My indoor unneutered male cat has been missing for 3 days

My male (un neutered) cat is missing and has been missing for 5 days.?

"toms" will follow the scent of an "in heat" female for miles. So, yes it's possible that he's wandered "farther afield". He probably won't come home until he's exhausted all of his "possibilities".

I'm sorry to tell you that I think you've been very irresponsible to let an intact male roam the neighborhoods. He's not only going to cause "accidental" litters to be born, but is being exposed to innumerable, dogs, diseases, etc, etc etc........

This is the time of year that OTHER IRRESPONSIBLE people are letting their intact FEMALES outside........causing more & more litters to be born......

Since your cat has been outside before, he undoubtedly knows where you are, and how to get home, so if he hasn't been picked up by someone thinking he's a stray, gotten shut into someone's garage/shed, etc.......or gotten hit by a car....torn up by another male, fighting over a female...he SHOULD be able to find his way soon as he's "sown his seeds".

Hope he comes home soon, and you do the responsible thing .... get him neutered ASAP. Even if you continue to let him outside, he won't be able to reproduce, and this should stop some of the fighting........Hope he's current on all of his vaccinations, too.........

Good luck..........

My male cat has been missing for 6 days. What are the chances that he can find his way home?

I feel your pain. About a year ago my neutered male cat didn’t come home for 10 days. He was an indoor-outdoor cat, and pretty street smart. I was beside myself. We canvassed the neighborhood to see if anyone had seen him. We put up signs on telephone poles, and I posted a message on our neighborhood web site for people to look in their sheds and garages. I cried. We kept looking and calling.

Then one gray Sunday afternoon, after we had completely given up, we got in the car and just rode around in the mountains to get out of the house for awhile. But when we got home—SURPRISE! There he was on the front porch, bedraggled and cobwebby, with an infected eye. Ten days he was gone! I cried some more, but happy tears.

To this day I have no idea where he was. But I have a suspicion that he was shut up in someone’s garage or outbuilding. Cats are remarkably curious and also very good at surviving. I’m telling you this story to give you hope that your cat will make it back home. Just keep looking and asking. Best of luck.

Cat has been missing for 3 days?

My friend vienna told me how her cat was lost for a while. She was driving to work when she started to hear this crying sound coming from a rose bush, she ignored it and then kept driving. Except she forgot her wallet about 2 minutes away from home, so she turned around and drove back to her house. The next time she started to drive to work she heard it again, except she didn't ignore it that time. She went over by the rose bush that she heard it by and then she saw her cat. Her cat was missing for 1 week. The cat was all scratched up from the thorns. She said "I don't know how she kept herself alive. I mean, a week. After 2 days I thought that I would never see her again. And now I am so happy we are reunited. Except I wish she could tell me the story of how she was trapped behind a rosebush, right in between the fence and thorns. I wish she could tell me how she got out and how she managed to eat. But right now, I just am happy that she is back with me." I guess the main thing is, don't give up. Your cat probably will show up. You should go out looking for her, and hang up posters. Remember, your cat is probably out there somewhere. And if he doesn't come back, or if you don't find him. He probably was found by a great person. And he would probably be in that house. But if I were you, I would take a few days off of work and just look for him. After all, he is part of your family. And as we would say in hawaii, he's ohana (family) and you don't leave family behind for anything.

My male cat has been missing for 6 days?

When you choose to have an outdoor cat AND one that is not neutered, YOU are gambling with the cat's life. I don't feel sorry for you, just the cat.


1. FIV and FeLV (FeLV kills in a year) Vaccinations are NOT 100%.
2. They fight with other cats (bites become abscesses and unless treated they die)
3. Cats eat snail bait in yards and garden and die
4. Cats eat rodents who have been poisoned and they die from the poison too
5. Cats lick up antifreeze (sweet tasting) that drips from cars and die horrible deaths (no cure)
6. Cats get killed by dogs, coyotes, and hawks.
7. Cats go to the bathroom in other peoples yard and the neighbors call animal control to take cats away and kill them or neighbor traps them and dumps them in the country to die
8. Teenagers, shoot, stab, and set fire to cats for fun
9. Indoor cats don’t get lost or stolen (“Bunchers” grab cats to sell for medical research)
10. Indoor cats live 15 – 18 years. Indoor/Outdoor cats live approx.. 6 years. Outdoor cats live 4 years. There are always exceptions however these are the averages.
Indoor cats don’t get run over.
11. People grab kittens/cats to feed to their pythons & to use as bait in dog fighting rings.
12. Very pretty cats will be stolen and kept just because someone wants it.

How long can male cats go missing for?

My 1 year old male Russian Blue cat has been missing now for 3 days. Unfortunately he is not neutered and I tend to blame myself for his disappearance on the grounds of this. My house borders a busy road and a forest (which is very big) and he has gone out wandering in the night before and has always returned through my window, which I keep open for him to get back into my room.

I have searched throughout my property and put up missing posters throughout the suburb. I have even walked into the forest a few times and walked around at night calling his name, but with no luck. My question is, have any of you ever lost a cat that has returned? And if so, how long did it take before it returned home? Was your cat known to wander before this? Sorry for all the questions but I am just going crazy here with worry and I need some way to see some hope in all this.

