My boyfriend was a hoe How do I accept his hoe tendencies

My boyfriend is very protective over his phone?

He gets upset whenever i look through it. and i wouldn't have a problem not looking through it but a while ago he had a few messages from girls that i don't trust and have tried to get him to cheat on me. We've been together a little over 2 years and we're very much in love. He tells me that he has nothing to hide, its just the principal of the matter, that i should just trust him, and i do, but i still am very curious about who he's talking to.

also, almost a year ago, a girl text him ( she's kinda known as the school hoe) and told him she loved him. he text back and said he loves her too. when i found out about it, he told me he didn't know what he was thinking and he doesn't have any feelings for anyone but me. he apologized and i forgave him.

that whole situation is what makes me wanna be able to look through his phone. i'm just so curious. we're planning on getting married and i asked him if he's gonna hide his phone from me even when we're married, and he said thats different cuz he wont have the same friends then (whatever that means)

Should i just trust him and not worry about whats on his phone? he told me i have nothing to worry about at all, and he only loves me and would never ever cheat on me. He says there is nothing he is hiding on his phone and to just trust him.

what should i do??

My boyfriend called me a hoe?

1. Your feelings are on you. We have been told for years that a person has to accept that no one else can make them do anything, but then they yap out the other side of their mouth and act as if the opposite applies.
2. I am glad you want to work out and are getting back in shape and healthy, but realize that can lead people to think or assume things, like maybe you want or seek the attention of someone.
3. You know, one thing I wish you women would be honest about is sexual allure, clothing and so on. You gals will scream how you do not want to be objectified, but then you will use the perfume, low cut tops, high skirts and high heels to grab a mans attention. No, I do not buy that you dress that way because it is comfortable, because too many of you gals complain about it. The tights can be alluring a sexy and you know it. Funny how workout wear has become standard wear. Sure, it may be because it is comfortable, but please be honest enough to admit that you have seen women wear it out and that it can be sexy. You know you have seen it and you know it can be alluring. And in more cases than anyone admits, it is because the female wants to get those looks, they just do not want the guy to say so to them.
4. Lets be honest, shall we? Women will use how they look to their advantage. Men know this. Men make assumptions about things given circumstances just like women do so. So if you want to say he is being unfair, I bet you need to get ready to change some things in your behavior too. Add to this that women do lie and cheat and you might get a clearer picture of what is going through his mind. They also will string men along. And we both know this is true.
5. Maybe he is being silly or rude. But try to understand what is going through his mind and why that is the case. Trust me, you have played a part in how things are going and why he is acting as he is, even if you do not want to admit it.

Any of you idiots that call his behavior emotional abuse or so on are complete pieces of crap who really do need to go play in the middle of an interstate, after dark, while wear dark clothing. You people are what is wrong with this country on so many levels and we would be far better off without you. So just go eat crap and die.

My boyfriend hits me hard, especially when I hit him. What should I do? and who's fault is it?

My boyfriend of almost a year has started to get violent tendencies its been going on for a few months now, but its just getting worse. Tonight i tried to keep him from leaving (we weren't even fighting) but I grabbed his bag from him and he yanked it and ripped it on accident. He was so mad that he pushed me onto my bed which i bounced off and fell on the floor getting rug burns on my knees. I got mad at him for pushing me so aggressively so i hit him in his chest only to get hit back much harder and have my head hit the wall. I was crying and upset at this point so I tried to keep him there even longer asking him why he did all this. Then he just pushed me out of the way and then head butted me in the nose and ran away. I couldn't feel my nose and it was so swelled up i was crying so hard. I was so hurt but also sooo mad. He forgot to give me back my ID to my apartment so when he came up i punched him in the face and ran away and he chased me and punched me as hard as he could in my nose and then ran away. I'm not sure if its broken but the pain hurt so bad and there's significant swelling on my nose along with a black eye.

It all started about 4 months ago when we were drunk he slammed my head against the floor giving me a black eye because i was trying to talk and not let him leave and i was being annoying. I know that i accidentally scratch him keeping him from leaving, but i really don't mean to hurt him.
I know I'm wrong when I hit him and I apologize, but he hits me so much harder. and leaves black eyes and busted lips and noses.
I really don't know what to do... I'm about to have 3 classes together with him this semester and I dunno how we're going to stay apart. I really love him but his temper can turn him into a monster and I know that its half way my fault for hitting him too, but i never mean to REALLY hurt him.

How can I handle that my boyfriend is good to me but is obviously much more in love with his ex?

He's with you now, and if he's really good to you, then hold onto him and make him love you so much that he'll forget that other hoe. Make him forget about that other girl. Show him how he was silly to think that that was his true love or whatever.

But also consider that maybe he is not still in love with her or that he doesn't think you are his second choice. Are you possibly projecting your insecurity onto him. you didn't really provide evidence for why you feel this way.

But if you really like him and you see the potential for a great relationship, do your damnedest to make him think that other chick was just a skeezoid that will be so jealous to see how happy you two are.
It will take time, be patient.

Good luck.

Should I say "I accept" even if I don't mean it?

My ex has these anger issues. Me and him are still friends but the relationship is kind of bumpy.

We were in class and he was saying that I hate him and he wanted to kill himself. But I don't hate em.

So we were in class and we had to do a project. We were given scissors and he almost hurt me with it. The teacher was too blind to even see what was happening. -_-"..

Then he kept on saying, "I hate everyone in this school. Especially this ***** right here". And he kept on pointing at me. He kept on calling me names like a hoe and what not.

And then the teacher said that we can take a 10 minute break. So I went to sleep. :P And then he woke me up and sent me a note.

The note said that he was sorry and do I accept his apology?

He does this kind of crap numerous times. He always hurt me in a way and then he says sorry. Then we get along and then he becomes an asshole again.

Should I accept his apology even if I don't mean it? Because if I say no, he will continue to do this. What should I do? I don't want to be enemys with him nao..

My boyfriend was a hoe. How do I accept his hoe tendencies?

In all honesty I used to sleep about abit in my younger days I slept with any girl I could to be honest to try make me look good I guess, and looking back I was a pr!ck although i didn’t cheat I was always single just fvcked around a lot, it didnt make me look good in the end and caused me problems settling down,I have settled down and stayed faithful with my partner I’d never cheat I never have never would, but it made things look bad on me,people can change is what I’m saying, I’m happily settled but if he doesn’t see it as an issue then you need to leave he obviously doesn’t respect you enough to be faithful and commit to you and if that’s what your expecting I think youl end up hurt, I maybe wrong but do you want to the chance? Good luck all the best

How can I get my boyfriend to accept me? He hates the way I dress.?

This isn't fair. You dress how you want to dress. Seriously, if he wants to change you, then he doesn't deserve you. Tell him how you like the way you dress and if he doesn't then he should either learn to accept it, or piss off out of your life. I'm not being harsh, just being real. He needs to accept you for you, and if he is rude to you about it, even though it may seem like such a small thing, you need to make a decision. You can either choose him, or choose to change yourself...

I Cheated but i can't remember..?

Not really. But seriously, what were you expecting, a nice movie and a chat about the current political situation in Iran? Come on! If he's drunk, you leave. End of story. I just got cheated on. Its probably the shittiest feeling in the world to know that someone you care about and trust can't even have the integrity to stay faithful in your relationship. I think the best thing you can do is tell your boyfriend what happened, and let him make a decision for himself. I think you've done all you can possibly do in the situation; anything more will probably just make things worse between you two. Just don't tell him via a text or over the phone. If you're that stupid, well, he definatly deserves better. Honesty is usually the best policy.