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My indoor unneutered male cat has been missing for 3 days

My male un neutered cat is missing and has been missing for 5 days

The same thing happened to my un neutered cat. He did the same routine your cat did. Then he was gone for almost 5 days, and came back fine on the 6th day.
Although, there is a law that states that neighbors or anyone can neuter a cat that they see on the streets because there are too many cats in the world and they can't have anymore. So maybe someone is doing that to your cat.... I hope not.
But, un neuterd male cats like to wander around and explore, looking for females. Your cat could also, like you said, be looking for a mate. But just in case, leave out some food around your yard. Hope he comes back!

Will my unneutered male cat come back home

Say for every day your cat has been missing he meets 3 lady cats. Each of those has 6 unwanted kittens. That's 18 kittens per day that have to be put down because some people don't get their cat neutered. Multiply that by how ever many other people don't get their cats done and you get a lot of unwanted cats who either suffer in the cold or are put down.
Sorry if this sounds mean but I think its time people realize its not funny to let a non-neutered cat run free.

My unneutered indoor cat has been missing for almost 2 weeks

indoor cats usually can't find their way home because they do not have a scent memory of the yard. If he had been microchipped and turned into any vet or rescue they could have scanned him and notified you.

Male cat un neutered gone missing how long will it take for him to come home

He will probably return when he has bred every female cat in town. If he does return, please bring him in as soon as you can...

My male unneutered cat is 2years old and has been missing now for a week

He's probably just out "Tom catting". He'll show up back home when he's ready. It's not unusual for them to stray off for periods of time. Try not to worry.

My tom cat wandered off and has been missing for three days Is this normal

Cats roam, especially male cats that have not been neutered. I have seen them return as much as 6 months later! The problem is, while they are roaming, they are in danger from traffic, other animals etc. Hopefully, yours will return.

My male cat had been chasing a female cat in heat Is he gone forever

Hi there again Rick...I dont' recall if you mentioned if your male is already been neutered or not. Most intact toms will venture for quite some time whereas neutered males come home usually a bit sooner (varies from each cat). Cats can become disoriented from the distractions (such as the female in heat).

By nature cats are predators and he will look for another source of food and stay nearby it. Feral cats who are fearful of people may also consider looking to rodents and other prey for food as well.

Hopefully, he didn't meet with an unfortunate demise by being attacked by a wild predator which can happen with outdoor cats especially in various parts of Mexico--you didn't mention where you live in our past Q&A's.

If he does happen to make it back home and is intact male, consider having him neutered as quickly as possible.

Additionally, do you have an enclosed shelter for all your cats you've taken in to your care? If you live somewhere and it's allowed by your local Mexican laws perhaps you could build a large sealed enclosure then this would give the cats a place to be outdoors, yet safe from escape and predators alike.

Will my male cat come home

Doubt it.

Call shelters/rescues in your area just in case, but he's probably gone.