I know Russian Blues are known for being very loyal cats and I have had him for a year so it makes me even more confused as to why he would just vanish. Some people say cats simply move on and adopt new families, however, I doubt he would ever do this. There is no sign of him at the SPCA, and no dead cats around the area so I am really at my wits end here.

Any tips, guidance or simply information would be much appreciated!

Question about unneutered male cat?


I was searching in the Internet the information you are interested in.
I found out that if cat has a sexual maturity, he starts to spray....
Here is an article about that...

Feline Spraying (also called marking) is a cat depositing a small amount of urine on vertical surfaces, such as furniture, doorways and walls. The spraying cat may be seen to back into the area, the tail may quiver, and with little or no crouching the cat sprays the urine.

Spraying is marking behavior, not a litter box problem. The cat does not need to pee, he is leaving a message for other cats.

Un-neutered male cats will usually start urine spraying behavior once they reach sexual maturity. The age at which a tom cat sexually matures can vary greatly but in general it occurs between 5 and 12 months. Many factors can affect at which age a male cat starts spraying. Male cats in multi-cat households or in close proximity to other cats are more likely to spray at a younger age.

Spraying is territorial and can also be stress related. Neutering or spaying a kitten at an early age can prevent spraying problems in the future. Your vet will advise you on the best age to neuter your kitten.

Multi-cat households usually have a far greater problem with spraying than single cat households. Overcrowding of cats will often result in problems with territory marking.

Sadly, feline spraying and inappropriate urination problems are among the most common reasons for pet cats to be euthanised and surrendered to cat shelters.

Why do cats spray?

Urine marking is a communication system for cats. Cat urine contains pheromones which are chemical substances that tell other cats certain messages. Spraying is a common component of cat behavior during the mating season with males and females communicating their availability with their pheromones.

The male cat will also mark his territory, letting other male cats know that these are the boundaries and this area belongs to him.

Feline spraying can also be caused by stress. A cat that feels threatened by certain circumstances around the house may feel the need to mark out his own zone. It is an important part of communication among cats, helping to establish and define boundaries and reassure cats whose area is whose.

All the best,

My indoor unneutered male cat has been missing for 3 days!!!!?

Call ALL local shelters and vets to see if a cat matching his description has been brought in. Shelters generally only hold cats for three days, and after that they are either offered for adoption or euthanized. You are running out of time. Check the sides of the roads for his body, also look under shrubs and decks in case he was hit by a car and died on the road, or crawled home to die. Every time you allow a cat outdoors - especially an unneutered male - you need to accept the fact that it may be the last time you see him alive. It's totally irresponsible to allow an unneutered, sexually mature male out - the wander far in looking for females. They get in fights with other unneutered males causing injuries, and cross many roads making them very much at risk for getting squashed by a car. If you do find him (you MUST call the shelters today, and that includes the ones in the next town), get him neutered and microchipped. If he had been neutered (and males can be neutered at 8 weeks old) you likely wouldn't be in this situation.

Cats do not pant because they are tired - they pant from health issues like heart conditions. He may be dead outside somewhere from that as well.

It has been 7 days since my cat didn't come home. Is she dead?

My cat hasn’t been home for three weeks now.

She had been an indoor cat after her birth. She is spayed and vaccinated and loved. After her surgery for spaying, she would eat only from my hand during recovery.

She had ran away before after breaking the wire mesh, but returned after three days. She kept trying to get out there after and two weeks after the first incident, she got her chance. Dashed out of the door as soon as it opened. I kept calling her back and she ran off from where I went and then all of a sudden vanished. She hasn’t been seen since then.

She is smart and her wild instincts are intact, so I have hope that she has become street smart and is safe.

I wish the same for your cat.

Not knowing where your cat is and in what state causes similar grief as their actual death. You don’t even have that closure.

Don’t worry there is still chance that she may come back. I have that hope for mine. Focus on yourself and your studies.

My cat has been missing for almost 3 days now? Help?

Good idea to leave food out.

An unneutered male, allowed to roam, will look for female cats in heat.
He may also just want to roam and will come back when he's ready, or not.

When unneutered males are out, they often encounter other unneutered males and fight. He may come home with wounds.

If/when he comes home, he needs to be taken to the vet to be neutered. Do not wait, make the appointment and take him.
If you do not, he will definitely do the following...
1. Start spraying urine inside and outside the house to mnakr his territory.
2. Fight with other males and often come home with serious wounds, sometimes needing a vet visit to fix.
3. Get unspayed females pregnant adding to the pet overpopulation problem.
4. Be less friendly to you than if he were neutered.
5. If let outdoors, one of these times he will not come back..hit by car, attacked by dog, kept by a neighbor finding him, etc.

I hope he comes back, keep him indoors and safe.

Male cat un-neutered gone missing, how long will it take for him to come home?

I am sorry to hear he has gone missing, but it is not surprising if he has not been neutered. I understand entire toms have a huge range of several square miles of 'territory'. He could have found himself a new home, it does happen, especially if he looks lost and someone has fed him because they think he is an unwanted stray. However, lost cats and dogs do often return home, sometimes after years - so you never know. It is always a good idea to get your cats neutered - they do make for better pets in the end, and it stops toms wandering, fighting, mating and spraying everywhere. A vet once told me that an entire tom has a much shorter lifespan, usually because they end up fighting and getting injuries which often turn to fight abscesses. You seem to have done everything you can to find him, so I hope your are successful. Have you tried your local newspaper as well?