My dad has diabetes and keeps eating pizza How do I stop him

Plzzz help easy 10 points?

You need to go and get yourself a complete physical and evaluation. Then begin to eat healthy. This should give you a wake up call in your own life to try to be healthy. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. It's okay to be strong for him but to be sad or cry in private. But you have to understand, for us all to lose a loved one is very hard for us. Which we all know, but to know that they are safe and loved from beyond should be a peaceful feeling in a way. I miss my dad, but at the same time I seen him suffer so. I miss him and I wish I could hug him or walk with him or laugh with him. But I do have my memories and I now understand he is in a better place. What does one really say to a person who has lost someone special in their lives or has someone in their lives who is sick? Everyone has their own way of expression. All I can say is to love him now and help him no matter what. Be strong and make many memories now. My mother is sick, and I help take care of her with my sister and brother. I know some day she will be gone, and the thought of that kills me. But I have to be strong and know that when time comes and I can not take care of her....I know somewhere else she is loved so very much. Good luck to you, and yes, get your own health in check.

My dad is getting old. He is slightly above 50, and he has a weak heart. What are some precautions or special cares I should take from now on? How can I ensure he lives a healthy life?

If you could just Google you would find lots of articles and blogs which provide good insights but here are few tips from my end.

Modifications are needed to both his lifestyle as well as food habits.

1. I am not sure if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian but in case if you are a non-vegetarian, I would advise your father to at least abstain from consuming red meat like meat, pork etc., and in case if he is a vegetarian he should avoid deep fried foods like samosa, vada etc., pickles and any cholesterol rich food.

2. Moderate exercise at least 30 mins per day.

3. Yoga or meditation or pranayama. Something to start with in case if he is already not into any of these.
Also please enroll him to a proper yoga class if possible. There are asanas which could strengthen the heart muscles.

4. Eating fruits on a daily basis.

5. Eating vegetables and greens on a daily basis.

6. Cutting down on the carbohydrate intake. Basically having a well balanced diet and also with age it is good to reduce the amount of calories as well. At 50, he cannot eat and digest what he ate and digested at 30.

7. Night dinner should be completed before 8 so that he could have a nice sleep from 10pm to 6am.

8. Discipline and self control are very important when it comes to diet and exercise. At the same time he would need the cooperation of the family. When your father is having oats porridge don't be eating a double cheese pizza right under his nose :-)

9. Spend quality time with him. Make sure he is not under any stress or tension.

10. Take him for a regular checkup at least once a year or couple of years and follow the doctors advice. It's not just about the heart. Diabetes could affect the heart. High blood pressure, high levels of bad cholesterol etc., also affect the heart.

My dad is really starting to bug me?

I don't think it has anything to do with diabetes, but then again I don't know much of that condition. Although, there's most likely a valid reason why he would do this. There are a lot of issues to deal with as a parent, let alone an adult. Maybe he is having a rough time in one or more aspects of his life and he is this angry because of those things, and he doesn't know how to deal with these emotions, so he projects them towards you. Try talking to him and getting to the center of this problem. Arrange a time that you two can sit down and have a conversation. Let him know how you feel, he will surely understand at one point or another.

My father has been told he has diabetes what kind of food should he avoid and what can he eat?

While all the participants on this site sincerely want to help you, your dad should be speaking to his doctor about this. If the doctor has not yet discussed this with your father then you need to call the doctor back and make an appointment to discuss this and all the other things you are going to need to know. You should immediately ask the doc for a referral to your local Diabetes education class. It is often sponsered by local hospitals in association with the American Diabetes Association. This is a great start. The class also provides a nutritionist that specilizes in Diabetic nutrition that will take will compile all the necessary information (other health factors, weight, etc) in order to make an educated diet for your father. It will lay out how many carbs per meal/snack he should be consuming in addtion to other things he might need to watch for/count such as sodium levels, calories, etc.

It is very important that the diet be presented by someone that has all of your father's information in order to make the best decisions. the sooner you can get in to see a nutritionist the better. In the meantime, reduce the carbs your dad is taking in. Focus instead on lean protein (fatty fish, chicken and very lean beef) and fresh vegetables that are high in fiber.

How can I make my dad stop eating my food?!?!?!?

I had the same exact problem with my father growing up. I remember one crappy Halloween my father ate all the candy that I spent all night door-to-door getting. It's a matter of respect and maturity, which is something that a lot of fathers don't have for their younger kids. I'm 26 and I'm still a little sore about my candy!
What would I do? The typical thing I would always have to do: get mom involved. Your dad won't listen to you, but you better bet he will straighten up with your mom on the case! You can also resort to hiding your food, like I would have to do at times. The back of the fridge, your room, that slot at the bottom of the fridge for drinks, the veggie drawer...those places are great. In any case, good luck!

