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Should England and Germany adopt National Socialism

How do the US Americans deal with the fact that "socialist" Germany has a trade deficit with them?

Deal with it? Where you goin, here?

How does Germany’s politics come into this trade issue?

Sounds like you just wanted to say ‘socialist’.

Countries, including both the United States and Germany, have deficits with some countries and surpluses with others. It’s the nature of international trade.

And, things change. It wasn’t always as it is, and it won’t always be as it is.

Why won't ShadowDrone adopt National Socialism?

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What is National Socialism?

National Socialism is a form of state capitalism in which private owners reap all the profits, but the state directs them in what they want produced, so it is not really free-market capitalism either. Krupp, IG Farben, Leica and Siemens were among Nazi beneficiaries, In a real socialist country they would have been nationalized ant the profits would have been taken and distributed back to the workers in the form of benefits and entitlements.

There were a few benefits given to German workers, but the operative word that makes them a right wing philosophy is "National." They were Nationalists first, last, and always. The first thing he did in 1932, before he arrested his first Jew, was to arrest Socialists, Communists, and Social Democrats. Then he abolished elections (why do you need them when only the fuhrer understands what the people really want?)

Scholars disagree as to why the NAZIs even used the word Socialist, since they hated the left so much. Some think it was just to pander to German working class, and others say there were elements of socialism too. Anyway, the party name had been selected before Hitler took it over, and he didn't change it.

Mobilizing a society for war or public works projects, is the perfect way to escape depression in any economic system. Roosevelt tried it with the NRA. Republicans and Democrats both recently voted for stimulus projects. You give people jobs (or pay them to be soldiers) and thereby inject money into the economy. Whether they produce anything useful or not, they still buy products and the money filters through the economy. It works even better in a closed economy since there is no international market dictating prices.

Why did Hitler adopt National Socialism when it was invented by Karl Marx who was a born Jew?

Socialism was not invented by Marx. The idea of "class enemies" exists since the time of the French Revolution and its "Terror"

Of course Hitler was a Socialist. He promoted state supremacy in the economy (central planning) and his supposed "pro-capitalist" policies come down to the supposed owners doing as they are told- or facing the concentration camp.

All of Hitlers policies are almost identical to Stalin's. He promoted trade unions- on the condition that they were nazi affiliated (same as the communists supported communist affiliated trade unions- and executed all others). Hitler was positively a liberal, extending paid leave and forming group holidays for workers (including ocean cruises)

the only major difference between Nazism and Communism (and other socialist ideologies) are the choice of hate groups and protected groups. A socialist leader must play on the emotions of his subjects ("protected group") by pretending that they are in danger from the enemy (hate group). Then makes highly publicised moves against the hate group. These actions justify the need for total power

And of course the nazis exterminated the other socialist leaderships (the rank and file members moved over). Simply because there can only be one supreme leader.
Communists also exterminated fellow travellers- sometimes prematurely - like during Spanish civil war- which cost them the victory

BTW- when Hitler got his Iron Cross in WW1, it was on the recommendation of is superior officer. Who was Jewish.

Since his manifesto is rather silly do you think that Shadow Drone should adopt National Socialism?

Yes, with all due respect to him, because I do like Shadow Drone, his manifesto is rather silly, as you say. National Socialism is an established political force and the only one capable of preventing Britain from becoming an Islamic state. It is also more popular than his manifesto so stands a better chance gaining power, of course.

What's wrong with being a Nazi?

There is no such thing as a "National Socialist" The NAZIS were a right wing totalitarian fascist regime that took over a party in germany called "National Socialist Workers Party" The party existed many years before the Nazis every joined. After taking over the National Socialist's party and killing it's leaders, Hitler and the Nazis won the eleciton and took over germany. National Socilaist was the name of the party they hijacked, it was not a political ideology. The ideology of the nazis was was nationalist fascist.

Why is Trump (a conservative capitalist) compared to Hitler (a liberal socialist)?

That so many people would look at Trump and recall Hitler has nothing to do with the left-right spectrum of economic views. In fact, I would hazard a guess that very few Americans know or care about Hitler's economic views, and few of Trump's critics, at least from the middle and the left, are all that worried about his place on the economic spectrum. The economic spectrum has been of the utmost importance to the GOP for the past century, but does not animate the thoughts and feelings of the rest of our country, to nearly the same degree.

Donald Trump's campaign:

* Purported to return the country to a mythical golden age: Make America Great Again

* Used racial and ethnic hostilities to unite his constituencies

* Strongly implied that some groups of American citizens are real Americans, while other substantial groups of American citizens are not, with some of the out-groups being defined by their ethnicity or religion

* Sounded reckless in his apparent readiness to disregard electoral norms

* At times, appeared to condone political violence

* Often sounded hyper-nationalistic, not just in putting our country first, but in a willingness to consider first use of nuclear weaponry

A perfect fit for Adolph Hitler? Of course not. It's not hard to see why Hitler would come to mind, given his noteriety in turning a republic into a totalitarian state, while displaying so may of this behaviors.

And, at the least, it seems a more apt comparison than conservatives calling feminazis.

Why is the Democratic Party constantly accused of being the 'socialist' party? European Socialist parties are far more left-wing.

Why is the Democratic Party constantly accused of being the 'socialist' party? European Socialist parties are far more left-wing.

Because American conservatives are uneducated.

They use words like Communist, Marxist, Stalinist, Maoist, Leninist and Socialist as if they are all synonyms, and they think they mean Dictatorship.

They repeatedly call Obama and Clinton all of those labels, when they are extreme Capitalists.

The irony is, the Republicans have been calling Democrats “Socialists” for decades when they were not, but now we actually have a handful of Socialist Democrats!