Is it possible to eat a banana without feeling rude

Is it possible to eat a banana without feeling rude?

I believe you are in that conundrum I am in. The banana is not the problem. It is probably because of
1. There was a huge cocaine stash found in a banana plantation

Is it possible for you to smother from eating a banana?

It could only smother you if you blocked your nose and mouth with it, which is imopossible.

Is it possible to eat a banana without feeling rude?

I believe you are in that conundrum I am in. The banana is not the problem. It is probably because of
1. There was a huge cocaine stash found in a banana plantation

Can you eat the brown parts of a banana?

u can totally eat the brown spots. i use to do the same thing, and then discovered its just sweeter than the rest. But it still doesnt feel right. ITs actually healthier for a person to eat, bcuz its the most ready part of the banana.

Is it possible to eat too many bananas?

"Bananas could quite possibly be the world's most perfect food." As long as you are getting all the nutrients you need from other things, I think you'll be fine.

This is an answer from this same question being asked in the past...
Too many bananas mean two thing can happen physiologically: Firstly, bananas contain high quantities of potassium. Sodium and potassium are essential for the transference of fluid in/and out of cells that make up our tissues, organ and muscle. If you are doing a high output activity on a daily basis and sweating a lot your body can actually metabolize 3-4 bananas per day. However, if you're just eating them for snacks, you really shouldn't have more than 2 per day only because, the potassium forces fluids in your bowel to enter the tissues and blood stream and consequently dehydrate the bowel...consequently making you constipated.

It also depends on what type of bananas your eating. All organic, natural bananas tend to be smaller than genetically engineered bananas and will have more natural properties to cause stomach aches and bowel distention or cramps. Genetically engineered bananas that farmers use pesticides on tend to grow larger because they have less resistance and don't have to worry about natural predators such as insects. You could eat 2-3 organic bananas and be constipated for a day. Where as eating 2-3 genetically engineered bananas have less of an effect.

So to sum up your question, don't eat too many bananas in one sitting. 2 bananas per day is a good average.

Can I eat banana in acidity?

Can you eat without a mouth?

With a feeding tube,

How does eating a banana ease the symptoms of being over caffeinated after drinking too much coffee?

A few things can help: Vitamin B, salt, Vitamin C, and potassium. Bananas are high in potassium (as much as 700mg per banana) and both potassium (K) and salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) are important for neuron functioning.

Here's what I remember from biology and psychology classes:

Basically, your neurons are firing and talking to each other in an electro-chemical reaction. Excess neuro chemicals can remain in the space between the neurons, called the synaptic gap.

You have millions of neurons as well as synaptic gaps all over your body. Your neurons are the messaging system for conveying instructions all over your body.

The electrical part is the firing of the neuron; the chemical part is the dendritic branch of the end of one neuron passing chemicals into an opening (the synaptic gap) that are absorbed by the axons of the other neuron.

Chemicals such as caffeine, adrenaline, endorphins (etc) and lack of sleep can mess with the regularity and absorption of these processes.  A lot of times jitters and twitches occur.

Vitamin C is a good anti-inflammatory. Vitamin B is a great stress reliever (which is why it's one of the ingredients in Red Bull, and one of the reasons it doesn't make you as jittery). Potassium helps with cramping and muscular/cellular functioning, as does salt.

My home-made test is this: put a little salt in water. Take a sip. If it tastes salty, you're fine. If it tastes like plain water, then drink the whole glass.

You can mix-up your own "recovery" brew with potassium, salt, and a little sugar and drink it to rehydrate yourself. If I've had a few drinks at night, I usually drink a large glass of water or orange juice, take a vitamin B, and eat either a couple of prunes or a banana before bed.

Someone else might be able to answer more specifically, but hope that helps.

What is the correct way to eat a banana?

Get banana from bunch, chew the exterior demanding to puncture it.Then insert your index finger into the hollow created by the chew and rip something of the exterior away and positioned it on your head. you'll now have a unadorned banana, which will little doubt have some harm to its top section led to by the preliminary chew, this section will be slushy and not worthy for comsumption. Pull the ruined area off with your hand, and throw it on the nearest individual or owl. you at the moment have a acceptable banana - with the tapered end, you need to initiate, nibbling gently in the initiating and progressing right into a frenzied oral attack on the fruit. their must be no pause or spoil between nibble and complete on attack. at the same time as complete you need to have 24% of the banana splattered round your chops and a minimum of one significant chew stuck on your left eyebrow. Congratulations. you've succesfully eaten a banana!!

Why do you puke after eating bananas and drinking sprite?

Bananas are going extinct, my friends. Let us not dwell on the knowledge that with Sprite, we will puke. They deserve proper memoriam. My dear mother fed me bananas when I was little. I always puked up the banana because my dear, simple mother, served melted gouda cheese alongside it. The two foods together did not sit well in my tummy wummy. As I puked the mushy remains of the yellow banana onto the kitchen table, I heard a faint crying coming from its remains. You see, my friend, whenever we puke up a banana, we make it feel poorly about itself. Do we really a self conscious banana? By not digesting it properly, we are depriving it of its sole purpose in life to be eaten. How would you feel if you could not fulfill your purpose in life? Well?? In conclusion, you are rude to throw up the banana. You are a horrible person. How dare you do this to an innocent banana. Shame on you. You should go sit in the corner and contemplate your actions. You should think about your life. Bananas matter too, you know.