I Wish he would stop?

Okay, so every weekend i go and visit my dad.
But its really hard to because he smokes constantly and i can't stand it!
I don't like the smell and it makes me sick.
I argue with him alot about it. by trying to tell him that he could kill me and my brothers by second hand smoke, but he thinks thats all over-rated, and he's kind of stubborn.
i love my dad and just wish he would stop.
how can i get him to, or like convince him to stop?

Why do people with diabetes have trouble losing weight?

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago. He is doing all he can to follow the doctors' guidelines. He has learned to limit his portions, does his exercises, but seems to not be able to shed much weight. Our family is concerned, as we don't want him to develop other health issues because of the weight. There has been no one else in our family with this condition. Since dad was diagnosed, he has met co-workers and neighbors who also have the same condition. Mostly all of them are heavy and seem to put on weight easily. What type of exercise would best benefit him? Is it just naturally harder for diabetics to lose weight? His doctor has given him a new eating guide, like a menu of the type of foods to eat, when to eat them and the quantity. But the weight loss seems to be happening at a very slow rate, that the new diet habits hardly seem to be helping him at all with the weight issue. Any other suggestions on how he can lose and keep the weight off?

My dad has diabetes and keeps eating pizza. How do I stop him?

I m becoming extremely frustrated with my father where he keeps buying pizza from Little Caesars everyday. From this point, he is in a state of denial, refusing to believe that he has diabetes. At this rate, my father is not going to live very long and it is stressing me the **** out. Countless arguments with my father hasn t helped and only led to drama. The more I try to harass my father about it, the more he gets furious and shuts me off. No matter what I say, he won t listen. I went to the Little Caesar store where he usually buys the pizza to talk to the manager and I requested the manager to stop selling my dad pizza, however, the manger told me that they are not allowed to refuse service to anyone and have done nothing to help my situation. I really don t know what to do. Does anyone have any useful advice on how to deal with this situation?

My brother keeps eating all of the food?

We bought a gallon of orange juice yesterday, and i got one cup, i highly doubt my mom drank any considering she's a diabetic, my dad probably didn't because he has heart problems, and i KNOW my brother did it because he is a vacuum cleaner.
He's eaten all of the splenda (disgusting, right? its a a brand of sweetener.)
He's eaten all of the Special K, and that is probably one of my favorite cereals.

Im seriously done. I've texted my mom and told her everything he's eaten, and she replied that when my dad gets back everything will go back to normal.
Do you know how many meals i've skipped because he won't stop?
One time my grandma came and stayed with us for a few days and bought the most crap food we've ever gotten in our lives, and in less than a day, the chips she got us where half gone, chocolate milk - almost gone. waffles - there was like one left, goldfish - gone.
i legit got nothing.
anytime i tell him to stop, (my mom usually isn't home so i'm in charge of him) he say's im not his mother.
I don't even want to live with him because he can't stop eating.
I've tried stashes before, i don't really like them because my brother likes to go through my stuff and eat some of it.
What do I do? :(

My parents won't let me eat healthy?

I weigh about 95 lbs. and I am 5'1". I do not try to starve myself at all, or throw up my food after I eat it. I'm naturally thin, I always eat whatever I want, and it seems as if I never get any bigger. Fast food is pretty much 90% of my diet. Yes, I know I'm skinny, but that doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want, right?

Lately I've been trying to eat healthier. I eat about 1,800 calories a day. I don't want to cut calories or anything. I am NOT trying to lose weight. I'm simply trying to eat healthier. Yesterday my family ordered pizza and instead of having a slice, I made myself a small salad. My mom then started asking me if I had an eating disorder, which I do not. Then she made me eat at least 2 slices.

I went to the grocery store with her today, and I asked her if we could get whole wheat bread instead of the white bread we always get. Also I asked her if we could get lots of fruits and vegetables. And she told me that I didn't need to be focusing on what I eat, and put all the fruits and vegetables back and replaced them with potato chips, donuts, and lots of unhealthy snacks.

Once again, I am NOT trying to lose weight, or cut calories, anything like that. All I'm trying to do is eat healthier, and my mom won't let me. But when I do, she goes on and on about how I shouldn't be worrying about what I eat and continues to ask me if I have an eating disorder.