  The rectangular battle flag for the army of Tennessee (1864) contains  only a red background behind a white-bordered X. Within the  white-bordered X are thirteen stars surrounded by a blue background.

The explanatory text below these second two flag images states:

"Neither  of these two flags was the national flag for the Confederate States of  America ("Confederacy"). Most people who think they are honoring the  Confederacy -- aren't."

"ALL of these flags represent acts  of sedition and treason to the United States of America (and have no  place in a 4th of July parade)."

What do you think of the Confederate Flag, purely design wise? (Ignoring what it represents).

It is a classic of design. One reason it has been popular is the design. Vexillologicaly , it is almost perfect. It incorporates widely recognized elements: the St. Andrew’s Cross of Scotland and Presbyterianism which is associated with resistance to tyranny. Stars, abd the red, white, and blue color motif are associated with republics. The red field is, of course, the banner of rebellion. It is highly recognizable. So it fulfills all the requirements of a flag. And symbolized to the Rebels the roots of their cause. Resistance if you will.

Most are unaware that it is not the flag of the Confederacy. It was designed as a military color for field troops. It was later adapted as an element of two later Confederate national flags. The extinct country lasted fewer than five years, but it managed to have three national flags. The multiplicity of colors carried by Confederate soldiers is a study of it’s own, but the flag you call the “Confederate Flag” is actually just the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

When you see it carried by neo-Nazis and so on, they are carrying the wrong flag anyway. The commonly seen rectangular flag- dimensions like the American flag, would have only be seen on Confederate Navy ships as a “naval jack.”

The flags with that design carried in the army were square in dimension with three different sizes for infantry, cavalry, and artillery.

The racists have ruined it in the public eye. It used to be an emblem of sacrifice, honor, independence. In Southern mythology sanctified with the blood of the tens of thousands who died fighting under it. Seeing it being carried by Nazis and so on would have horrified old RE Lee up on his bronze horse.

What are some nicknames for the Confederate flag?

“Stars and Bars” - First national flag (note that the “Stars and Bars” is sometimes used to refer to the Battle Flag, but that’s incorrect)

“Stainless Banner” - Second national flag, also known as the “Jackson Flag” after the very first flag produced being used to cover General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s coffin at the personal order of President Jefferson Davis

“Blood-Stained Banner” - Third national flag

“Bonnie Blue Flag” - Flag of the 1810 Republic of West Florida, later adopted as the unofficial Confederate flag

“Southern Cross” - the Confederate Battle Flag (note that the 2nd image is actually the 2nd naval jack of the Confederate States Navy, used 1863–1865, the navy jack can be identified because she uses a lighter shade of blue than the Army of Tennessee battle flag, which is almost identical)